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Starting Guide

Game modes & Experience rates

Realism - 1x Experience rate and 20% Drop Rate boost.
Legendary - 5x Experience rate and 10% Drop Rate boost.
Expert - 25x Experience rate and 5% Drop Rate boost.
Normal - 50x Experience rate and 0% Drop Rate boost.
Hardcore (HC) Ironman -
Trade Restricted | Fixed 5% Experience rate and 15% Drop Rate boost.
Group Ironman -
Trade Restricted outside of Members in your Group | Fixed Experience rate and Drop Rate boost.

Regular players or Ironmen players can choose any experience rate.


Some important notes

You are not locked on your experience rate choice, you can change your experience rate later in the game if it's to easy or to difficult.
You can remove your Ironman status if that game mode does not suits your playstyle.

Starting Out

After choosing your playstyle, you are prompted with the following message
This is also known as "referral". This will accept any username in game and will reward you with a free T70 Hybrid set.
I recommend using the username of your friend or the name of the Developer - Jaedmo.
If done correctly, you should be able to see the following message in the chat window.

Choosing a path

First thing to do is clearing out your inventory.


Black Coins

You may notice that by right clicking your Coins on inventory, you have 2 options. Convert and  Add To Pouch.
Converting the coins will give you Black Coins.
Black Coins are worth 10.000 each and can be sold to General Store for the same amount.
Used for purchasing expansive equipment later.


Wisdom Aura will provide a small experience boost when activated.
To be able to use it, right click and destroy. It will then be added to your account.
To access it, go to Equipment Tab and then Manage Aura.
Select the Wisdom Aura from the Aura Management Interface and then Activate. 



More auras can be purchased using Loyalty Points from the Aura Management Interface.
Loyalty Points are granted every 30 minutes of playtime.
Best early game aura is Vampyrism Aura.

Basic Navigation in Ataraxia

By clicking Quest Icon, typing ::t or using CTRL + T you will be able to open the Teleport Interface.
Knowing your ways around Ataraxia will be beneficial in Low - Mid Game.

The Majority of Creatures and Slayer Creatures can be found here. Monsters are divided by Early/Mid/High Level.
Slayer Monsters are divided between Slayer levels required to kill. 


Skilling Teleports Tab provides access to various location based on selected skill.


Accessing the Market zone by using the command ::shops or CTRL + S
This will take you to the NPCs Market. Here you will be able to purchase Early Gear, Runes, Potions, Skilling Supply, etc.


Also available at NPCs Market, you will be able to find some helpful Imps completing various actions for a fee.


Boss Teleports and Portals

Boss Teleports can be accessed by clicking Adventures Interface and then Beasts Tab.


Selecting the boss will take you to the nearest point of the Boss fight, but not right in front.
Boss Portals on the other hand, will take you directly to the Boss Instance.
Attuning the portal at home will cost you 3m.

Voting for Ataraxia

Voting on Ataraxia should be top priority when login back into the game.
Rewards given for Voting are very important.
To start Voting, simply do ::vote or by accessing the website and clicking Vote.

Type your username and then click on the Website to Vote.
After completing the Captcha, and the vote was successfully registered, come back in game and type ::voted to claim the rewards.


After Voting successfully, you will receive Gold, Vote points and cool bonuses but the most important thing, FREE DEATH.
Yes, free death. Plus 6 Damage/Drop Rate Books, 6 Double Experience Books and Books of Knowledge (from Vote Party), chance for Ataraxia Dollar or Large cash Bags.
Depending on your donator Rank, the rewards will change.



There are 2 main ways to start Ataraxia. You can start by training combat with Slayer or Skilling.

Slayer Start

Slayer master can be found at Home.
You will start off with Turael. Right click on him and choose Get Task.
After progressing and leveling up your Slayer, you will be able choose other Slayer Masters.
Changing your Slayer Master by talking to your current Slayer Master, then choosing the option "I want to summon another slayer master here."
Depending on your Slayer Level, you will be able to select from the List of Slayer Masters.


