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Ataraxia Updates #56 - 25th April 2024

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Please forgive me if this thread isn't written too well, it's been difficult trying to edit it while on holiday.

There may be some inconsistencies with some content so please bear with us if there is any problems.


[+] General Changes

- Fractured staff of armadyl spec duration has been restored to 30 seconds
- Restored the 4 potential recursive hits instead of just 3
- Rearranged the ;;events command so like-events are next to eachother
- Removed passive nerfs on the Inquisitor staff, Terrasaur maul and Hexhunter bow accuracy on content they aren't receiving the t97 boost against
- Examining stalls with Deep Pockets enabled will now show you your daily limit progress
- Buffed Ek-ZekKil's base minimum bleed damage from 400-600
- Buffed Terrasaur maul's attack speed by 1 tick when having the Enchantment of Savagery unlocked
- Added a ;;sacitems command to open the google sheet which has all sac values
- Altar of War now resets all cooldowns that Banks do for Master Members (less convenient but still unfair to have no method to reset for the majority of the playerbase)
- Adrenaline crystals at ;;home now restore everything Altar of War does but not cooldowns
- Teleporting to ;;dz now restores your special attack
- All players gain +1 Hunter's marks on the weekend
- Luck ring messages will now filter properly
- Gave Lord Amlodd the same shops as Pikkupstix
- Buffed Balmung again Dagannoth Kings substantially, it now has pretty much guaranteed hits vs all 3 Kings and the damage is not reduced by 3x for the incorrect style against Prime and Rex, instead increased by 45%
- Made Weapon poison (3) noted in bob's shop
- Buffed the amount of Abyssal demons in ;;pi to 16 and also decreased the spawn timer on all PI monsters by 5 ticks
- Added the ability to make Off-hand Ascension with Off-hand dcb with Ocellus
- Made Phylactery untradeable
- Increased the Crystal triskelion bag size based on Donor rank: 30/40/50/75, default/gold/platinum/master
- Removed untradeable/unusable drops from BGH/Dinosaurs on Anachronia
- You now receive 5k (the alch value) instead of Damagage dinosaur hide
- Added Bottled roars/Grimy arbucks to BGH drop tables, 25-50 and 3-5 respectively
- Archaeology master cape perk message now filters
- ;;hitdebug now displays Crit chance as well
- Added an Admin command to globally enable all deaths to be free
- Added Reaper's crew passive buff to players who have unlocked "the Reaper" title
- Added Protean power-up functionality

[+] Grandmaster Donator

- Grandmaster is here! Something I swore would never happen at the start of Ataraxia as I thought the benefits would be way too powerful has finally washed ashore
- Accumulating a Donation total of >= $2500 will grant you the Grandmaster Donator rank, which grants various benefits and has some cool perks that will be listed below
- All of the listed benefits below are for Grandmaster donators
- Proteans will now process up to 200 items per click instead of the default 60
- You can smelt up to 200 bars per click instead of the default 60 (100 with gauntlets/perk)
- All artifacts excavated will now be sent to your bank.
- Restoring artifacts is now substantially quicker
- There is no longer a limit on the amount of ore you can store in an ore box
- If you have voted in the last 24 hours you get a +25% experience boost
- Random event NPCs will automatically claim and grant extra experience while skilling
- You can no longer be caught in BGH
- Your Player Owned Farm animals can no longer catch disease
- Gain 2x the amount of Marks of War from all sources
- Gain a 2% chance to receive a whole extra loot roll (similar to run it again tree perk), they stack for a total of 4% with both
- Gain +10% passive drop rate
- All instances are free
- Harold's helmet benefits are now provided as a passive boost not requiring the helmet to be equipped
- Have permanent Pylons active
- With Drop Catcher, drops are instead sent to your bank
- Can pick the event you'd like with Event tokens
- Process 5x the amount of items an hour with Invention machines
- Disassemble up to 1000 items with a click and also disassemble 2 items per action instead of 1
- There is no longer a limit to your Crystal triskelion bag
- There is no longer a limit to your Rune pouches
- There is no longer a limit to the amount of charges you can store in a Grace of the Elves
- You get double the charges on the Globetrotter outfit
- Receive an extra 750,000 coins, 3 boxes of clue scrolls and 3 treasure hunter keys per vote
- Auras no longer have a cooldown
- Sign of Life cooldown now resets on Banking
- Gain all the benefits from banking but receive them when using ;;bank
- You will now go to Bob's island after 50 minutes instead of 25
- You will receive the benefits of all Skillcape perks always (if you are maxed)
- There is no longer a limit to the amount of Penguin reset tokens you can use
- After completing the Reaper's quest receive the damage boost permanently
- You now offer bones and cremate bones every tick instead of every 3
- You now burn herbs every tick instead of every 2
- All Workbench products are now received in noted form
- Daily Deep Pockets limit is now 10,000 instead of 4,000
- Permanent Runemetrics Pro subscription
- Permanent Ataraxia Premier Club subscription
- Grandmaster donator icon/title

Grandmaster will continue to be expanded upon in future updates, this is purely just the initial 'launch'.



[+] Ataraxia Premier Club

- Ataraxia Premier Club is a premium subscription model that benefits the players and us mutually
- Providing players with monthly rewards and value for money in return for consistent funding for the server moving forward
- Ataraxia Premier Club costs $10 per month in the form of a tradeable Bond purchasable exclusively from the website store
- Redeeming the Bond will grant you the Ataraxia Premier Club membership for a month:


- You can claim multiple bonds to redeem for multiple months
- Being an Ataraxia Premier Club member grants you many benefits, first of all, a unique icon which displays alongside your Donor rank like so:


- Purchasing the Bond from the website will grant you $10 donor total, claiming it will also grant you $10 donor total, and then claiming the rewards will also grant you $10 donor total, giving you 3x the raw value immediately after buying and claiming the bond.
- Each month you unlock rewards which you can claim from the NPC at home:


- Claiming the rewards will claim for that month and you will be unable to redeem more rewards until the next month if you are still subscribed
- You will receive: $10 donator total, 25 Treasure Hunter Keys, 250 Ataraxia coins, a Rare mystery box, an Event token, 3 Deathtouched darts and a Premier Club Mystery box* per month,
- You will also have access to the exclusive Ataraxia Premier Club discord rank and channels which are a direct line of communication from the players to the developers (kek)


*which contains various untradeable items beneficial to your account as well as Ports weaponry! I.E Tetsu Katanas, Seasingers dual wield and Death Lotus darts! Upgrading these weapons is currently unavailable, however, we have plans for the future of the content that will provide... 🙂


 [+] May's Quest Caravan

- You can now go and find May at her Quest Caravan and receive some rewards for your account progression!
- You can find May here:

Varrock Lodestone:

- May will provide you with rewards depending on your Total Level and your Achievements completed!


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Elder overload salve unlimited & chug jug issues
- Removed Yakamaru and Beastmaster durzag from Boss kc global announcement
- Fixed Mechanised siphon typo
- Fixed Rockslugs slayer task teleport scroll
- Fixed Kurask slayer task teleport scroll
- Fixed Icons on the MacOS client being incorrect


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