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Ataraxia Updates #58 - 2nd November, 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #58

- Invention Machines
- Protean Cogs & Memories
- Rune Dragon Rewrite
- Black Coins
- New Donator Icons



[+] General Changes

- Combination potions now use the make-x interface
- Dungeoneering creatures now count for their respective Slayer task (Skeletons for skeletons etc)
- Slightly increased the Blood necklace shard droprate
- Added a Master donor shop to Brother Omad, you can purchase: Exalted Silver ring & Crystal necklace which will give Master donors an extra 3% experience per item
- Vorago now has a 100% chance to drop Tectonic energy, decreased the maximum amount of energy dropped to 3
- Buffed the rate of Dyes from Master clue scrolls
- Removed all old Objects/NPCs from unused Home areas to prevent people botting should they locate them
- Decreased the amount of GP Corpse spiders drop from 1gp-5m to 1gp-3m
- Dreadnip attack messages are now filterable
- Added Protean Cogs & Memories, you can convert other Protean items into these or choose them in Protean packs
- Rune Dragons have been rewritten to reflect real RS mechanics, they should be a lot smoother to kill now
- Increased the amount of spawns in Celestial dragon instances
- Increased the amount of spawns in Nechryael instances
- Increased the amount of spawns in Corrupter creature instances
- Removed the requirement for 5000 creatures caught for Completionist cape (t)
- You can no longer use ;;bank at Slayer Tower
- Added a warning when converting Ataraxia dollar (vote)
- Added Araxxor teleport to ;;bp
- Grenwalls have been re-added to ;;g1, ;;g2, ;;g3, ;;g4
- Corpse spiders have been added to Platinum instances for Diamond members only
- You can now trade in more than 200 stardust by talking to the Alien more than once
- Magic notepaper will now note every item in your inventory that matches the one you clicked on (I.E It'll note 9 bones instead of 1 if you have 9 bones)


[+] Black Coins

- In attempt to remove the need for players to have an abundance of Spirit shard packs & Coins, all Coins now have a default left click 'Convert'
- When clicking this you'll be offered to convert your Coins to Black coins, Black coins cost 10,000gp each and are sellable at the General store at home
- This will hopefully make it a little easier to trade without needing to do insane maths for Spirit shard conversions
- Converting from Black coins to Coins is disabled, this is too much of a dupe risk, so please sell to the shop


[+] New Donator Icons


They look different depending on your Interface skin settings etc.

Thanks to Obito (Sintricate did it for him) for creating these ?



[+] Invention Machines

- Invention machines have been added! Decided instead of a wall of text, best to explain in a short video:


Something I missed in video: Machines process items every 1 hour server time

[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed sliding puzzle clue scroll steps nulling your keyboard buttons after closing
- Fixed Supreme overload achievement not triggering while creating on portable wells
- Fixed only wearing 1 item from a stack when equipping through the Bank equipment (Right click equipping arrows would only equip one arrow)
- Fixed Prayer bonuses resetting when changing overhead prayers
- Fixed Banklist not opening the correct bank if you're not on the first page
- Fixed Completionist cape and Completionist cape (t) emotes
- Fixed Vorago face transformation emote
- Fixed Protean items on Make-x only creating 27, it will now create 60 as intended
- Fixed Augmenting garb of subjugation requiring the wrong blueprint
- Fixed certain drops not noting for Diamond members
- Fixed Nex dropping unexchangeable versions of Boots/Gloves, you can use your old ones on Bob to change them
- Fixed Trisk fragments not being auto-looted
- Fixed Nex drops not going on the Drop collection interface because of a mismatch in IDs
- Fixed Hardmode Zilyana not counting towards reaper tasks
- Fixed pets being targetable by NPCs
- Fixed Portable fletcher not saving materials properly
- Fixed Araxxor deleting your items if you add to Bank on occasions
- Fixed KBD not giving drops if you're instanced
- Fixed Fishing spots not working on Vote hour
- Fixed Dragon Battle-axe special attack buffing every style instead of just Melee
- Fixed Gold donators being unable to use Robust Glass Machine
- Fixed HP examine on pets
- Fixed poison mechanic with poisoned weapons/ammo
- Fixed potions created not working for some Herblore potions
- Fixed disassembling tools returning the wrong Gizmos
- Fixed an issue with some Currencies not appearing properly on the interface



Xenthium, Armark1ng, ATD & Jaedmo



Big mistake ?


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