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Ataraxia Updates #52 - 21st July, 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #52

- Clue Scroll Update!
- Quality of Life Changes
 - AOD Drop buff
- Boss Meta Shift


[+] General Changes

- Protean crafting and Fletching is now functional
- Cooked Sharks and Prayer potion (3) are now unlimited in the Grand exchange
- Divine Charges have been added to Hazelmere for Ironman accounts for 250 chimes each
- Divine Charges have been added to the Grand exchange for regular accounts for 1.8m each
- You no longer need to have 1000 hours played and 25 Fight kilns for Completionist cape (t)
- Added Hydrix to Slayer rewards for 2250 Slayer points
- Lowered price of Hydrix from Death to 450 from 500
- Overloads are now all tradeable
- Crystal chest will now notify you that it has sent the items to your bank
- Araxxor charge on Light path will now be every 45 seconds rather than 1 minute 25
- You will now damage the wall by default 500 points, if you choose the correct option, it will be 1000
- You now have an extra second to press the arrow keys
- Angel of Death unique drops have been buffed.. Quite substantially
- Salvage now has value at the General store


[+] Boss Balancing

- The following changes have happened to Boss defences, these changes have been done and discussed in Staff meetings and Community feedback. We're aiming to force a new meta that allows us to move away from Blood barraging everything:

  • Nex: AOD remains weak to Magic
  • Telos remains weak to Magic
  • Vorago remains weak to Magic
  • Kalphite King is now substantially weaker to the combat triangle attacks opposed to his current form (Mage > Melee, Melee > Range, Range > Mage)
  • Corporeal beast is now substantially weak to Melee
  • Chaos Elemental is now weak to Range
  • King Black Dragon is now weak to Melee
  • Giant Mole is now weak to Melee
  • Helwyr is now weak to Melee
  • Vindicta & Gorvek is now weak to Range
  • Gregorovic is now weak to Range
  • Twin furies are now weak to Melee
  • General Graardor is now weak to Melee
  • Kree'arra is now weak to Range
  • Commander Zilyana is now weak to Range
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth is now weak to Melee 

These weaknesses make it so you're accurate using that style vs the specific boss, meaning, when using other styles, you will/can hit, but it will be much less likely than when using the correct combat style.

[+] Clue Scroll Update

- Treasure Trails now function close to exactly like Runescape 3. This includes:

Stackable Clue scroll boxes


Stackable Clue scroll caskets


Reward Rerolling



- The perk Investigator will retain some of it's existing effects, however, the new effects of the perk are:


Instantly grants you the Reward Casket for Easy, Medium and Hard clues
Elite Clue steps will range from 2-4 rather than 5-7
Master Clue steps will range from 3-5 rather than 6-8

You will be able to store 60 of each Sealed clue scroll rather than 25
You have a 1/5 chance to instantly complete an Elite clue
You have a 1/10 chance to instantly complete a Master clue

- The rates of Rare items from Clue scrolls will remain how they are pending some trial period, so please let us know how you think they are following the update
- All puzzles, emote challenges, coordinates, maps, scans and rewards have been added!
- Skipping tickets to skip certain parts of Clue scrolls have been added to full functionality and unlimited in the Grand exchange for 5m each!



[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed a Vorago null resulting in Vorago launching remaining bombs
- Fixed Harold's helmet equipping
- Fixed Sirenic crafting not working
- Fixed Noxious weaponry crafting not working
- Fixed Tectonic armour crafting not working
- Fixed Fletching perk not working on Fletching interface
- Fixed Tipping bolts not working on Fletching interface
- Fixed Dragonstones defaulting to Herblore grinding


Not too many bug fixes, but we're hoping to power some out and throw out another patch in 1-2 weeks with a heap. Please be sure to contact me if there are any that need prioritising/haven't received attention in a long time.



Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, ATD & Jaedmo


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