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Gambling, Costly Deaths, Wilderness

Gambling, Costly Deaths, Wilderness  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we add Dicing and Flower Poker?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. What should be the cost of Dying to Monsters in Ataraxia?

    • Coins depending on your armour
    • Charges on your armour
    • Your armour that can break, breaks
    • You have to pay coins back for your armour back and it degrades x%
  3. 3. What should we do about the Wilderness?

    • Enable PvP disabling/nerfing powerful armour within the Wilderness and ignore Content creation
    • Enable PvP and spend time creating new content to bolster the Wilderness
    • Keep PvP disabled

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Big ol' Poll thread here.. Please answer accordingly, and post below why you chose what you did.



We've polled Gambling a few times, but this is different. I think we've evolved from what we were a few months/years ago. The Staff team and I have had multiple meetings in which we talked about Gambling.. It's been mostly positive responses however, the obvious few issues.

I've decided to Poll this again as decided in the latest Staff meeting.. As I feel it'd add a bit more appeal.. It's hard as a 718 revision to appeal to the players of OSRS servers and the live game.. 

You know and I know we have an awesome server, great donation structure and an amazing Development team. We deserve more, I'm sure every RSPS owner says that.. But I truly feel Ataraxia should be in the Top 10 of every Toplist.

People see 718s and instantly ignore it, I think if we have an eye catching feature which people know.. People love.. People hate.. We'd get more people attempting to play. And this would be Dicing/Flower Poker.



Now personally, I'm a huge fan of Dicing. It's exciting, fully chance based and overall probably the best chance you'll get at a full 50/50 chance.

Dicing has already been coded by Jordan.. It works like this: Two players approach the NPC at ;;gamble while in the "Dicing" friends chat. They then put up x-amount of Spirit Shards they then roll the dice, highest roll wins. 

This will obviously expand into Best of 3, 5 etc.. There will never be 1 person hosts 55x2/60x2 as it's unbalanced. If we add dicing I want it to be 100% 50/50. It's completely scam/dupe proof and works perfectly.


Flower Poker

Flower Poker is fairly self explanatory. The only difference to dicing is that it's not currently coded. I imagine we'll be adding it similar to Dicing how it's automated and scam proof. 

Flower Poker is extremely fun and enjoyable to watch even if you don't participate.. Such as OMG 10b pot and you slowly watch the Flowers reveal themselves. It'd be fairly easy to add and I'd love it to be added.


Flower Poker you'd be able to Gamble items. However, dicing is Cash/Shards only. And we'll tax it.


I don't want you to instantly just vote no on it because it's Gambling. The whole reason Gambling is frowned upon is because it makes people quit. But we currently have that anyway. People quit because they're bored.

Then they go and box it at the dodgy PoH Ring.

Gambling is completely optional, and of course some people can't resist it and will lose their bank and quit.

However, I think the traffic we'd receive for considering this on such a high revision server would outweigh those who quit if they lost their banks.

We have a fairly forgiving Economy where you can make a lot of money doing one thing.. So i don't think the loss of ones bank would be as much as a hit. Rather than on another server where you buy items for $ and gamble them then lose.




Costly Deaths

Someone brought this up to me today, and it reminded me that we need to poll it. Right now, Players can PvM without fear of Death (unless you're a HCIM btw). You lose no items and can consistently go back. The biggest loss probably being your Overload/bonfire timers.

So I ask you guys the question: What should you lose on Death?

So please answer in the Poll above and of course if you have other ideas, post them below.

Personally, I think the best option would be valuing armors by their "Tier" and making players Pay coins for that. However, I don't have much idea how the economy is fairing 24/7. So alternatively, deaths remove charges from armours that degrade/break armour that you need to repair at Bob.


Answer above.




Wilderness Questions

So the Wilderness has been disabled since the re-launch. There's been a lot of talk amongst the Staff team with how we implement this.. And there were a few different options.

Add Wilderness and Disable powerful/over-powered weapons
Add Wilderness and make all weapons do half the damage it normally does in Wild


Now then that adds a new question. Should we look into adding more content to the Wilderness in attempt to revamp it. Or is it not worth the time and energy.

I feel like as we're a 718, the Wilderness is fairly stagnant however, with additions of content it could be vibrant, but it'd have to be extremely good for that to be the case. People wouldn't risk losing their hard earned items just to go to the Wilderness for lower-tier gear.




