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Invention - A Starters Guide

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499641965474742283.png.3c931ef4f9a2379f14473f849c032089.pngInvention Guide499641965474742283.png.3c931ef4f9a2379f14473f849c032089.png


Invention is an elite skill that requires you to collect materials by disassembling items in-game and discover blueprints that allow you to use those materials to create items that will help you along your adventures in Ataraxia whether it be Skilling or Combat. Invention can seem quite daunting at first glace for new players and this guide is aimed to help you get on your feet so you can go out there and make those gains!

Disclaimer - this guide is mainly focused for new players on regular accounts



80 Crafting


80 Smithing


80 Divination

Where to start -

First of all you're going to want to make sure you have the all the requirements once you've got those Invention will be unlocked and it's time to make your way to the Invention Guild! Getting there is simple first of all you open the Quest Tab and select the Trollheim_Teleport_icon.png.9bc858bb50b7e46e3bf05da49f8dc916.png button, after that you want to navigate to the bottom of the 'Skilling' Tab and it will be labled "Invention Guild".

TLDR - Quest tab > Teleports > Skilling > Invention guild.


The Invention Guild

Now that you've made your way to the Invention Guild it's time to get to work, step inside and you'll be greeted by a workbench, this is where you will discover all your blueprints and craft all your new items. This bench is split up into two sides, if you highlight over the left hand side it says 'Discover' and this is what you will click to discover your blueprints and if you highlight over the right hand side it says 'Manufacture' and this is how you will craft the items using the blueprints you have just discovered.

0d9e58999964c3a193e88c2fea8bb6c5.png.636c897975699225d2faa51c94e0658a.png                                       6a17118ebfb37562f8aa1df99681a539.png.011320b9bf1e629dd6d0f275530f11cd.png

Now before you do anything else you will want to discover your chargepack, you do this by clicking on the left side of the workbench and selecting the item and filling the slots with the puzzle pieces around the side and pressing prototype until it finally fits together (it can be quite tedious) you will have to do this with every item you unlock even some specific materials such as Zaros/Explosive/Armadyl/Seren/Noxious the best way to do this is everytime you unlock something come back and discover it so they don't all of a sudden pile up on you.


Disassembling items is pretty simple to do, all it requires is you to navigate to the Spell Book and use the light bulb option and select an item inside your inventory and it will automatically start disassembling in chunks of 60, some items will give you a warning and the way to turn this off is by doing the following; ;;settings > Misc Settings > Disable disassemble warning (WARNING: This could lead to disassembling items by accident)


Now that you understand the basics of discovering blueprints it's time to talk about what you should disassemble and what items you should be making, if you're focusing on combat you will spend most of your time crafting things such as Augmentors/Divine Charges/Gizmos and some of these can be a pain to make in bulk so i hope you've been saving up those gold coins because now will be the time to use it. First of all we will talk about augmentors as these will be one of the first items you will need to make before you can start levelling invention properly.


800px-Augmentor_detail.thumb.png.643cc68ad00bc808fa9c0f6b4463ec96.pngMaterials Needed  || Red=Rare/Uncommon Green = Common

- x225 Incandasant Energy  [Collected from Divination, PvM and other players.] (Refer to the price guide)

- x45 Base Components   [Collected from breaking down Swords from the G.E (Higher tier = Better chance)]

- x45 Tensile Components  [Collected from breaking down Shieldbows from the G.E (Higher tier = Better)]

- x45 Flexible Components  [Collected from breaking down Shieldbows too (Higher tier = Better chance)]

- x8 Enhancing Components [Collected from breaking down Jewellery Items (Mages' Books work best)]

- x7 Powerful Components  [Collected from breaking down Magic items; Armour/Runes/Staves (Soul Runes and Battlestaves to work best)]


Weapon Gizmo


Materials Needed  || Red=Rare/Uncommon Green = Common

- x10 Blade Components  [Collected from breaking down Swords and Darts (I used Rune swords and Addy darts)]

- x5 Crafted Components  [Collected from breaking down Arrows/Summoning Pouches/Scrolls (I used Araxyte Arrows and Steel Titan Pouches/Scrolls)]

- x2 Strong Components   [Collected from breaking down Melee Armour and Weapons (Addy/Rune Platebodies seem to work well)]




