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Ataraxia 2: Redemption

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Please take the time to read the whole document before jumping to any conclusions!


Hello Ataraxians,


As announced previously, the trajectory of Ataraxia has been quite stable for a while. There hasn't been much growth, yet also no substantial drops, at least in the last month or so. We've been maintaining 20-50 people on at one time, which is decent and not too bad for our revision, however, I think we deserve more. 

There have been a select few people who have consistently played Ataraxia despite the circumstance, and to those people, I commend you. We wouldn't be near where we are if you guys didn't have constant faith. As for the people who have left, currently play or have random spurts of motivation, I appreciate you also.




Throughout the 2+ years of Development and uptime, Ataraxia has had some pretty substantial fluctuations in the player-base. While I think we have an excellent server, there is a lot of Ataraxia that is incomplete or inconsistent to the standard we want to keep. I won't repeat the various issues and content that require fixing/editing as they were stated: Here. However, over time, the inconsistent player-base has directly correlated with my personal enthusiasm and drive.

There's content and core issues that require fixing and editing on Ataraxia, and we intend on doing so. However, with the current player-base, I decided it would be best to do these changes while the server was offline. This may come as a shock to some, but the first part of this announcement is: As of the 6th January, the server will be going offline.

In no way does this mean the server is gone forever, however, there is no set in stone time of Ataraxia's return.


Ataraxia has been stagnant for far too long, I've been with Ataraxia for 3+ years now and frankly, I'm disappointed with the current path it is taking. I never intended Ataraxia to be a massive AFK collection fest. The type of gameplay I remember Ataraxia for is the type of gameplay I want to bring you all. As stated: Here, we intend on taking some time to fix all of the long-standing bugs with NXT and the server. To do this, we had to make the drastic decision of turning the server off for the timebeing, as it's easier to work on these issues with no player-base to worry about. There'll be constant updates with the downtime and we'll be seeking numerous Beta testers to help out with testing new/edited content as well as recreate bugs.

A large fear of this decision for me was always the lack of funding, Kirito suggested this a long time ago and I simply denied him, even though I knew it was necessary. I was always concerned that if the server went down, I wouldn't have any income, however, the last 6 months I have been fairly responsible with my income, so I'm happy to fund the next few months out of my own pocket in hopes Ataraxia comes out of the other side better than ever. It has gotten to a point where I know, if I don't make this decision now, we'll never do it and we'll be stuck in this never-ending cycle as we always have been. 

I want the server to be a top 5 server, we deserve it, and we won't get there with this current path.

We have a list of content that we want released before relaunching the server, as well as a list of content that needs changing, there'll be a nice organised image of all of this but for now follow this key:

In Progress
Not started

  • Updated Cache to revision 916 (Runescape 3)
  • Reintroduce GIM seasons
  • Changed max experience to 200m
  • Mining and Smithing rework
  • Removed 100x, added 1x gamemodes
  • Prestige System
  • Skilling contracts rework
  • Hiscores rework
  • Slayer Rework with Task weighting/multiple masters, Archeron Mammoths, Living wyverns
  • Reaper task rework
  • Fixing majority of issues with NPC and Player spawns causing overlaps, invisibility, disconnects
  • Skilling outfit rework
  • Donation rework/perk rework/Rank benefits rework
  • New Home area
  • New Donor zones
  • Trading post
  • Guthixian Cache
  • Interface transition to RS3 (where possible)
  • Every bug in existence
  • Luck rework
  • RS3 daily task system
  • Ultimate Ironman
  • Combat rebalance to ensure gear progression is linear
  • Pet perk rework
  • Shooting star rework
  • Completionist cape, completionist cape (t) rework
  • Anachronia (Raksha, Slayer creatures)
  • The Lost Grove (Solak, Slayer creatures)
  • Elite Dungeons 3
  • Achievements rework
  • Drop table rework
  • So so so much more...


As you can see, we have quite a large plate of changes, which is why we've brought in lare96 to help once more. And as you can imagine, with a list like this, a playerbase that is wondering where changes are would only slow the process. This lead to the decision to turn the server off for the next few months.

