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Ataraxia Updates #57 - 2nd June 2024

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I'm back! Holiday was excellent but also quite happy to be back and hopefully back to our regular irregular update schedule.

This one will be a decent size, but I'd like to get back to the massive updates following this :)

We've aimed to go more for Suggestions/Bug reports over large pieces of content


[+] General Changes

- Removed the extra hsr message from Vorago drop mechanics
- Made the time for days left for the D&D to UTC
- Added an instance timer for all instances
- Added a 'rejoin last instance' for Solak
- Telos killcount world announcement now prioritises killcount over enrage
- Made Smoke cloud an instant cast
- Reworked Portable stations, you can now extend them and check how long they have left
- You can now reset your Slayer task and get a new one using a Slayer helmet or Enchanted gem if you have the Perslaysion perk
- You now get extra reaper blocks depending on your donor rank: Gold +1, Diamond +1, Master +1, Grandmaster +2 (these stack)
- Removed the no escape attack from Nex's Zaros phase
- Reduced the sacrifice values of Drygore weaponry from 150 to 90
- Removed Double drops from possible events (will explain at the bottom of the update)
- Private instances for Platinum members+ will now have increased duration depending on donor rank, Platinum: 1 hour, Diamond: 2 hours, Master: 4 hours and Grandmaster: 7 hours
- Double resources event now also doubles the artifacts you receive from Archaeology (stacking with Duplicated excavation for 3 artifacts)
- Buffed the sacrifice value of completed T95 weapons to 4000 for 2h, 2000 for 1h
- Tetracompass pieces and Complete tomes found while excavating will be sent to your bank if you are a Grandmaster member
- You can now use Bonds on players to transfer them
- Banking as a Grandmaster member will now reset your Instability effect along with the cooldown so it can be cast for it's full effect
- Increased the amount of Divine charges Grandmaster members can hold to the maximum value, which is approximately 715,000
- Premier Club members have a 10% chance when claiming votes to gain double the rewards, this scales per claim not per vote
- Increased the stock of tools at Skilling steven to 500 for Invention disassembling
- Increased the amount of charges Ectoplasmator can hold for Donor ranks: Default: 10k, Gold: 20k, Diamond: 25k, Master: 50k, Grandmaster: 100k
- Buffed the speed of Money tree woodcutting (if it's still irrelevant we'll look into it further)
- Added Time skip (1d) to Big Game Hunter drops
- Reduced the cooldown of Grandmaster donor yell
- Removing Drop catcher drops will now open the list of drops you have on your Dropcatcher filter currently
- Removing Sacrificed swiftly drops will now open the list of items you have on your Sacrificed swiftly filter currently
- Ctrl-e will now show the list of Events
- Changed the landing spot for ;;dz/ctrl-d to land away from the fire and closer to the healer
- Lowered the cooldown of Enhanced excalibur and Elven ritual shard to 2 minutes for Grandmaster members
- Aggression potions are now doubled with the Chug jug Perk tree perk
- Lowered the cooldown of the Greenfingers aura to 40 minutes (20 minutes with Overclocked)
- Buffed the Nex: Angel of Death Praesul codex droprate now you aren't able to skip pillars
- Runecrafting during Double resources now doubles the runes you receive from altars
- Changed the message after people return to Ataraxia to " has returned from a break" instead of specific (generally inaccurate) numbers
- Added scaling to the Globe of Goodwill donating/event activation, donating 50m will be 4% but donating 1b will guarantee (also scales all the way up)
- Changed Telos' portals teleport location to inside the door instead of at the door
- Added extra Fixate charges depending on your donor rank, each rank increase gives you +1 meaning by Grandmaster you get +7 for a total of 10
- Distorted key rolls will now announce to the world
- Changed all of the banks at Runecrafting altars to the 'Load last preset' ones
- Starsprite will now stick around for 15 minutes following the Star's completion instead of 10 minutes
- Increased the stock of food at the Fresh meat shop to 25 instead of 5
- Extreme potions are now tradeable
- Reaper's sacrifice event now guarantees Sacrifice points per reaper task completed, you will receive between 20-30 points
- Added a ;;ge command for Grandmaster donators
- Added a ;;relics command for Grandmaster donators
- Changed the location for Yu'biusk clay and Vulcanised rubber teleports using the teleport scroll
- Added a toggle that allows you to pick whether you want Sacrificed swiftly to sacrifice all items on your filter or all items not on your filter
- Buffed Staff of Sliske spec so that your clones inherit your critical strike chance and now crit with you
- Spirit cape effect is now permanent when owning it like RS3

