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Hardcore Ironman Guide - Phyl

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Welcome to the Hardcore Ironman Guide! 



The purpose of this guide is to give hardcore Ironmen a direct pathway towards safely navigating the game. This may also serve a guide for normal ironmen. These are my personal recommendations on how to get started smoothly.

Part 1: Starting off.

I expect you people to have basic knowledge of the coin pouch and auras.


This is your starting inventory. First hover to your wisdom aura, right click > destroy. It will go into your aura tab. After that it will prompt you with the following message.

Auras are located in your equipment tab with the following icon:


Your first aura that you will be buying is: Vampyrism It costs 3000 loyalty points. Rest of the auras that you wish to buy are your choice.


Quickly will be explaining how loyalty points work and what are the used for.

You can earn loyalty points 2 ways:

  1. Voting - You get 5000 points just by voting. Every. Time.
  2. By playing the game. You earn loyalty points every 1 hour.


You can use loyalty points for: Buying auras, and skilling outfits. Where? Do ::shops


You can check your loyalty points by opening the Noticeboard tab, which also contains other information about your account and what the server currently has going on.


Mr.ex: Hardcore ironman's friend and foe. Foe as in he will drain you empty of money.


He is the NPC who will sell you lives as you progress on the game as a HCIM. Each life has a requirement for you to be able to buy it.


Check this First. When you're finished following the instructions in that link, you'll have managed to set up your action bar and toggle off always-on-mode.

Also check this too! so you know how to teleport around the game.

I'll get to the perks now so we don't have to go through them later. This list is based on my own preferences. Remember; simply playing the game is enough to earn yourself these perks, and eventually the Master donor rank.
Check out the donator benefits too

  1. Drop Catcher - All of the drops from Monsters are instantly caught to your inventory! (can be configured through the command ;;dc) (Best with Diamond Donator rank) - 25$ 
  2. Duplicated Excavation - Doubles all Archaeology materials obtained from excavating material caches or excavation hotspots. Also gives a 1/3 chance to double uncovered artifacts, giving you two damaged artifacts. - 15$
  3. Green Thumb - +15% Farming, All crops are immune to disease and have higher yields (Your yield will also be automatically noted) - 5$
  4. Master Fisherman - +15% Fishing XP, allows you to fish without the need for bait, and grants a 33% chance to catch two fish at once. - 5$
  5. Overclocked - Your Aura active times are now doubled. Also halves recharge time. (This is specially good for vamp aura as when your timer ends you can use it again within 5 minutes again). - 10$
  6. Perslaysion - Allows you to persuade Slayer Masters to reset Slayer tasks free of charge. (Good for doing constantly slayer tasks and skipping what you don't want to do for free of charge) - 15$
  7. Skilling Addict - +10% XP from Skilling contracts, 10% More rewards from Skilling contracts & Temporary contract modifications last twice as long. - 5$
  8. Soul Siphoner - Soulsplit is 15% more effective for healing. - 15$
  9. The Stargazer - Teleports you directly to the Shooting star using ;;star. - 5$


Part 2: You start off as Level 3.

For a fresh level 3 account, I'd say there are 3 routes you can take:

  1. Skilling contracts route. I'd recommend doing them till you reach 250 contracts done for the achievement. This will also leave you room with a lot of vis wax and skilling tickets. The Skilling Addict perk shines real good on this route.
  2. Skiller route. You start off by skilling, and focus on unlocking Invention alongside 99 Divination and Archaeology.
  3. Pvmer route. Start off with doing slayer and focusing on your combat skills.


Route 1: Skilling Contracts.
Finding the skilling master to start getting skilling contracts.

Location: Home.


Next to her is skilling master (advanced) which can be unlocked at 500 skilling contracts.


Location: Donator Zone. You can access do donator zone after you have spend 20$ or obtained a bronze donator rank.


You unlock skilling master shop by doing 50 contracts.




Skilling shop for advanced is almost the same with a few more items. That's for you to find out 😉

Few tips for when doing contracts. Talk to the skilling master > option 3 > option 3 > option 1 > option 2 optional. Basically what it does is that it reduces your skilling contracts amount by 50% and getting contract count up a lot faster. You just need enough skilling tickets cause it costs 250 tickets which is definitely worth it as you can earn it all back by the time the effect ends. The effect lasts for 10 contracts. Also when you get a contract that you don't feel doing you can reset it for 20 tickets but every other reset afterwards increases by 20 tickets. Also you can reset contracts for a static price of 3 vis wax as well, which essentially equates to 9.99 skilling tickets after conversion.

This route is by far the easiest, as it gives you plenty to do for a first-timer who's learning the ropes of Ataraxia. This is also a wiser choice if you have a goal in mind, such as unlocking the completionist capes as there are 2 achievements related to contracts. Contracts are far easier to complete in the early game, as lower level contracts are typically much faster than higher level contracts where you can get fairly shit contracts that waste a lot of tickets. The tickets have also a use for the endgame skilling combination outfit, requiring 10,000 tickets.