The timeframe of how long this will take is up in the air, I want the server to be something pretty much brand new, I want to ruin the current meta, I want to make new metas, I want people to be able to do whatever they want and it still be viable. I don't want to limit progress to one singular slayer monster, I don't want to force people to have to do Telos for progression. I want people to do Skills how they want them, pvm how they want to, play the game how they want to.

The game is going to change a lot, for the better, and it'll still be the Ataraxia you've grown to love, just so much more fleshed out and expanded to adjust for the intended long future we desire. 

The server has had content that pretty much broke the game (balancing-wise) too many times to count. The economy is fragile and relatively dead compared to what we want. No items are being sold, not many coins are circulating, and it's become a complete "ironmanscape" kind of game. Which really limits the amount of people we can bring in.


The Future

As stated, we will be closing the server on the 6th January. From here, we will be relentlessly working to fix the longstanding issues with the game, adding new content, editing new content, streamlining a lot of the integration tools we have (website, forums, discord) as well as constantly update you all with progress.

However, one announcement you might not want to hear: 

With the downtime coming on the 6th, when the server relaunches:

All accounts will be wiped of experience, items, stats (killcounts, collection log), animations, perks and everything in-between.

Don't worry, your Donations are safe, all accounts will maintain your Donation total you will receive credit/dollars to spend on any Perk/Item/Pet/Animation you want when the server returns. I.E If you have $600 donated, you'll become $0 and receive $600 credit to spend on what you want.

For those who sold Donations, unfortunately, this likely means you'll lose your money. However, if you feel like you have been unfairly treated as you've sold a lot, please contact me and we'll organise something.

This decision was not easy. We had to consider all possible options, but unfortunately, the server has gone too far. There have been far too many overpowered methods of gaining items in the past 2 years that went unfixed for months, causing an inflation for the items that stemmed from that content. Such as, Crystal triskelion pieces from Abyssal demons, these extremely rare keys from RS3 became as common as Crystal keys on RS3 on our game, which saw a huge inflation in 3rd-age equipment, Dyes, seeds, ore etc. Another example, Skilling contracts on initial release, this saw 10+ players instantly hit max experience on Skills that were overpowered through the contracts, these went unfixed for weeks/months. 

There has been so many cases of new-content releases that weren't thought out or slipped through the cracks and was left to simmer for too long on the live game. The economy isn't in a healthy place and this is the best option for the future, as we could change everything we want to, but the game would still be just as stagnant due to an overwhelming amount of late-game gear being readily available for just about every active player.

As for the Experience/whole account reset (except donations), we understand players like Molecules, Secret, Ryan, Chris and many others have spent thousands of hours grinding out experience and completionist aspects of Ataraxia, and I'm truly sorry that it got to this point, and to you guys, I commend you, you've all achieved so much on Ataraxia and I'm sorry that this decision had to be made.

However, the new Ataraxia's experience structure differs to the current one substantially, boasting a 1-10 Prestige system with a 200m exp cap. For any new player, joining Ataraxia and seeing the experience cap is 2 billion is pretty demoralising, especially with the above players locking out most Hiscores from contention. 200m is a much more achievable number and anyone getting 200m all should be an achievement. There are many methods to skill on Ataraxia, however, very few are "meta" and many methods go unnoticed because of the structure we currently have. 

Once again, it fell to the thought pattern of "If we go down for 2 months, will people return if there is no competition", and the flat answer is Yes, however, those players will quickly leave after they have experienced all of the new content. We're attempting to change the game so much that even Veterans aren't too sure what the meta is, and if people are returning with 120 all, there won't be much interest in exploring the content we've worked hard to release.

These decisions were not made lightly, and have been in the pipeline for months, as you could probably tell, Staff activity has dipped substantially recently, this is because we had a meeting discussing the best possible path for Ataraxia, and mutually agreed this would be it. We have known about this decision since early December, but I wanted everyone on Ataraxia to enjoy their Holiday period, whether it was being reset or not. 

