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Ataraxia Updates #57 - 18th October, 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #57

- Halloween Event
- New Custom H'weens
- New Custom Titles




[+] General Changes

- Vampyrism auras have been nerfed from: 2%/4%/6%/8% to 2%/3%/4%/5%, this change was necessary for the PVM balance of Ataraxia
- The previous change nerfing the heal of Blood barrage from 5% to 3% has been reverted to adjust to this change ^
- Master donators now receive 2x the Divine location limit, stacking with the Divine doubler perk
- Abyssal demons now spawn 10 in Platinum zone private instances
- Master donors can now use ;;ancients, ;;lunars and ;;modern to change Spellbook on the move
- Divine charges now cost 150 chimes for Ironmen rather than 250
- You can now buy Lucky charms from Bryll Thoksdottir for Dungeoneering tokens
- You can now teleport from any location in the wilderness regardless of the Wildy level
- You can now access 4 extra action bars, meaning you can customise up to 5!
- Araxxor droprate has been marginally increased again, (two updates ago the rate was 5, it is now 12)
- Buffed droprate of Seismic singularity and Seismic wand from Vorago
- You will now receive 33-142 Wines of Saradomin from Telos, previously it was 13-99
- Buffed chance of receiving an Elite clue scroll from Crystal triskelions to 15% from 10%
- Dragonic visages, Loop half and tooth halfs now all drop noted for Diamond if they have the setting enabled
- Loop half and Tooth half now have an equal chance to be chosen when dropping
- You can now use Bladed dive with 1 melee weapon if you have Gloves of Passage or Laceration boots (not currently obtainable) equipped
- Nex: AOD's elements bomb starts hitting after two ticks
- Made Nex: AOD's elements bomb not hit more than 1 time per tick for players in the radius
- Buffed Telos' "Hold still invader" special attack
- Buffed Telos' auto attack accuracy
- Player of the Month title now automatically removes when the player is no longer POTM, sorry Fantz
- Removed dialogue spamming "Your curse drains..." & "Your opponent has been weakened so much ..."
- Air battlestaves now drop noted from Corrupted creatures
- Crystal triskelion pieces now automatically go to your invent for Silver donators+
- Diamond members will now receive an extra 2 Treasure hunter keys on every single vote (6 for voting on all 3 sites)
- Master members will now receive an extra 2 Treasure hunter keys on every single vote (6 for voting on all 3 sites) (stacking with Diamond)
- Master members have a 75% chance per vote of receiving a Deathtouched dart (voting on all 3 sites should in theory net you 2 darts)
- Bakriminel bolt fletching has been buffed, the bolts will now give much more experience for creation


[+] New Achievable Titles

- Firstly, for achieving 2,000,000,000 exp in every Skill: unknown.png
- Secondly, for donating 10,000,000,000 gp to the Globe of Goodwill: image.png


[+] Halloween Event

- To start the event, type ;;hween, before I explain it myself, it's mirrored from the 2018 RS3 event: https://runescape.wiki/w/2018_Hallowe'en_event
- You can talk to Death to receive a tutorial!
- To simplify, the Skilling part of this, you must stabilise the 5 pillars surrounding the Chaotic rift, this will grant you either: Divination, Invention, Prayer, Smithing or Summoning experience, if you switch between Pillars you will receive more experience, the experience gained also scales with your level
- You can tell the progress of the stabilisation from the particles surrounding the pillars, once fully stabilised it will be glowing at the top of the pillar, encouraging you to stabilise the others:


- Once all pillars are stabilised, you can enter the Warped chamber which will contain urns, you can break these to receive Halloween Tokens & rewards from this table: https://runescape.wiki/w/Warped_chamber
- Following this, the pillars will go on cooldown until they reset 4 hours after they spawned, in which they'll all rotate with the same skills on different pillars
- Lucien, the event boss will spawn every 2 hours. He has 1,000,000 hp.
- You can read up on the mechanics for Lucien here (easier than re-writing): https://runescape.wiki/w/Lucien_(2018_Hallowe'en_event) 
- Lucien will reward players with the following upon his death/when he leaves because you guys couldn't kill him because you suck
- Medium protean pack, Deathtouched dart, 2 Mystery boxes, 100-250 H'ween tokens, a 1/50 chance to receive 500 extra tokens, a 1/100 to receive 30 Treasure hunter keys
- Now, what you're probably all wondering.. Unique Rewards. The obvious rewards are in a Shop, these repeat every H'ween, some people want them, some don't..


- Now the cool parts, 5,000 tokens each you can buy these titles:


- Now the Custom Hallowe'ens (note. The h'weens are retardedly shaped, very hard to find good textures):

Virus Hallowe'en Mask - 7,500 Tokens

Virus hween.gif

Starfire Hallowe'en Mask - 10,000 Tokens

starfire hween.gif

Sky Hallowe'en Mask - 12,500 Tokens

sky hween.gif

Fire Hallowe'en Mask - 1/200 from Lucien

fire hween.gif

Cosmic Hallowe'en Mask - 1/500 from Lucien

cosmic hween.gif

Hope you all enjoy the Halloween event, huge credit to Xenthium for birthing the idea and starting it and for ArmarxK1ng for helping out massively!

[+] Bug Fixes

- Regular exp and Item exp now updates on every game tick, this should fix the lag while barraging multiple targets
- Staff of Sliske clones will no longer be targetable while not in PVP
- Fixed SoS clones respawning after dying
- Fixed Harold's helmet being tradeable
- Fixed Ascension grips not dropping noted for Diamond members
- Fixed an issue causing Kalphite king not to return to his original Boss NPC id
- Fixed an issue when using equipment on action bars, it will now properly equip and check charges rather than unequip
- Fixed Magic AoE spells hitting multiple times on the same target
- Fixed an issue when loading a preset with an item equipped that is in the invent on your preset not withdrawing the item
- Fixed an issue with Nex: AOD where if there was a single person left in the instance after people are dead, they would not receive anything
- Fixed Final boss achievement not triggering when achieving final boss
- Fixed players being able to use Staff of Sliske spec more than once
- Fixed not being able to use Great White shark fishing spot with Voting access
- Fixed typo in ;;ge "grandexhange"



Xenthium, Armark1ng, ATD & Jaedmo





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