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[Official] King of the Skill

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This thread will contain everything relating to the new Game Mode:

King of the Skill


Game Mode Restrictions

- 50x Exp/0% Drop Boost
- 24 Hours of Time Played before the account is banned
- No Trading
- No Grand Exchange
- No Perks/Donations
- No Well Bonuses/Double Experience Bonuses
- Unable to use other Player's Divine Locations
- Only Solo Dungeoneering
- Only Solo Slayer
- No Squeal of Fortune
- No Vote Books

There are Hiscores for the King of the Skill Gamemode where you can compete

The person who tops the Hiscores each week/month (they will reset monthly (most likely)) will receive the following:

- Individual nTCs5t2.gifKing of the Skill Rank on Forums & Discord
- $40 Store Credit to be first at the end of the week
- $25 Store Credit to be second at the end of the week
-  3 Monthly winners will have the choice of one of the following. First place will get first dibs. As one prize is chosen, it is taken out for the rest of the winners. 

  1. $50 Store Credit.
  2. $30 Store Credit
  3. Christmas Cracker 

- All Monthly winners will have access to the Skilling zone for the next month
- Access to a Special Skilling Zone that only you can access. (This Zone is yet to be decided and will be available with media shortly)
- A spot on the Hall of Fame of King of the Skill
- Extreme bragging rights over all of the noobs of Ataraxia

Should there be a poor number of players competing for the King of the Skill, these rewards will be altered.




Hall of Fame

These players proved superior over the other players of Ataraxia. Their spot will remain forever.


1. Santa
2. SomMC

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