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Ataraxia Updates #18 - 18th February 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #18

- Skilling Contracts
- LMS Modifications
- Decimation, Annihilation & Obliteration (i)
- More Balance edits
- Dungeoneering Fixes
- New Skilling Teleports!!!


[+] General Changes

- Wyson the Gardener has been added! You can now exchange your Mole parts for Bird's nests, find him at Falador Park
- The Barrows puzzle interface will now remain open during combat
- Ghostly essence drop rate has been lowered from Pest Control
- DFS rate has been lowered from Pest Control
- You now receive "runes crafted" when crafting Soul runes
- Hybrid LMS is now simply welfare gear (Mystic)
- Gregorovic is now weak to Stab/slash attacks
- Araxyte Arrows have been slightly buffed
- Crossbows now attack 1 tick faster
- Noxious scythe has been slightly buffed in accuracy
- Xmas scythe bonuses have been changed to match the balancing changes
- Reaper Hood has been adjusted to become best-in-slot
- Buffed Ring of Wealth (c) to become best-in-slot
- Helwyrs Magic defence has been increased
- Twin furies Magic defence has been slightly lowered
- Drygore Rapier/Longsword have had their Strength bonus slightly lowered
- Reaper necklace has had it's Ranged strength bonus increased to match Farsight Blood sniper
- Amulet of Souls has had it's Strength bonus slightly increased and had Ranged strength bonus added
- Kalphite rebounder has now got 10% less Magic damage
- Deathtouch bracelet has had it's Ranged accuracy boosted to match other Combat styles
- Superior vesta's spear now shares the same spec as the regular spear
- Slayer experience rates have been lowered.. Especially Sophanem slayer dungeon rates.
- Ironmen can now use ;;spin & earn spins daily as well as claim Double keys tokens
- Dungeoneering Gorajan equipment is now tradeable
- Araxxor KC has been added to the Boss kill log
- Lottery bets are now limited to 1 account per IP/MAC
- Platinum Instances are now single combat only
- Something a few of you may dislike, but it's for the betterment of the server.. Vote parties now only reward those who have voted in the last 24 hours
- You can no longer light fires at ;;home
- Sophanem NPC kill counters have been added
- Ironmen can now collect flour from ;;home with Pots
- Aggression pot effects will now expire when you die
- Bonfire boost will now reset the timer when bonfiring while already boosted
- Pets have been disabled in LMS
- Zerker mode has been disabled in LMS, Pure-mode has been added & Boxing mode
- You can now eat Purple sweets
- Silverhawk Boot parts can now be converted to Feathers
- "The End" rotation for Vorago has been temporarily disabled
- Imbued gear is now 10,000 chime rather than 15,000
- Bork is now only assigned to you from the Reaper if you are able to do it, not if you have killed it recently.

[+] Squeal of Fortune Changes

- Uzi has been looking into ideas to liven the Squeal of Fortune a little bit. There's still ways to go, and it's still early days but this is what he thought of!
- Whenever an Elite skilling set (Golem, Camouflage, Trapper, Gorajan, etc..) is rotated into the Squeal of Fortune, relevant Animation boxes for that Skill will be also.
- So as the current rotation is the elite Mining set, Magic Golem, you can now temporarily receive: Headbutt, Chi-blast, Blast & Strongarm Mining animation overrides! Also, claiming the box will give you $2 towards your Donation total.
- Squeal of Fortune is something we'll be editing a lot in the near future.. Tired of seeing shit stuff on it.. Amirite. 

[+] Skilling Teleports


- Each teleport obviously has many more options within.. New ones include: 
- Prifddinas Fishing Area, Mining Guild, Desert Quarry, Rune essence mine, Prifddinas ore mine, Prifddinas Seren stones.. Best of all, Farming now contains EVERY Patch you'll need.. 
- This should help new players navigate the map in search for the best experience rates! Enjoy, thanks to E36 and Lare for their awesome efforts here.

[+] Skilling Contracts




- Speak to the "Survival expert" at home to obtain a skilling contract
- Get rewarded every time you complete one (and achievements!)
- You can reset
your contract using points and viswax
- Daily tasks are now obsolete and have been replaced by this
- New perk "Skilling Addict"

[+] Dungeoneering Fixes

- Fix to Sagittarius being bugged on 1hp
- Fixed Sagittarius doing low damage during the Arrow rain special attack
- Fixed not being able to reach objects on the Dungeoneering doors
- Fixed an issue with Gatestone taking laws when you spam click it
- Hopefully fixed lever puzzle issues

[+] LMS Modifications

- Zerker mode has now been removed from LMS.
- Pure mode has been added to LMS (@E36)!
- Fisticuffs mode has been added to LMS (@Arachnid)! 
- Prayers have been enabled in LMS again! However, you can't use protection prayers.


The new rates are:

  • Dharok's (25%)
  • Tier 80 (10%)
  • Tier 90 (5%)
  • Hybrid (30%)
  • 1 Defence Pure (members) (20%)
  • Fisticuffs (10%)

Suggest new LMS loadouts here!

[+] Decimation, Obliteration & Annihilation

- Decimation, Obliteration & Annihilation now all degrade to Dust
- You can no longer use the Decimation special attack on a regular Decimation weapon
- You can now use the Imbued gear from Hazelmere at ;;market to Imbue them
- This makes the weapon Imbued, giving it bonus accuracy & strength as well as allowing you to repair the item
- This also allows you to use the Decimation special attack
- The imbued versions are untradeable, meaning if you'd like the extra bonuses, repair ability & special attack, you must imbue it.

[+] Bug Fixes

- Nex instances and the issue with Nex spawning twice should be fixed
- Soul Siphoner now properly heals 25% more.. Instead of doing 25% more damage.. Oops.
- Hopefully fixed the Deadlock null (everything stops working within instancing). Arham nailed this down to an issue with performance in Dungeoneering. It should now be fixed.
- ;;itemdrop is now functional
- Helwyr will now work for the Trivia question: "Name one of the Heart of Gielinor bosses"
- Araxxor pets... Have been fixed.
- Fix to Lottery only giving free Investor bets
- Strongarm Resting donation will now properly award you the animation override
- Fixed a few more smuggles into/out of LMS
- Fixed smuggles into Dungeoneering

Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan, Xenthium & Noele

Ask the developers questions here

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Wait a minute, ironmans recieve now daily spins, I logged in and had 6 spin,  does that mean Master members gets 6 spins a day?

Btw great update and bug fixes, finally we got new lms games more nerfed hybrid version, also can we upgrade degraded version of decimation? 

Thanks for the effort you put in these updates guys.

Can't wait to see New update soon.


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26 minutes ago, Snixie said:

Wait a minute, ironmans recieve now daily spins, I logged in and had 6 spin,  does that mean Master members gets 6 spins a day?

Btw great update and bug fixes, finally we got new lms games more nerfed hybrid version, also can we upgrade degraded version of decimation? 

Thanks for the effort you put in these updates guys.

Can't wait to see New update soon.

Ironmen and Ironwomen will now receive daily spins according to their donation rank!

You can use the Imbued Gear, which has been reduced from 15k to 10k chimes, to upgrade your decimation!

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