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Ataraxia Updates #52 - 3rd January 2024

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Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday period, usually pretty busy with family obligations, back to business now!

Highly anticipated and eagerly awaited, Zamorak, Lord of Chaos is here!

[+] General Changes

- You can now manual cast a combat spell while on spell book swap
- Added an examine text to explain the function of Ring of Wealth (c)
- Celestial handwraps and Razorback gauntlets will no longer globally announce
- Removed the cooldown for ;;kickme on the Discord
- Added a command to show you how many Sacrifice points you have: ;;points ;;treepoints
- Removed the World announcements for all Event token obtaining
- Added a filter to Guildmaster Tony's mattock message
- Buffed the amount of resources gained from Material boxes
- Reworked Precious gem stall for Diamond members, will now give more GP than the Gem stall
- Made it so you can't destroy (unlimited) items
- Nerfed the rate of Event tokens from completing slayer tasks
- Buffed the amount that Dyes multiply your points by: Barrows (1.075x to 1.15x), Shadow (1.1x to 1.175x), Third-Age (1.125x to 1.2x), Blood (1.15x to 1.225x) and Ice (1.175x to 1.25x)
- Moved the banker next to the Runecrafting altar at dz for easier banking
- Removed the player lock after Runecrafting on the altar at dz so you can do it as quickly as you like
- Added a command for Admins to pick an event incase the server needs a restart and a specific event was active
- Sacrificed swiftly and Drop catcher lists will now sort alphabetically
- Outfits you have already created will now be removed from the Invention workbench options
- Removed the dialogue from using bones on altar so you will auto-begin offering bones
- Vorago releasing his mental link will now send the message to everyone in the instance
- Banking with a Rune pouch will now auto fill your Rune pouch with it's runes from your bank
- You can now use Vuln bombs/effect while they are under the effect of Vuln to refresh the timer
- Familiar auto spec now only works for combat special effects
- You can now auto-cast spells from the actionbars
- Added Super guthix rest and Super guthix brew potion effects
- Perk Tree's costume box perk will now work for Master Archaeologist outfit
- Added "Search-all" birds nest option
- Added Gizmo bag functionality

[+] Zamorak, Lord of Chaos

- Zamorak, Lord of Chaos has made his way to Ataraxia!
- With awesome rewards and a whole new Elite dungeon: Zamorakian Undercity, Zamorak will be your final foe
- Here's the dungeon layout/guide:


[+] Zamorakian Undercity

- The beginning of Zamorakian Undercity is mostly like other Elite Dungeons
- You will need to start a party to enter
- As most monsters have varying susceptibilities, you can pick whatever you'd like, however, the wikipedia's recommend HHB or Seren Godbow
- Here's the setup I was running to clear trash mobs:


- With higher DPS such as this, you can use Soulsplit, so a Blood reaver and/or an Essence of Finality harnessing the Eldritch crossbow special attack is excellent
- Post-note: I also forgot a pocket slot, I'd recommend Grimoire (obviously) or alternatively just a Scripture of Wen for AoE
- Alternatively, for more AoE you might want to use a Seren godbow as the special attack will be great, or if you can't afford that, a Decimation for the small window of AoE damage
- Otherwise, the gear is quite straight forward, your strongest Ranged armour top/bottom, Harold's helmet or the imbued variant (if neither, use strongest range helmet), Max/Comp/Igneous Kal-Zuk or Kal-Xil, Hexhunter bow or SGB, Swift gloves for double shot, Enhanced fleeting boots for bonus & Fragmentation shot chance, HSR (i) with Matriarch rings harnessed (or just matriarch ring) and then Vampyrism for extra healing
- A key note is that in the dungeon you will come across a lot of mobs, most are fairly irrelevant and will be dealth with in a manner of ticks, however, there's a few you should target before others, such as:

Chaos witch mender, level 109

Chaos Witch Mender - Will heal the other mobs if left unkilled

Chaos witch lifeweaver, level 115

Chaos witch lifeweaver - Will heal other mobs if left unkilled

Greater demon savage, level 133

Greater demon savage - Looks scary, kill last, has passive reduced damage so you're better off killing others before wasting your time on him/them

- I did a full trash run and didn't feel in too much danger, here is the starting trash run before the first miniboss:


- Following this, you'll run into Mefis, the Jailer, the first miniboss, he is basically just annoying, when you get him to health thresholds he'll teleport away, I did kill him, but it took me a shockingly long time to find where he teleports, so I don't want to embarrass myself and post that footage.
- After you kill him you'll be back in the area below, then like before it's just trash running through while activating Chaos wards, this will allow you to path up to Eterna, the Ritual Leader:



- Take 2:


- Following Eterna, Ritual Leader, you just enter the portal, you can either kill the Magus, or just kill Denizen and he'll take out a few for you before doing the same
- Progressing to the end will then unlock the final boss fight, Zamorak, Lord of Chaos:



- Now you have Zamorak, Lord of Chaos
- This is quite a complex fight so please, bear with me.
- Zamorak's arena is laid out like so:


- These circles (pads) all have a large symbol on top of them, these represent Zamorak's passive powers progressing in the fight, Zamorak will receive a "hex" and the player will receive an "edict"
- In order to progress the fight you have to 'charge' all of the pads by standing on them, which will then give you the edict and Zamorak the hex
- I will explain these more following detailing the abilities/hexes/edicts
- Some of these are custom on Ataraxia, so read carefully:

1. image.png 

Zamorak's Hex: Twinshot: Zamorak's attacks deal a second hit at 10% total damage of the original hit, per stack
Player's Edict: Anima Flow: All attacks have a 15% chance to generate 5% special attack, per stack

2. image.png

Zamorak's Hex: Smite: If Zamorak's targets are hit below 5% of their Constitution level (x100), per stack, they'll be executed
Player's Edict: Haste: Your ability cooldowns are reduced by 8% of their original cooldown, per stack

3. image.png

Zamorak's Hex: Coven: Zamorak periodically calls Lifeweavers and Protectors to heal him (doesn't stack)
Player's Edict: Inner Chaos: While standing near a hexed rune, you deal and take 5% more damage

4. image.png

Zamorak's Hex: Disintergrate: Zamorak's attacks will push 7% of damage through any shielding effects, per stack.
Player's Edict: Guardian's Triumph: After casting a Weapon special attack, your next attack consumes Guardian's Triumph, increasing the damage it deals by 20% extra damage, and heals you for 8% of your missing life points per stack.

5. image.png

Zamorak's Hex: Chaos Traps: Upon activation, Zamorak will spawn traps across the arena that will spike magic damage and stun if walked on, this will happen every time a new rune is activated
Player's Edict: Sword of Edicts: Temporary siphon the dwindling defensive power from the Sword of Edicts, dealing and taking 5% less damage while standing near it, also protects against the stun/damage/bind from Chaos traps

6. image.png

Zamorak's Hex: Affliction: When Zamorak's targets heal, the amount will be reduced by 10% per stack
Player's Edict: Balance of Power: While below 60% of your maximum life, outgoing damage is increased by 6%, per stack

- Great, now you know what those are, good luck, hope you enjoy the fight!
- Sike, there's so much more! yahoooooooooo
- Anyway, Zamorak's attacks in normal mode:

Flames of Zamorak: "This world will burn." - Zamorak will impale the ground, dealing melee damage, black fire will then appear, if the black fire is not consumed (by running over it) Zamorak will take reduced damage.

Chaos Blast: "I will tear you asunder!", "FEEL THE RAGE OF A GOD" - Zamorak will curl into a ball and charge an attack, stun him using Ice barrage or Sticky bomb to reduce the damage, alternatively, Powerburst of Vitality/DS the attack.

Infernal Tomb: "Step into the dark... Meet your death." - Zamorak will target players and drag them into Infernus, where they must kill Chaos Demons, they will be given a rune, they must exit Infernus where that rune is.

Adrenaline Cage: "CHAOS, UNFETTERED!" - Zamorak will drop the overhead prayers of all players, there'll be a yellow circle of which the targeted player must remain, protect mage and devotion to take reduced damage

Channelers: "HEED MY CALL." - Zamorak will spawn a Chaos witch channeler in Infernus, you must transfer to Infernus and kill the Chaos witch channeler between phases, the witch will stun, enter infernus, anticipate, kill, teleport out

Rune of Destruction: "You're already dead." - Zamorak will lay a massive red rune around him, with a gap, stand in the gap and avoid the black sludge

- Yeah, maybe not that simple... Ok. Now we know the edicts and hexes, you need to decide which order you'd like to progress, obviously understanding that the later you leave one of the pads, the more stacks there'll be, so you have to choose wisely
- Here's what I recommend for starting out, and then you might progress and feel like you can change it up a bit:


- #2 first: This means your execute threshold is very low to start with, your cooldowns aren't reduced by much but who cares
- #4 second: Protection prayer effectiveness is nice if you're flicking, special attacks aren't as prominent in ataraxia so might not be as influential
- #1 third: Who cares
- #3 fourth: Just kill the protector/lifeweaver and be done with it
- #5 fifth: Traps are really annoying, wouldn't want them spawning regularly, sword of who cares amirite?
- #6 sixth: Healing is very important considering you'll be soulsplitting most of the fight, but at the same time increased damage while below 60% paired with Berserker's fury, fat.
- Here's a kill I did using this strategy (albeit not perfect):


- So that's 0% enrage, once you hit 100% enrage, there is a 7th phase, oh boy!!
- Once reaching the 7th phase, Zamorak will drag you into Infernus for a final fight
- A Chaos demon will spawn, kill this before you kill Zamorak to avoid unnecessary damage, while doing so, Zamorak will flash a rune or some runes in front of him, so be sure to pan your camera so you are able to view this, you must kill the runes in the order they appear
- Zamorak will deal a lot of damage during this phase, so it's a good idea to have your Powerburst of Vitality ready along with combo eating
- Here's me doin it:


- As you can see, it's quite difficult, that was maybe my 7th or 8th attempt, but I feel like you'll all get much better than me if not already :)
- Anyway, enough horsin around, what does this fucker drop:


[+] Zamorak, Lord of Chaos: Rewards

- Within The Zamorakian Undercity, there's drops similar to previous Elite dungeons such as invention materials, relics etc
- Most notable drops from the trash include the Sliver of pain, power and strength
- These can be combined to create enchantments that buff the Inquisitor's staff, Terrasaur maul and Hexhunter bow, however, these enchantments are not currently added, they will be added at a later date
- Similarly to TzKal-Zuk, Kerapac and Croesus, Zamorak will drop the City of Senntisten codex, which can be used to unlock the following spells:


- Zamorak has some unique drops, including:

[+] Bow of the Last Guardian


- The Bow of the Last Guardian is the best in slot ranged weapon, created by combining three different pieces dropped by Zamorak, the Top of the Last Guardian's bow, Divine bowstring and the Bottom of the Last Guardian's bow
- The Bow of the Last Guardian has a passive called:

Perfect Equilibrium: Each attack will grant a stack of Perfect Equilibirum, once hitting 8 stacks, a single attack is unleashed dealing bonus damage clearing your stacks, seen here:


- The Bow has a special attack called:

Balance by Force: Costing 30% special attack, for 30 seconds the number of stacks to trigger Perfect Equilibrium is reduced to 4, in addition, it releases a heavy hitting attack when using the special attack, as seen here:



- Zamorak also drops:

[+] Vestments of Havoc


- The Vestments of Havoc are the best in slot Melee power armour, providing T112 damage bonus, but only T75 armour bonus
- The Vestments have set effects, these differ on Ataraxia compared to the real ones, so read carefully:

Vestments of Havoc (2-pieces)



Vestments of Havoc (3-pieces)


Vestments of Havoc (4-pieces)


- As you can see, this is a great set for a heavy special attack focused melee setup
- Berserk is a new ability on Ataraxia! You can now utilise this when wearing at least 3-pieces of the Vestments set
- You can see how good it is in this short clip here:


- This is without augmentations
- Finally, we have the best reward of all! OF COURSE

[+] Zammo the Rak


- Killing Zamorak 500 times will unlock the prestige version of this pet:


- I hope you all enjoy Zamorak, Lord of Chaos, Armar has once again done an excellent job recreating the boss.
- Enjoy.


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Wergali herb patch not giving the correct herb
- Fixed viewing Perk tree info sometimes causing you to buy a perk accidentally
- Fixed Deep sea fishing buff for Croesus fishing
- Fixed Artificer's measure not auto filling more than 60 gems
- Fixed Master farmer outfit saving seeds chance when you have the modified farmer's hat
- Fixed Hybrid token dropping from Astellarn instead of BSD from Ed2
- Fixed Dungeon dweller hybrid token drop rates
- Fixed Dungeon dweller not working for BSD scales drop
- Fixed using an ornament kit on an item

- Fixed ranged projectile speed/hitdelay not matching up
- Fixed an issue causing Donor xfers to transfer Boss/Skilling/Combat pets along with it making the Collection logs impossible to complete
- Fixed Ambi pet dropping as a duplicate
- Fixed Spring cleaner 9001 not working for noted orikalkum salvage from NM Arch-glacor and Raksha 
- Fixed level/exp targets
- Fixed reclaiming Master arch from Diango
- Fixed Vorago drops broadcasting without killcount
- Fixed an issue where trading items that would porter would use charges and send the items to your bank
- Fixed Event enjoyer weekly reset
- Fixed Nulled bank spots/items


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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