Armour Gizmo


Materials Needed  || Red=Rare/Uncommon Green = Common

- x10 Deflecting Components  [Collected from breaking down Melee/Mage armour or Shields (you will get these whilst going for your protective components so dont worry)]

- x5 Crafted Components  [Collected from breaking down Arrows/Summoning Pouches/Scrolls (I used Araxyte Arrows and Steel Titan Pouches/Scrolls)]

- x2 Protective Components   [Collected from breaking down Melee Armour and Shields (Addy/Rune Platebodies seem to work well)]



Divine Charges


Materials Needed  || Red=Rare/Uncommon Green = Common

- x225 Incandesant Energy [Collected from doing the Divination Skill or obtained from PvM, you can also purchase from other players in-game] (Refer to the price guide)

- x20 Simple Components [Collected from breaking down Logs/Darts (I have found that buying off-hand adamant darts from the G.E have worked best for getting these components, you will recieve 2-7 per action)]

Side Note; These will be somewhat hard to farm at the start but once you unlock the Divine-o-matic vacuum it speeds it up a fair bit.




Now we have talked about the most common items you will spend your time creating it's time to talk about levelling this skill up so you can progress towards Max cape. Once you've fully understood the basics of disassembling and discovering the skill become much easier to understand and also much faster to level, the main way we are going to level this skill is by augmenting gear levelling it up.


Augmenting Gear

The way you augment your gear is pretty simple, essentially all you do is add and augmentor to a piece of armour or a weapon but not all weapons and armour are augmentable and not all pieces of armour are augmentable right off the bat, what I mean by this is when you first start you will only be able to augment weapons until you get to the respectable level to augment other parts of your gear. Side Note; Only t70+ gear can be augmented



This image shows you the levels you will need to be able to augment a certain piece of your gear and it also shows you the level you need to increase the level cap of your year (we will get into this later)

Use this image as your guide to know when you're able to unlock the next piece of augmented gear, but dont forget to discover the blueprint for not only the next possible augment but also the maximum level cap.






Levelling items and Disassembling

Levelling gear is what you will mainly be doing from here on out and this is where most of your XP will come from at the start, at first you will only be able to get gear to level 5, so get together some old tier 70 weapons and augment them and do some slayer or bossing and they will passively level up in the background, if you highlight over the weapon you can see the XP and Level of the item;

Once you get the item to level 5 you'll want to navigate back to the disassemble button and disassemble the weapon and you should do this until you are level 27, once you're at level 27 you can then level your weapons (And body armour)

WARNING: Only Disassemble gear you're willing to lose and can be replaced easily!

Note: Level 10 is the best level to disassemble gear as it yields the most amount of XP


Siphoning Equipment

So now that we have talked about levelling up gear and disassembling you may be wondering if you have to disassemble everything and the answer is NOPE, once you get to level 27 you unlock the Siphon and once you discover it and use it on a piece of augmented gear it allows you to get the XP from a weapon or a set of armour without destroying the item, the drawback to this is that you have to get your item to level 12 to get the full amount of XP and this takes a lot longer than level 10 but it's a lot better than destroying valuable gear.



Progressing to 99/120

Once you've got your head around this skill it's simple and somwhat straight forward from here on out, it's just a case of augmenting gear getting it to level 10 and disassembling it or getting gear to level 12 and siphoning it if you don't want to destroy the item, do slayer or bossing to level gear up and you should be on your way to getting the 99 cape and even the 120 cape!

Side Note; The XP for 99 is 36m and 120 is 80m due to this being an Elite Skill



The End

Now it's time to take this information and apply it to your Invention training, i hope this guide has been helpful enough to get you started with the skill, i know it can be confusing at first, we were all there at one point in time, if you were looking for a more in-depth guide that talks about perks either this guide will get updated or a new guide will be created for that kind of information, i wanted to keep this as simple as possible for all the new players and players that have never done this skill before, thank you for making it this far and i hope you enjoy your stay in Ataraxia!






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1 hour ago, Kirito said:

Great work, knew it would be quality. I can tell you spent a good amount of time putting it together and working on how you wanted to set everything up. Good job and keep it up mate <3.


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