[+] Giant Oyster

- Giant Oyster is here! You can now head to Wizard's tower and talk to Wizard Myrtle:


- Dive down and you'll have some activities to complete in order to feed the Oyster
- The Oyster needs Delicious seaweed and a Sea cucumber to close and generate rewards
- Starting with harvesting the Delicious seaweed:


- This grants Farming experienced based on your level and you will eventually receive a Delicious seaweed:


- Then head over and start fishing from the kelp:


- This grants Fishing experience based on your level and you will eventually receive a Sea cucumber:


- You can then leave him be after feeding both, he will close and then open at the end of the month:


- Phew, 28 days later:




[+] Daily Challenges Weekly Rewards

- Daily challenges are something that new players should aim to do every day! You get 3 per day and it's basically free experience and Treasure hunter keys
- We've added the RS3 reward system for weekly progress which will give you bonus rewards the more you consistently do the challenges day by day:


- Completing challenges will progress the bar, and every 3 you'll get a bonus reward:


- As you can see, for completing my daily challenges day 1, I can get 100 Oddments and a small cash bag, but a 2nd time in a row and I can get a weekly token and a Challenge reset token
- These rewards also rotate, so each week there'll be a different set of bonus items for you to get, all you have to do is spend 5 minutes doing 3 challenges a day!


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed costume preview in player examine interface
- Fixed Fruit bat summoning familiar special attack
- Fixed Distorted key drop chance 
- Fixed a bug causing Augmented tools to use way too many Divine charges
- Fixed Jellies Slayer task teleport scroll location
- Fixed Watchtower teleport tab
- Fixed drop announcements for Telos/Arch Glacor claim
- Fixed GWD2 drop announcements and gave them the drop announcement colour
- Fixed Zamorakian essence announcing
- Fixed Slayer lamps from the Hunter's mark shop
- Fixed Falador mine stairs
- Fixed some combinations stating creation attempt -1 and removed the message if it was unnecessary
- Fixed the timer for Spirit attraction potion inside Potion reservoir
- Fixed the Slayer experience spam while inside Sophanem dungeon
- Fixed Runecrafting event not auto claiming
- Fixed Strykewyrms


The decision regarding Double Drops was obviously quite a tough one, a lot of people love Double drops, including myself, and who could really blame us, but for the betterment of the future of Ataraxia, having such a powerful event so consistently occurring isn't going to send us down a great path.

We considered other options that the community had suggested, such as adding an event that gives two drop rolls per drop instead of doubling the whole drop, but this as a whole is probably worse than double drops, effectively halving all drop rates for the time it's active.

We've decided to completely remove Double Drops from the selectable events, instead, we will have scheduled times and days where Double Drops will be active, but this way, we, the staff, can control how often it is occurring and limit how impactful it is.

I am still very interested to see more ideas about events we can add to the pool, Leed posted a cool one I intend on adding which gives a small extra boost to the chance for effects like Portables saving your items/making an extra potion or Brooch of the Gods triggering.

Event suggestions are always welcome and I love reading them because I think as a whole events have become quite a large part of Ataraxia, and while there are some still existing that might be a bit too strong, none really compare to the long term impact an event like Double drops has.


If you have a problem with this decision, as always please feel free to discuss it with me along with any other queries or concerns you have. 

My priority is and always will be providing a long standing game for everyone to enjoy. Even if you take a break for a while, you leave knowing that your account will be around waiting for you whether it be a few weeks, months or even years, I'd like Ataraxia to be there waiting.



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