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Ataraxia Updates #44 - 3rd May, 2023

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[+] General Changes

- Made Croesus core give +1 point per 500 damage
- All in one contribution will now tell you what outfits you're missing when it denies your success in purchasing it
- Increased the effectiveness of Prayers at Solak by 25% (50% total)
- Added World announcements about the YouTube channel #ironchode
- Acid path of Araxxor now gets destroyed at 25% acid absorbed rather than 50%
- Buffed KBD drop table for Dragon rider/kbd head
- Lord Daquarius will no longer give relaunch dollars to old players, 2 years is plenty of time
- Added Warped tortoises and Warped terrorbirds to the teleports menu and Slayer task options
- Shadow's grace relic will now be auto unlocked at level 67 Archaeology
- You can now click "Brag" on Harold's helm to access the Grim gem dialogue
- Removed the Queen Black Dragon starting cutscene
- Increased the raw gold gained from completing a Slayer task from 35k-100k to 100k-300k
- Increased the raw gold gained from completing a Reaper task from 50k-150k to 500k-1m
- Increased the raw gold gained from completing a Skilling contract from 35k-85k to 50k-150k
- Crystal key (g) combination now requires only 10m, however, has a 90% chance of succeeding
- Added Annihilation, Obliteration and Decimation to the Hybrid token shop for 7 Hybrid tokens each
- You can now get Bladed dive codex pages from Anachronia agility and use them to create the Bladed dive codex


[+] Essence of Finality

- Yes.. It's here... 
- You can now store instant cast special attacks in the Essence of Finality (must be degraded/used)
- Now, what I mean by Instant, we don't have the same combat system as Runescape 3.
- Runescape 3 is based on a global cooldown combat system, where you can use abilities, special attacks, auto attacks all on the GCD, as we don't have this, this limits the capability of the Essence of finality.
- If you turn on legacy on RS3 for example, you can't use the Essence of finality special attacks.
- This means that the only special attacks we can add to the Essence of finality (for now) are: Noxious scythe, Noxious staff, Noxious longbow, Zaros godsword, Decimation, Staff of sliske, Eldritch crossbow, Granite maul, Staff of light, Dragon battleaxe, Excalibur and Enhanced Excalibur
- While this isn't ideal, it does leave a lot of potential growth, there's so many more instant specs we can add (customly), I'd love to explore ultimate rs3 abilities being added to it such as Sunshine, Death's swiftness and Berserk.
- You can add specs to the EoF by using an instant spec weapon on it:


- Be careful! Storing the weapon will destroy it:


- After storing it you will be able to find it here:


- Dyes help distinguish which EoF is which.. But you can always just check the Special Attack:


- You can find the Essence of Finality special ability in your Abilities and then add it to your action bar:


- Here's an example of it in action using the Decimation spec:



[+] Orthen Furnace Core

- You can create the Orthen furnace core at 99 Smithing and 102 Archaeology
- It has quite an extensive list of ingredients:

4x Dragon burner, level 102 Artifact
4x Draconic energy, Elite Dungeons 2
2x Curved masterwork plate, Smithing
10x Vital spark, Sophanem Slayer
10x Magic logs, Magic Trees
100x Extra fine sand, Sandstone
100x Orichalcite stone spirits, Drops
100x Drakolith stone spirits, Drops
200x Tarromin incense sticks, Herblore
500x Swamp tar, idk

- The Orthen furnace core is held in your off-hand and while equipped will provide benefits to Mining and Smithing
- Superheat form doesn't cost prayer points
- Can remove sticky fungus without needing logs in your inventory
- If the Pyromaniac invention perk triggers, player will gain a 5% firemaking/smithing experience bonus for 5 minutes refreshing on perk activation
- Scroll of efficiency has 25% more chance to trigger, from 2% to 2.5% for bars to refund when finishing a Smithing project
- The Forge phoenix are not added.



[+] Mechanised Siphon

- You can now create a functional Mechanised siphon at 77 Invention
- To do so requires 5 Equipment siphons, 200 Magic parts, 50 Precious components, 50 Dextrous components and 50 Enhancing components
- The Mechanised siphon will automatically siphon equipment when it reaches a certain level!
- All handled through the following interface:


- You can store up to 50 siphons in the Mechanised siphon and they will consume after reaching the levels
- You can add them by right clicking the Mechanised siphon:



- You can customise which level, equipment pieces and all you want to automatically siphon:


- As you can see here, well, it works:



[+] Revenant Pets

- Revenant pets are here! You can now kill Revenants and slowly upgrade your Revenant pet
- Revenant pets have the following drop rate chance: (first guaranteed), then:

Drop Rate = Amount of pets unlocked x 250
Drop Affix = 150 ÷ Revenant combat level
Drop Chance = 1/(drop rate x drop affix)


I.E Going for the Dragon by killing the dragon: (13 x 250) x (150 ÷ 126) Which is approximately 1/3.8k

- Starting with the Revenant imp growing from the Revenant spirit:



- Continuing to kill Revenants can upgrade your pet:


- And you continue to upgrade it!
- Then when you've unlocked more, you can change the appearance:


- Until you can finally flex your Revenant prowess:



[+] Rare Mystery Box Rotation

- Rare Mystery Boxes are BACK!
- You can buy these for $10 in-game or via the Store
- They have a chance to contain various loot ranging from Rare Item Tokens, Custom rares, Vanilla rares and now.. Inverted master cape tokens!
- Firstly, the new Custom rares:

Solar flare partyhat


Scaled partyhat (teal)


Force field partyhat (light blue)


Force field partyhat (light green)


Scaled santa hat (teal)


Force field santa hat (light green)


Scaled hallowe'en mask (teal)


Force field hallowe'en mask (light green)



[+] Inverted Master Capes

- You can now receive an Inverted master cape token from the Rare mystery boxes!
- These have the same rarity as Vanilla rares (approximately 5%)


- You may pick any cape from the options! However...
You must not only have 120 in that skill, but also possess the Special skilling item for that skill
- These are a new addition to all skills! While skilling, you will have an extremely rare chance to receive that skill's special item. This tradeable item can be combined with this token to create the inverted version of that skill's master cape:


- Then I can use this and the cape token to create the Inverted crafting master cape!


- Or alternatively, sell the item for gp!



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Marasamaw plant trap action
- Fixed challenge mode Helwyr
- Fixed Araxxor not dropping Hybrid tokens
- Fixed God cloak ids from clue scrolls
- Fixed Harmony pillars not working
- Fixed Vine herb patches not working
- Fixed a problem causing area loot to delete items in a stack if you have a full invent
- Fixed Vorago entrance options
- Fixed Croesus fishing messages being unfiltered
- Fixed Vorago hardmore phase 10 green bomb getting stuck
- Fixed Arch-Glacor hard mode rewards reducing based on Telos streak instead of Arch-Glacor streak
- Fixed being able to abuse Inquisitor pieces using BoBs
- Fixed Croesus skilling giving you rotten resource and -2 contribution on final action



Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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