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Ataraxia Updates #55 - 4th April 2024

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[+] General Changes

- Increased the chance of receiving double Deathspore arrow tips to 40% and added a 20% chance to receive triple instead of double
- Reduced the amount of Splintering arrow tips received by half if you are using an Inferno adze or using Always Adze
- All Excalibur items have activate as the first option now
- If you have the Key Expert perk, Crystal chest will now open automatically twice as quickly (2 ticks)
- Added Boogie bow to the super rare Voracious voter table
- Buffed the rare of Inverted tokens from that same table
- Increased the chance of accessing the same table
- Added Sign of the Porters as a reward from Mystery boxes
- Removed Inverted cape tokens from Rare mystery boxes
- Added Inverted cape tokens to Mystery boxes on the Legendary table
- Added Inverted cape tokens to the Store for $10
- Increased the base hitpoints of Nex: Angel of Death to 60,000
- Nex: Angel of Death encounter now only scales to solo if you have the Solo adventurer perk
- Though, kept some scaling through the following formula: hitpoints = (players x 60,000) x 2 to a maximum of 240,000 hitpoints
- Buffed Nex: Angel of Death's melee defence
- Reduced the Praesul codex droprate to 1/45 x players from 1/36 x players
- Buffed the Ectoplasmator droprate default from 1/500 to 1/300 and greatly reduced the Revenant/Barrows/Spiritual droprates (no one should be gatekept from this item for that long, it's unfun (iron chode also suffered))
- Increased Dragon pickaxe general store value to 1m
- Legio rooms will now tell you to note your keys if you try and enter without a key or with an unnoted key
- Added a 12 hour debuff after claiming a vote so you know when to vote again
- Added Holy biscuits to clue scrolls and added their consume functionality
- All Divine locations will now harvest one resource per tick instead of depending on your level/the divine location level
- All Divine locations will now harvest noted resources
- Increased the amount of possible trivia winners between 81-160 players online from 10 to 15


[+] Event System Overhaul

- Event tokens/events in general have had a lot of discussion, personally, I really like the addition of Events on Ataraxia and I have no intention of taking them away
- There's definitely changes needed to improve the way they're interacted with and how the community views them though
- People getting angry at each other for not using their tokens or not activating the specific events the majority want (when it should be up to the owner) isn't the kind of attitude I want towards them
- I have made a lot of changes, so please read them all, here is the new event list, the effect and the duration:

Double Drops: Doubles all drops received from monsters and certain bosses throughout Ataraxia, 30 minutes
Double Gathering: Doubles all resources received from various skilling activities throughout Ataraxia, 1 hour
Double Slayer points: Doubles all Slayer points received from completing Slayer tasks, 1 hour
Double Reaper points: Doubles all Reaper points received from completing Reaper tasks, 1 hour
Drop Rate Increase: Gives all players +25% drop rate, 45 minutes
Drop Rate Cap Removal: Removes the hard cap of 50% for BGH, Croesus, Zamorak and TzKal-Zuk, 30 minutes
Skilling Contracts: Skipping contracts will no longer penalise your rewards and grants +3 loot rolls on all contracts completed , 1 hour
Extra Damage: +15% damage, 45 minutes
Reduced Damage: -15% damage taken, 1 hour
Pet Drop Rates: +30% Pet drop rates, 1 hour
Reaper's Sacrifice: Completing a Reaper task has a 10% chance of receiving 25-75 Sacrifice points, 1 hour
Unlimited Porters: Porter charges and Grace of the Elves charges will not be consumed, 1 hour

- There's obviously some better ones and some that aren't that great, but it's important to still have a good balance
- As you can see, the more powerful events have had their active times nerfed, this is to still have the value of the event but maybe a little less time to get situated and utilising
- Splitting Double Slayer and Reaper was purely so you didn't have to pick between the two if that event was active, now you can decide your priority (even though I'm sure there's players with infinity of both)
- Removing Spotlights was split into Pet drop rates & Skilling exp (which isn't added, just yet)
- Triple experience has also been removed, I feel like this should just be a hosted event rather than a forced one, it devalues having 3x exp weekends

[+] General Event Changes

- Event Enjoyer now lets you pick the event you'd like
- Codex pages from Anachronia agility will now double with the Double resources event
- Event activation is now anonymous, receiving a token is no longer broadcasted and activating an event states "An event has been activated", so you can truly activate the event you'd like without any personal attacks (the fact that this is necessary should make a few of you question who you are as a person but I digress)
- You can now pick Random/Random Combat/Random Skilling with just the one token regardless of Donor rank
- Gave Event tokens a 10m general store value so they Lootbeam
When successfully rolling for an Event token from any activity, you now roll an additional 50/50 chance, you either receive the token or you instantly activate a Random event without you being able to decide based on this 50/50.