  1. 250 Contracts for elite achievement 
  2. 1000 for Trimmed completionist cape.


Route 2: Skiller route.
If you decided to skip the skilling contracts route and opt for the skiller route instead, then your primary focus will be unlocking Invention as soon as possible. This is the route i opted when i first started my journey as a HCIM. I focused on unlocking invention as to make my late game mildly better so i wouldn't leave it too far into endgame. This also benefits when you're going to start doing reapers and unlock brooch of the gods for easy invention comps while afk skilling.

Before we start off let me answer your question, how do i get the tools? In Ataraxia we have a toolbelt, you start off with basic tools that are in bronze tier.


If you head into ;;shops and trade Skilling Steven you are prompted with a list of options. We want to go into 4th option called tools, here you can upgrade your tools into rune tier if you have the levels. This is also great for when you unlock Invention and start disassembling for components, and the same applies for when you need something to complete a skilling contract.


  1. Start off with whatever skill you choose for me it was divination.
    Divination is also doable with hourly Guthix caches.
  2. Crafting tips.
  • Mining common gem rocks for early crafting levels. This is a nice way to start as it also gives you mining levels.
  • Mining Clay rock at the crafting guild and making low level skilling urns.
  • For this mine a full inventory of clay > use the clay on the nearby sink > turn it into soft clay > go to pottery wheel > select cooking urn (or any other depending on level) > mould the selected urn > fire at pottery oven
    Rinse and repeat.
  • Mining & Smithing tips
    When you start, collect 2x tin and copper ore and make a bronze ore box this will make collecting ores a lot better.
    JU8dXwM.png With each new milestone you're able to upgrade it. From bronze to elder rune.
  • This part is purely as advice. When you're mining and have the time, start early work on collecting enough ores to create masterwork equipment. Many have asked beforehand that if we need to create the elder rune +5 set to start. Answer is no, you can jump straight into making masterwork but you just need 99 smithing.

Route 3: Pvmer Route.

Start your fight against the cows, but don't forget your slayer task from the slayer master! I will be explaining how the slayer master works in Ataraxia, many new players have always had this question of where and how do i get a slayer task or switch my master.

Slayer master location is at Home and at DZ



How do i change my slayer master? That's easy, talk to your current master aka which is Turael > Option 4 > Choose your new master. That's it. It even shows you the requirements needed for a new Slayer master.

If you have the Perslaysion perk you will always be given 2 choices for your task. If those don't fit you, very well, right click your slayer master and get a new task till you get the one you want.


I'd also recommend giving a read to this thread about gear upgrades.

How you will level your combat stats is your own choice.

I will list the gear upgrade process how i did myself below.

  1. Unlock Void and it's upgrades.
  2. Unlock Chaotic Staff.
  3. Obtain Subjugation armour.
  4. Obtain Armadyl armour.
  5. Obtain Hexhunter bow. (requires 99 slayer)
    This can also be done with the help of a Alt account. The process how it works in Ataraxia is quite simple and RNG related. First off go kill soulgazers and do so until you get a Veil-ripper Ozharakha spawn that's when you start tanking with your alt account and bringing in your HCIM it's also recommended to have a DTD for 1 hit kill cause veil-ripper can hit high. Obtaining DTD is just playing the game thing as you can get 1 form deep sea fishing or when our co-owner Multiply is generous to spawn everyone one. A DTD can also be purchased from the Trivia shop for 50 points.
  6. Start working on creating masterwork armour.
    After obtaining mw (Masterwork) i then started killing Vindicta to obtain myself a Dragon hunter lance. This was my way of obtaining decent melee gear. I am still working on upgrading my magic and ranged gear.

Don't also forget about doing reapers for those juicy reaper points!

Things you need to know before starting.

  • Reapers are unlimited. You can do as many you want per day.
  • Reaper points double with Global events such as Double Slayer and Reaper points. The event lasts for 1 hour.
  • You can also get free 20 reaper points from Deep Sea fishing for 1,5m each, but those are not daily.

We have 2 ways to spend reaper points: 


Reaper perks shop:

Obtaining all of them is a huge help for when grinding for two reaper titles.

Final boss and Insane Final Boss.

zYf6U0R.png 5000 total boss kills and 500 total contracts.

cHtislj.png 15k total boss kills.

Reaper's choice costs 150 points.


Reaper's Blessing costs 200 points.


Extended Massacre costs 150 points.


Take Two costs 200 points.


Reaper's block costs 250 points.


Reaper points shop:


A few tips about when you're making instances!

  • Always make a instance no matter what! Public instances are a bit bugged. Npcs hit a lot harder than they should vs personal instances.

Part 3: The Money Making & Getting free Ataraxia Dollars

This is all about the ways of how to earn gold coins. Before i get started and explain how to make money, i have to explain to you what is a black coin(s) in Ataraxia.