The recent decision to close Donations was also due to this, however, people were still donating despite being told not to... To those people, I really hope you kept them for yourself, if not, please contact me and we'll organise something.


So what does this mean, summarised:

  • The server will close on the 6th of January, the return date is yet to be determined but will be announced
  • Economy reset
  • Account reset
  • Donations will be kept
  • When the server returns, all of the bugs you're accustomed to will be vanquished
  • When the server returns, all of the content above and more will be added
  • We will have relaunch competitions for experience, items, rewards
  • We will have referral competitions for rewards, items
  • We will hire numerous YouTubers for our relaunch
  • We will constantly update you with our progress
  • We will provide constant teasers to what we're working on
  • We will have Beta testers and Bug busters constantly helping on our Beta server
  • We will return better than ever, you have my word.


Ataraxia has never been taken too seriously due to the revision we are.

We are the only 718+ server to ever reach the top 5 on Runelocus. When we return, we will retake that crown.

We will be the lead server in our niche once more, and if you decide to stick with us, you'll be a part of it.


How you can help:

  • In the New Year we will put out applications for Beta testers, we're not going to accept everyone, only those who we believe can actively assist in making decisions for the benefit of the server and actively help with content testing.
  • Stay tuned for the referral competition
  • Message me with any concerns, ideas, suggestions you think went unappreciated, bugs you think went unnoticed
  • Have faith in us!


And please, message me with ANY questions, or alternatively, post them here, and I'll record a video answering them all.


I understand this announcement won't be widely appreciated, especially to those currently playing Ataraxia.

However, I hope you understand that this decision had to be made in order to improve Ataraxia. 

When we return, you'll be greeted by the same server you left, but just so.. so.. so much better.



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I fully support the decisions made in order it take Ataraxia to a new level, I understand how much of a risk it is to pretty much disable your server and any income that comes with that but I look forward to Ataraxia 2. 

Only question I have is will the perk/donation system stay the same as in buy perk and it adds to total donated and the perk is unlocked perma?

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As upset as I am because I have been grinding so hard this week for comp (t), and I'm 2 achievements away.... I am excited for what is to come and I understand it is best for the economy and the integrity of the game! I look forward to what is next and I hope we can play again very very soon! I will definitely be on in the future, it is by far my favorite RSPS I've ever logged into. Thanks for everything, and good luck. I will be here supporting you guys!

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Best of luck with the server reset, tbh this is quite literally the only worthwhile RS3 server to play and even though I haven't played in a month or so, I have enjoyed the time I've played on this server and I can't wait to see what will come for the relaunch.


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The day all RSPS players realize will happen at some point, but never want to witness.

This decision is a prime example of the dedication you have towards Ataraxia, as well as an insanely large set of balls, considering the consequences of this decision. I respect that, a lot.

I've always thoroughly enjoyed Ataraxia (and it's predecessors), albeit with breaks here and there, but I fully understand the reasons for doing this. And while it is undeniably better for the server as a whole, the relaunch of Ataraxia will be a different Ataraxia, atleast to me it will feel that way. The amount of hours that I've put into my account(s), especially my recently exp-capped Ironman, is something that will be lost. Spending my time on Ataraxia is something I most definitely do not regret, yet it is something that I quite simply do not see myself doing again. Maybe that mindset will change in the future, who knows. For now though, that is how I feel about it. I might be the only one, but oh well.

I might hop on every now and then after the relaunch, and I wish Ataraxia the very best. Go get that top spot!

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On 12/30/2020 at 11:03 PM, Fable said:

I fully support the decisions made in order it take Ataraxia to a new level, I understand how much of a risk it is to pretty much disable your server and any income that comes with that but I look forward to Ataraxia 2. 

Only question I have is will the perk/donation system stay the same as in buy perk and it adds to total donated and the perk is unlocked perma?

The system will work very close to if not exactly the same. There'll be different Perks and edited perks though.

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