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Ataraxia Perk Tree Information

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Ataraxia Perk Tree Information

You can find the Perk tree to the east of ;;home or by typing ;;tree/;;perktree.

If you are a Master donator, simply typing ;;tree will open the Perk tree interface.


The Perk tree is a large item sink with excellent rewards.. You will have to sacrifice your hard-earned items for Perk tree points which can be spent to unlock unique perks that will change the way you play Ataraxia.


How to Sacrifice Items

On your spellbook, you will see a new spell in the Skillng section (on every spellbook): 'Sacrifice'


This spell works similarly to High alchemy, you can put it on your Action bar or simply click it from your Spellbook:


You will then be able to pick an item from your inventory to Sacrifice:


Doing so will then open a Warning interface:


Selecting Ok will then grant you the points and let you know how many you have total:




- You can also sacrifice noted items:


- Sacrificing dyed equipment will provide a multiplier to the item that is dyed..

Barrows: 1.075x
Shadow: 1.1x
Third-Age: 1.125x
Blood: 1.15x
Ice: 1.175x

- So for example, sacrificing a Fractured Staff of Armadyl will give you 2,500 points, but if you sacrifice a Fractured Staff of Armadyl (ice) you'll receive 2,937 points, making your Ice dye worth approximately 437 points.
- So what items can you sacrifice? Here's a Google sheet with all of the items and their values:






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