When you hover over your coins your first option is "Convert" instead of "Add to pouch"


Minimum amount of coins required is 10,000 to convert into 1 black coin. Why is this used? It's for when players reach the max amount of coins instead of converting it into something else like spirit shards they have a option to just convert it into black coins. When you later need to withdraw them you just have to sell them into the general shop.

  1. Voting. Rewards change based on your donator rank.
  2. Trivia. Doing trivia lands you that early game constant GP. Click here to learn more about trivia.
  3. Pvm. Doing slayer and Bossing and selling misc loot to general shop. (Everything sold there is on Alch value)
  4. Reapers

How do i get free Ataraxia dollars?

  • You have a Chance to get a dollar when claiming votes. You can also buy dollars with vote points costing you 10 points for 1 dollar.
  • You can buy Ataraxia dollars with trivia points which cost 25 trivia points. 

Part 4: QoL items and upgrades.

  • Ring of life.
    This is a MUST HAVE item when you're a low level with not so good gear and combat stats. This will save you from any un-expected deaths.
  • Blood amulet of fury.
    You can obtain a upgradable piece for this item by killing Edimmu's but for that you require 115 dungeoneering and a slayer level of 90. This amulet can be a lifesaver at times.
  • Herbicide, Seedicide, Bonecrusher & Demon horn necklace.
    These are all great items for when you're doing AFKable slayer content for example: Abyssal Demons. These items can be bought from variety of places which include: Dungeoneering, Player owned farms or from Dawson in ;;shops
  • Amulet of Farming. (Custom teleportation item for patches)
    This is a really good QoL item for farming teleports, definitely a timesaver for when you need to plant new herbs, trees, fruit trees and bushes. It is sold in the store items for 7$ and also can be obtained from the Trivia shop as well for 75 points.. I highly recommend this item.
  • Magic Secateurs
    These are also good for farming so these are optional also buyable from store items for 5$ and can also be obtained from the trivia shop, for 25 points.
  • Enchanted Excalibur
    Definitely a item a HCIM should have in their inventory while bossing. This item is upgradable after completing easy achievements. To view achievements all you need to do is type in ;;ach. Regular excalibur is buyable from the Trivia store for 50 points.
  • Chaotic Crossbows: T80 bows but can shoot out T99 bolts power.
    These crossbows are definitely worth it for when you're going to do Nex, but it's also recommended to have bakriminel bolts. Diamond or Ruby Bakriminel Bolts (e) are recommended.
  • Armadyl's Book of Law
    Worthy upgrade to have extra DPS but this requires you to do clues for the upgraded version to Illuminated Book of law.
  • Large rune pouch
    This item is obtainable just by doing runecrafting and collecting magical threads, in total you need a 100 of them to create 1. Alternative way of obtaining one is by buying it from the store items for 6$.
  • Grace of the Elves & Luck of the Dwarves 
    If you're more into the skilling aspect of Ataraxia these items are a QoL specially Grace of the elves when doing arch for example, as you can charge the amulet with porters. LoTD is a nice item for when you're PvMing or skilling for that T4 luck and a nice juicy change for HSR.
  • Inquisitor Staff
    This is purely RNG chance to be obtained but a nice item upgrade for magic equipment. 1 Inq staff piece is obtainable by completing Zarosian IV collection.
  • Guthix Staff
    Obtainable by Combination of Grapes of Guthix and Camel Staff.
  • Best in Slot tools for Skilling
    Pickaxe of Earth and Song , Crystal hammer ,  Crystal Tinderbox , Crystal Hatchet
    Fishing rod-o-matic , Crystal Rod , Tavia's fishing rod

    Artificer's Measure 
    (this item is mainly used at Croesus), Orthen Furnace core (Mainly used at Smithing or Croesus), Sana's Fyrtorch (able to afk woodcut BiS arrows), Tagga's corehammer (able to afk BiS arrows),
    Mattock of Time and Space or Guildmaster Tony's Mattock
  • Skilling outfitsElite Skilling outfits

Part 4.1: The ;;comb Menu.


The best upgrades you can ever have on your account would be below: 


Part 4.2: The Hybrid Tokens

There's nothing for me to say at this part, all you need to know is linked here.

Part 4.3: The Death's Quest

To start the quest talk to Death.


When you meet the requirements talk to death at home and choose option number 1. "Talk about death's bounty". Death wants you to find the "soul urn" which can be found by doing divine locations. (Platinum donators can do ;;dl and pay a 2m fee to enter divine locations arena.)


Non donators can do this by either creating a divination location themselves or obtain it from the treasure hunter. After you've gotten yourself a "Soul urn" return to death, after you've done that Death wants you to go to guthix cave. To do this open the teleportation interface by doing ctrl + t or ;;t

> Monsters > high level > cre's creations

Talk to Guthix you teleport besides him.


He will take the urn and in exchange you will need to fight "Husband Mich" The npc uses magic so pray magic and wear appropriate gear. After you defeat "Husband Mich" Talk to Guthix one last time and return to Death. With that you complete the quest.


NOTE!: For the temporary 10% dmg boost to take effect you have to kill "husband Mich" every 24h.


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