You can start equipping your Starting Gear and the T70 Ring received from Referral.


Depending on your Task, choose the right monster from the Teleport Interface and then click Teleport.

After completing the Task, return Home by typing ::home or CTRL + H


Skilling Start

Skilling start around Thieving.
To access the Stalls you can use the Teleport Interface or walk from Home.


Stalls are a good source of early game cash. After filling your inventory with items, use the Shopkeeper to sell the produce.


At level 75 Thieving you will be able to access Ardougne Gem Stall and make some good early money.


After making some early money, you can start training skills by purchasing early materials from NPCs Market.

Early Grinds

Unlocking Invention skill

The first thing working towards should be unlocking Invention skill.
Being an elite skill, Players require level 80 Crafting, Divination and Smithing to access Invention. The levels required for unlocking Invention cannot be boosted.
This will allow you to add perks to your armor & weapons.

Perks & Donor Rank

A passive early game grind should be getting Perks as long as getting your Bronze Donator Status.
To access the Perks interface, type ::Perks.


Achieving first donator Rank will grant you access to Donator Zone.
More about Donator Status and benefits Here.

Purchasing Perks is a good method to get Donator Ranks.
Perks can be purchased using Ataraxia Dollar.
Ataraxia Dollar can be purchased from GE or using Vote/Trivia Points.

Bronze donator is $20 minimum to spend.
Some good early Perks are Overclocked($10) and Perslaysion($15).
Overclocked - Greatly reduce Aura Cooldown
Perslaysion - Ability to choose between 2 Slayer Tasks and free resets on tasks.

Upgrading to Mid-Level Gear

Dungeoneering is one way of getting your first T80 Weapon.
The best way to level is C1 rush until floor 37 and then doing Large Floors until you get enough Dungeoneering tokens to purchase your weapon.
I will suggest getting the Chaotic Staff first.
Getting there by using Teleport Menu on Skilling Tab.

 After getting there, Ring of Kinship can be received from Dungeoneering tutor right outside.

Mid Level upgrades

After Getting the Chaotic Staff, you can start your God Wars 1 and 2 grind for gear upgrades.
For melee Dragon rider Lance dropped by Vendicta will be a good start.
For range, Hex Hunter Bow dropped by Stalker Creatures.
Stalker Creatures can be found in Teleport Interface, at Slayer Skilling Tab

Useful information

Trivia Questions

Trivia Points are a good source of making money and Ataraxia Dollars.
Trivia Questions are at random in Chat.

Trivia Shop can be accessed by talking to Max, found at NPCs Market.
Answers to all Trivia Questions can be found Here.

Home Altar

Altar at home will restore all your stats. It will also let you switch your Prayer and Spell Book.



Events are a big part of Ataraxia.
Can be activated at Random or by using Event Tokens.
Event Tokens are dropped from various sources.


Sacrificial Tree

Another Passive grind is Sacrificial Tree.
This is a custom addition to Ataraxia. More info can be found Here.
The Tree can be access at Home or by typing ::tree


Certain items can be sacrificed to get Sacrificial Points.
A full list of items can be found Here or by typing ::sac item name.

Sacrifice an item by using the Sacrifice Spell on your Spell book.

Item Prices

Item value is determine by Sacrificial Value.
Depending on number of sac points, you can determine the base value of certain items.

Some of the items can have a higher price due to it's rarity.
Currently, 1 SAC point  = 1m - 1.3m.

Double Experience Weekend

Every weekend you have Double experience and minigame.

Starting Friday and lasting until Monday reset.
The Experience stack with Double Experience Tome and Book of Knowledge.
Lamps can also be used for 2x the amount of experience. (stacking with both DXP Tome and Book)
During the weekend, for every 1 hour of gameplay, you get Ataraxia Coins.
Ataraxia Coins can be used to purchase Cosmetics or Bank Spaces.

A hidden reward during the weekend is that you can get up to $5 Total donation to your account.
You will receive $2 for 10h of Weekend Gameplay and another $3 for 12h of Weekend Gameplay.
Being AFK also work.

Good Luck !


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