Please answer all of the Poll questions above and post your responses below. For the Wilderness/Drop questions, the highest votes will pass.

Gambling requires 51% Yes' to pass. Normally it'd be 60-70% to pass, but I think this is the best move for Ataraxia, however, if the majority doesn't agree, I don't want to insult you guys, the loyal players.


Kind regards,

& the Staff Team


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Personally, Don't believe we should add gambling. Sure, it attracts new players, But it also causes as much damage as it does good. In which I mean, that the players come, either get cleaned, or clean another member, then someone 9 out of 10 times, rage-quites and we're back at square 1.


Deaths - Personally, I say pay coins. I feel that the others, revolving around armour degradation , could have a serious impact on the price of T90s. Given the current state of them, include degrading on death, they may be boycotted by a large amount of our player base. If this was bypassed by a perk, or charge befriender, Maybe it's a little more acceptable, but to me I'd sooner see just coins at a fair rate. This will keep the want for using t90's, with the current repairs already being expensive and hard to maintain.


Keep PvP disabled, personally, doesn't bother me. But I feel we'll just get trolls at agility wildy course, and it'll cause more flame + rage than needed. 

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gambling should not be added, period. It will cause more arguments, and will end up making people quit.


Deaths? Couldn't really give a shit, I'm a master member and use PZ instances so this doesn't affect me.


No to PVP. Just pointless really, that's why there's an economy, and as nemesis rightly pointed out, wilderness trolls are a thing.



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In all honesty Gambling when produced in such ways proposed, can be properly monitored of gambling seeds/dice bags. These can be literally handed out to trusted people from administration themselves. I've been an advocate for gambling polls since they started, it really generates it's own money and we have a lot of GP sink to offer so.

Think we have been up long enough since the re-launch anyway to be able to sustain our community with pretty much anything they want Fact. So the potential to lose/break high-tier or mid-tier gear can be bank breaking at times no matter who or what your bank looks like, we all get cocky AF. Just the thought of item loss on death is enough for a double think, but it's something that I personally think now we will have to endure. I die alot so... Im not voting this way cause I a sick PVMER..... EURM NO M8 AM' A FOOKIN SKILL3R.

Enabled wilderness, but make it not about PVP, it's a side thing more than anything, warbands is a major minigame for BARE EXPS, people will want to do this, its been suggested since i started here years ago 6-7 times.
make some initial plans for this warbands set in place some weird and fun rules which could enable the pvp side of the wilderness to be a more active role withing Atar.----

Cause come one its funny af when you KO someone.....


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Dicing/Flower: I'm the only person so far to endorse gambling being added, (Now Opi too.) I love the way it's coded already. It would be fair, simple, and fun. You could even take it a step further and make it Player VS NPC. So nobody is getting someone else's money and it acts as another money sink. It would be cool to add server announcements for players that win above a certain amount too.

Cost of Death: Out of the options provided I'd pick just paying coins. Another option would be dropping your inventory along with a fee from Death to respawn.

PVP: I've never really been a PKer. I know that's what A LOT of the osrs / ps players enjoy, and they have 100 servers for that. It would definitely be a challenge to add enough incentives to entice people to risk it. Unless you do apply the same cost of death as above and make it fairly safe. I've been on other servers that have safe pk'ing with a chance to drop statues that sell to a NPC for gp, but that almost always results in people farming it. 

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Gambling - I support the gambling update, gambling is a big part of any rsps and runescape, and like jaedmo stated its optional no one is forcing anyone to stake. Plus PoH staking is safe but we don't know if there ways to get unfair advantage having an npc to do 50/50 staking will reassure players it's safe and less time consuming. The taxing I'm ehh about it. 

Death penalty - 100 percent support any type of death penalty. Most likely to be coins or make your Armour in a broke state to get fix. For t90s it can still be in a broken state but once fix with coins it will go back to the charge it was before broken. 

PVP - like gambling wilderness is also an important aspect of runescape and we should enable it. Also adding new contect new monster or make the ones already there way stronger but with good rewards. For PVP we should allow to the highest tier to take there to be 80 that means barrows, bandos, whips, godswords such items. Jewelry it shouldn't be that much of a problem don't think people will risk 500m jewelry to pk anyways. 

