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Ataraxia Updates #51 - 21st November 2023

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A relatively small update, I'm heading to New Zealand tomorrow so wanted to get this out before I went!

There'll likely be a small patch before December when I arrive back to detail the Christmas event.

Enjoy 25% off until the 30th for Black Friday! Use code:


[+] General Changes

- Lowered some of the lower level Slayer contract amounts so they're less grindy/repetitive
- Added more Cave crawler spawns in Fremennik Slayer cave
- Examining an item will now display the High alch value
- You can now contribute to Goodwill on the weekend
- Removed the generally inaccurate Grand exchange price from examining items
- Lootbeams will now trigger off of High alch value instead of Grand exchange value, you'll have to play with the numbers a bit..
- You can now left click Crystal chest with Crystal key (g)
- Added a custom constitution ability toggle that allows you to use a special attack action from your action bar
- Donator zone and Max guild bankers now have the 'Load last preset' option
- Added a buff timer to the Double experience tome
- Buffed Heroic Ascendancy with Guildmaster Tony's mattock, it will now half the excavation time in Archaeology permanently
- 'Load last preset' will now apply all Bank effects like resetting of cooldowns, storing, etc
- 'Run it again' now works for Solak and Croesus
- Drop rate boosts now work for Croesus up to a maximum of 50%
- Croesus' Manuscript of Bik drop amount buffed from 1 to 1-3
- Added a Croesus reaper task, you'll be assigned between 2 and 9 kills
- You can now use ;;sac itemname to check all items that can be sacrificed with that name as well as their price
- Added the destroy empty plant pot when farming option 
- Freedom now clears Helwyr bleeds
- Freedom/Anticipate will now cancel the Araxxor drag/cleave effect
- Seals from GWD2 will now drop to all players in the instance
- Normal mode Arch glacor will now be safe for HCIM as it is on RS3


[+] Rare Mystery Box Returns

- Rare Mystery Box has now returned permanently!
- Rare Mystery Boxes are now stackable
- There are no rotations anymore, all cosmetic rares from every rotation we've ever had are now in the boxes
- You can now right click all custom rares and convert them straight to Rare Item Tokens (2 each)
- Buffed points gained from sacrificing Rare item tokens from 10 to 35
- I wanted to wait a bit before doing something like this to ensure the first few weeks of the Perk Tree went smoothly!
- You can see a list of pretty much every Custom rare here:


[+] New Perks

- It's been a while since we've explored new perks! I wanted to explore some new options as we haven't brainstormed any potentials in a while.
- We've landed on a total of 4 new perks! All of which are quite fun:

Rapid Recovery - $20: You now have +15% cooldown reduction, cooldowns for: Disruption shield, Vengeance, Igneous Cleave, Instability, Rapid Ranger, Excalibur, Elven ritual shard, Igneous Kal capes, BGH hiding, Dismember, Combust, Fragmentation shot, Surge, Bladed dive, Escape, Sign of Life and Heated tea flask

Dungeon Dweller - $30: You can now skip Elite Dungeons to the bosses, but your drop rate at the bosses is reduced by 70%



Solo Adventurer - $25: Nerfs group bosses so that they are more easily soloable or duoable:

Croesus (works for duo or solo):
- Halves the carcasses hitpoints, you gain double contribution points
- Halves the statue restore progress required, you gain double contribution points
- Halves the statue resources required (8 of each instead of 16)

- Applied the Wiki hitpoints adjustments to RS3  

Sacrificed Swiftly- $20: Automatically contributes items you receive from drops to the Perk tree with a +15% bonus to the points you receive, this can be filtered similar to the Drop Catcher perk using ;;ss or ;;sacrificedswiftly, you can also copy other people's filter setups using    ;;copysacrificedswiftly desired_name When purchasing this perk it will have ALL items automatically enabled, you'll have to filter out ones you DON'T want to sacrifice, not ones you do.

[+] Protean Processor & Superior Knowledge Bombs

- Both are rewards from Treasure Hunter
- The Protean processor will allow you to process up to 2,000 Protean items at one time, consuming the processor:



- Superior knowledge bombs can be used to grant yourself 1 hour of 2x experience, this does not work on weekends or when 3x exp is active:



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Event enjoyer not automatically resetting weekly
- Fixed Raksha maul piece drop rate and fixed the pieces not dropping in order properly like The Ambassador
- Fixed Bait and Switch relic giving Rocktail soup when fishing
- Fixed Shark elite outfits not working with a combination of combined and regular
- Fixed Costume box for Shark outfit consuming
- Fixed Varrock general store ladder
- Fixed Fremennik armour patch being untradeable
- Fixed ::settings not working for the ;;settings Trivia question
- Fixed Bloodwood tree always adze-ing
- Fixed 'recieve' typos


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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