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Ataraxia Updates #1 - 13th January 2021

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This includes all Updates since the last update of Ataraxia on the 30th November, 2020.





[+] General Changes

- Changed Great white shark and Crystal urchin fishing exp to match RS3
- Changed Maple, Elder and Evil bark Firemaking rates to match RS3 (evil bark nerfed)
- Buffed Mahogany, Ivy, Teak, Cursed magic & Crystal tree exp rates
- Nerfed Dream tree, Elder & Acadia exp rates slightly
- Untradeable items can no longer be stored in the GIM Bank
- Removed announcements for Rare item token store and Chime shop
- Pet perks have been discontinued, these perks were too hard to balance and the immediate irrelevancy of familiars upon receiving pet perks was not intended, these perks will be added to other aspects of the game, yet to be decided
- Added all right click options for Slayer ring, it also now degrades when using it
- Improved the logging of Trades for online Staff
- New maximum skill experience is 200,000,000
- Upon reaching 200m in a certain skill you can pay Skilling tickets to block tasks for that skill
- Sign of the Porters have been added, you can create these through Divination and they auto-bank any items you collect through Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Archaeology & Divination
- Herb box drop rate increased from 1/70 to 1/150
- Herb box herb amounts reduced
- Nerfed 'perfect' ring duplication chance from 4% to 1%
- Reformatted Skilling/Combat pet examines, it will now display "Jaedmo has 50,745,102 Runecrafting XP."


[+] 916 Revision Update

- This update brings the following: 120 Herblore, 120 Farming, Search Wiki button, Player-owned Farms, NPC/Player rewrite (hopefully putting an end to frozen players at home), Raksha, Archaeology & So much more.
- While a lot of people won't appreciate it, for some reason, my favourite part of 916 is this:


- All NPCs, Objects and everything in between highlight when you hover them! Idk, it's small but I love it.


[+] Skill Experience

- Something I discovered when looking into the experience boosting equipment/items on Ataraxia was that everything is multiplicative, when it shouldn't be, by this I mean: Instead of gaining 50% extra experience from Well and 15% from your outfit equaling 65%, you're receiving 72.5% exp. As you can probably tell, when there's heaps of items that are multiplying with eachother, this equates to much more experience than intended.
- Removed all Skilling outfits from the NPC popup rewards
- Added Experience rewards to NPC popups
- These will instead be achievable through various methods including D&Ds, minigames, Skilling etc
- So far, these are the following potential places to source the equipment:

Agility: Prifddinas Agility Course reward chance
Divination: Guthixian cache rewards
Farming: Player Owned Farms rewards
Firemaking: Random reward from Fire spirit when bonfiring
Fishing: Deep Sea Fishing rewards
Hunter: Waiko reward shop or Jadinkos, Big chinchompa
Mining: Shooting star
Runecrafting: Purchaseable for runespan points
Smithing: Random reward from Artisan's workshop
Woodcutting: Evil Tree

- As you can see, some skills don't have a source, so be sure to suggest them :)
- I'll upload a full guide but as of today, the following equipment and items effect your experience (these are all subject to change, just exmaples):

  • Perks that are directly correlated with a skill: +15%
  • Skills that have an Outfit (eg. Botanist outfit for Herblore): +10%
  • Skills that have an Elite skilling outfit (eg. Ethereal for Runecrafting): +5% (on top of the +10%)
  • Wisdom auras provide: +10-50%
  • Skilling backpack and Advanced Skilling backpack: +5% and +10% respectively
  • Skeleton outfit (Platinum donator outfit): +2% per piece
  • Mime outfit (Diamond outfit, previously called Lunarfury): +3% per piece
  • Exalted Silver ring & Crystal necklace: +3% per item
  • Perfect Juju potions (eg. Perfect Dungeoneering potion): +10%
  • Globe of Goodwill: +50% during the week, +100% on weekends
  • $20 - $249 Donated: +5%
  • $250 - $499 Donated: +10%
  • $500 - $999 Donated: +15%
  • $1000+ Donated: +20% 
  • A few more minuscule ones, will be released in the full guide


[+] Perk Changes (subject to change, still WIP)

- Imbued focus now gives 15% extra experience for Runecrafting
- Lumber legend no longer banks Birds nests, added 15% extra experience for Woodcutting excluding Jadinko/Evil tree actions
- Added 15% extra experience to all Perks, those above 15% were reduced to 15%
- Evil tree perk now provides +15% extra experience for Evil tree related actions from 25%
- Green thumb now gives the chance for Monsters to drop a Seed box which provides you with a number of seeds
- Removed Herbivore doubling your potion timers, this effect was too overpowered to have on a single perk


[+] RS3 Boss Interface

- We have implemented the RS3 Boss interface: 


- Clicking Teleport will Teleport you close to the relevant Boss, this will also show Killcount, Kill timers and the potential rewards from the Boss
- Still W.I.P, work to be done on certain aspects of the interface


[+] RS3 Titles Interface

- We have implemented the RS3 Titles interface:


- This interface will allow easy access to changing your title as well as seeing all of the achievable titles and ones you have already obtained


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Masuta's warspear not amplifying damage when attacking Corporeal beast
- Fixed BSH having the wrong id in Donor box
- Fixed certain fish having the wrong burn level when Cooking
- Fixed potions made through the make-x interface not stating you've made potions & the amount
- Disabled certain custom varbits and scripts that potentially caused crashes
- Fixed login issue stating "systems are currently unavailable"
- Fixed a trade dupe (wasn't widely known and as far as we know wasn't abused)
- Fixed protean memories not adding to Divination actions



Many more features and aspects are close to finishing. A lot wasn't documented here.

We are currently testing Mining & Smithing rework and when it is finished I will post another update thread.


The current projects being worked on at the moment are:

Mining & Smithing rework, Slayer Rework, Prestige System, Home/Donor areas, Donor Rank benefits, Donor perks, Store rework & Hiscores rework. 


Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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