[+] Updated Event Token Obtaining Rates

- This one's for you @tbh

Evil Trees: 1/200 1/100
Ancient Caskets: 1/200 1/100
Claiming a Donation: 1/50 1/15
Reaper Contracts: 1/333 1/200
Skilling Contracts: 1/1666 1/1000
Voting: 1/500 1/200
Shooting Stars: 1/333 1/100
Treasure Trails: 1/1000 Easy: 1/1000, Medium: 1/1000, Hard: 1/500, Elite: 1/333, Master: 1/200
Penguins: 1/1000 1/100
007 Penguins: 1/50
Ghostly Penguins: 1/10
Donating 50m to Goodwill: 1/50 1/25
Donating 1b to Goodwill (in one action): 1/1
Donating 100m to Richie: 1/20
Random Skilling Event: 1/2000
Daily Challenges: 1/1000

- As you can (hopefully) see, most obtaining rates have been buffed, meaning there'll be more events coming in, remembering, that not all of these will grant Event tokens, but 50% of the time just instantly activate an event!
- As always, please message me with any concerns, input or edits you'd like to suggest, this isn't final and I'm happy to edit the Event token system moving forward


[+] Combat Balancing

- Another hotly debated topic, Combat balancing, and the power of Melee vs Ranged and Magic
- After some deliberation and discussion with various players and staff, we've made some changes that I think are in the best interest going forward, as always, these changes are absolutely not final and can be edited/reverted/buffed/nerfed at any time


[+] Fractured Staff of Armadyl

- FSOA is a difficult item to balance given our Legacy combat, on EoC you can force crits using different abilities, on here, it's pure luck, so you can have a FSOA spec that performs insanely well or one that just fizzles out and does nothing
- FSOA is receiving a buff
- FSOA spec will now last only 20 seconds, instead of 30 seconds
- Nerfed the FSOA subsequent hit damage following crits from 80%/40%/20% to 50%/25%/10%, the amount of extra hits following a crit (4) is unchanged
- FSOA spec will now guarantee that for 20 seconds all of your attacks critically strike





[+] Ek-Zekkil

- Similarly to the FSOA, Ek-Zekkil is quite difficult with the reliability on continuously applying bleeds, which in EoC is much easier and consistent
- Ek-Zekkil is also receiving a buff
- Ek-Zekkil's special attack bleed now applies/damages the enemy quicker, similar to the speed of Dismember, you can see this below
- There is now a minimum starting damage dealt by Ek-Zekkil's special attack, 400, however, it can still start higher if it rolls higher, this is so the special attack is more reliable going forward
- Reduced the special attack energy required to 35%






[+] Hexhunter Bow

- It's difficult to balance this weapon as it's basically strong vs everything, nerfing the ammo to the tier of the bow also did nothing
- The best way for this to be adjusted is to make the bow itself less powerful, but still provide the late-game power that it's known for usually, but through means that aren't as easy as just farming 4k Soulgazers
- Reduced the base attack speed of the Hexhunter bow by 1 tick, meaning it will attack slower
- Made it so the Enchantment of Dispelling not only increases accuracy and damage but also increases the attack speed of the bow by 1 tick


[+] Bow of the Last Guardian

- Bow of the Last Guardian with all of the new ammo itself is honestly, decent.
- However, it still needs a little bit of a change to keep up with the HHB campers
- During the BOLG special attack, the attack speed of the weapon will increase by 1 tick






[+] Bik arrows

- Similarly to Ek-Zekkil special attack, poison is quite hard to keep stacking and keep uptime on it, also, the base poison damage is fairly mediocre
- Changed it so Bik arrows instead add 10 stacks per instead of just 1
- Poison damage is now added instead of multiplied by, so damage = stackamount + poison damage
- If you reach 200 stacks, the damage is increased by 10%

[+] Ful arrows

- Damage modifier increased from 10% to 15%

[+] Wen arrows

- Wen arrows now apply stacks 75% of the time instead of 25% of the time


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed using Prepared masterwork on an anvil making it disappear
- Fixed an issue with familiars special store requirements
- Fixed Augmented Imcando pickaxe not gaining item xp on Shooting stars
- Fixed Daily challenge lamp reward being deleted if your inventory is full
- Fixed Death ward reducing the amount of healing from Food
- Fixed Great white shark not bait n switchin' with Porters
- Fixed terminology on Harvesting trees for Achievements
- Fixed Extended super antifire potion not working
- Fixed Chug jug causing Unlimited overload cooldown to be too long


[+] Server Improvements

We are transferring to a new dedicated server, this new server is much more powerful, has more storage and will also allow us to have the Website, Game and SQL on the same singlular server. 

This means that the communication between the Website/Game/SQL will be much quicker and likely require less server load.

Node has also greatly improved the setup of the server. This new setup allows us to fully prepare the new update while the server is online to the point where when we restart the server, the new changes are all already in 'standby' ready to just be switched over.

Meaning that it's an easy restart rather than shutdown, pull changes, pull cache, wait for server to recompile etc.


We're also hoping this new server improves player's connection with the server and adds a bit more stability for longer uptimes.



I'm heading to Europe on the 22nd for a month! The team is still going to be chugging along and I'm going to be doing what I can with my spare time..! 

As this has been in the works for a while, I've planned the next few updates already!

So I'm happy to announce what's coming next update:


Grandmaster ($2,500) will be making it's arrival!

As well as the Ataraxia Premier Club!

Of course along with some other changes that I won't mention just yet :)

Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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