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Yes I'd like to see gambling implemented. It'd bring more players, and more content. 

You could make the arguement that, it'll make people lose their banks and quit, but then again, just don't gamble what you can't afford to lose.

As long as It's implemented 100% bug free, and 50/50 I'm all in favour of it.


Death Cost

I 100% agree that no penalties when it comes to dying isnt optimal, it works obviously, but adding a fee in coins would serve as yet another great moneysink, and it'll be healthy for the economy in the long run.



Yes please.

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I voted no on gambling, but to be honest, don't include my vote - the pros are level with the cons, so I am indifferent.

Death - Coins only, nice moneysink, and doesn't affect t90 armour any further.

Wilderness - Most of the servers above us have pvp/staking elements - not activities i tend to engage with, but they get players in for sure. So wildy is +1 for me. We are possibly in a niche though, focusing on pvm only, which might help player retention.

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Gambling: No again. Pretty much all of the reasons for not wanting it are valid.

Deaths: RS3-esque system, where you can pay coins to recover the items you have. It's a solid gold sink, and dying will actually mean something. Ideally, a death in absolute max gear (melee, range, or mage) would be about 50M, and you can scale down from that.

Wildy and PVP: Honestly, a mix of everything. Make the high-tier weapons and armor scale to a more reasonable standard when fighting players, but retain the power when fighting NPCs - as well as adding new content. The wilderness is desperate for stuff that isn't just PVP, WildyWyrms, and Lava Styrkewyrms.

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Gambling: We already have the lottery, which has introduced gambling to players. I see no difference adding another form of gambling; especially if gambling will be automated.

Deaths: The first month was fine without death penalties but afterwards, all it did was inflate the game as people began to horde items. I believe the Equipment should be tiered and paid and for none-equipment: pots and food, they should be dropped/lost as to bolster Herblorists.

PvP and Wilderness: It is content that we could benefit from but needs careful administration since there has to be some award to it and that could be abused/farmed.


-Lord Guthix

"Balance amongst all"

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Gambling no. IDK why u think gambling will suddenly make ataraxia top 10 in every top list thats not the content which could make it, also if even some ppl will join server for gambling will they be valuable to the server? they probably most of the time will be doing gambling and sitting at home like half server already doing it, they won't vote for server cuz they won't need benefits from voting because they will have tons of cash from gambling only benefit i see from them is +5 to player count thats it and for sure more toxic server, even without gambling I have already received  pms "box me  what are you afraid kiddo" ? can't even imagine what it will be like if dicing and flower poker would be added and no, stuff team won't be able to control this. Fc and yell spamming with 'dice me' nah I don't want see this shit.People leave now because bored + they will leave because they will loose their banks, gambling is addicting so saying  don't gamble what you can't afford to lose won't help. 
If we reach that shitty 51% for gambling(I hope not) at least add only taxed gambling..

Wild - ye why not, but first we need content in wild that ppl would be forced to go there and risk some nice items, otherwise it would be useless to do something with wild also why we cannot just cap damage dealt by players to players so we don't get 1hitted? it would save a lot time of rebalancing items stats.We are not pking server and we don't need 'perfect pking'.

Deaths. yes another money sink and im 100% for it. only would help eco.


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gambling - in my honest opinion i feel this would do more damage then good as a lot of players will put their entire banks on the line and alot of the times when these players lose they quit. i feel this could hurt the player base and just don't agree with it.


cost for deaths - i completely agree with this as a decent money sink but i feel the price should be reasonable as in rs3 people bring max setups and multiple switches and is still not overly expensive to get your items back. yes it would be great to have another money sink and would help the eco, but at the same time i fear for people losing max setups because they are low on funds. this can go for all kinds of players with all kinds of banks as a lot of players spend all their money to upgrade gear and i feel them losing that gear if the cost to get it back is very high could be harmful to the player base.


- bringing back pvp - i've never been into pking but i feel there is a lot of players who would love to see this and feel it could draw in a large group of players.

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Gambling - No, I've always seen gambling do more harm than good to a server.

Cost for death - Support, death costs are a great money sink if balanced correctly

PvP - I'm not big into pking, so this doesn't effect me personally, but I can see some people enjoying pvp content

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