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Ataraxia Updates #42 - 15th March 2023

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[+] General Changes

- Added a Zanaris location teleport to ;;t
- Clearing a Farming patch will now be an instant animation
- Corporeal beast teleport from Games necklace will now take you to the wildy cave entrance
- Added a Bank chest to the Arch Glacor entrance
- Updated anima bomb message to be further above the player's head
- Araxxor Legs and Hilts now have their drop rates improved by Drop rate bonus
- Added a command to access Batt's gear guide: ;;gear, ;;equipment, ;;prog, ;;progression
- Sheldon's left click option will now be scan
- Added the Archaeology cape effect to raise sprite focus 1% more than usual (so now 3% total)
- Max Guild banker will now restore stats for Master members
- Diamond members+ will now skip the Rise of the Six end of fight cutscene
- Contracts, Spotlights and Double gathering events are all now 1 hour (from 2 hours) (double gathering losing an hour was the cost of the others)
- Magic watering can from the toolbelt will now automatically act as a Watering can meaning you don't need one to make saplings anymore
- Lowered the Crystal key (g) combination price to 5m
- Added a command to reset your Aggression potion effect, ;;clearaggro
- Conservation of Energy will now reduce the cost of your spec by 10% (25% spec now 22.5%) rather than restore 10% after using 100% of your spec (it shares the same power as Ring of Vigour and they stack)
- Arch Glacor beasts teleport is now further away than the attunable portal teleport
- You can now use Bladed dive with Skilling mainhand/offhands
- Removed Slayer level requirement to kill Arch-Glacor and its minions


[+] Croesus Front Skilling

- The Croesus front has some high level skilling options for Fishing, Woodcutting, Hunter and Mining!
- *All fungi received from this skilling has a different ID to that of the ones inside the Croesus encounter, you will not be able to bring them in
- You can teleport to these locations through ;;t:


- For the Mining section there are two options:

Moulding Varrock Guard (88 mining)


Moulding Lumbridge Guard (92 mining)


- Mining the guards when they are glowing white like the first photo will grant Enriched fungi
- The regular fungi can be used in the creation of the Corehammer and Seed bag
- For Hunter there are also two options:

Decaying Varrock Guard (88 hunter)


Decaying Lumbridge Guard (92 hunter)


- Similarly, the white glow will grant enriched fungi, otherwise the regular fungi can be used in the creation of the Seed bag and Fyrtorch
- For Woodcutting:

Dead Varrock Guard (88 woodcutting)


Dead Lumbridge Guard (92 woodcutting)


- You will receive Timber fungus which can be used in the creation of the Seed bag and Fyrtorch
- Finally, for Fishing:

Colonised Varrock Guard (88 fishing)


Colonised Lumbridge Guard (92 fishing)


- You'll receive Fungal algae which can be used in the creation of the corehammer and Seed bag
- From all methods you will also receive Resonant anima of Bik, which can be used to charge the Pontifex shadow ring
- All of these methods are high level and grant a substantial amount of experience!


[+] New Stuff

- Before I get into Croesus, it's best to explain the stuff that have made their way into Ataraxia excluding those directly received from Croesus, some of these were added to aid in Croesus' demise..

Artificer's Measure


- Artificer's measure has a rather complicated creation process, you will need:

  • Pasaha, excavated and restored through Archaeology at the Orthen dig site
  • Dragon scalpel, excavated and restored through Archaeology at the Orthen dig site
  • Orthenglass flask, excavated and restored through Archaeology at the Orthen dig site
  • Protective goggles, excavated and restored through Archaeology at the Orthen dig site
  • Magic stone, purchasable from a House portal for 975,000gp
  • Gem bag (upgraded), purchasable from the Dungeoneering reward shop for 22,000 Dungeoneering tokens total
  • 10 Mystic cloth, drop from KBD, Chaos elemental, Giant mole, Ankou and Corporeal beast
  • 10 Blessed molten glass, created at any furnace using 100 blessed sand, 3 soda ash, 3 red sandstone and 3 crystal-flecked sandstone
  • Glorious silvthril chain, created at any furnace using 1 silver, 1 mithril and 1 glorious bar

- The item itself is quite worth it!
- It will increase the chance of the Scroll of Proficiency and Scroll of Dexterity triggering by 25% while creating furniture or crafting respectively
- If this effect is triggered, the player will gain a stacking "Artificer's focus" buff which increases Crafting/Construction experience by 0.5% stacking up to 10 times for 5 minutes (which can be refreshed with retriggers)
- It also acts as an Upgraded version of the Gem bag (upgraded) allowing you to store up to 100 of each gem in it (from 60)
- It has a 5% chance to duplicate any items created through glassblowing or creating urns
- Finally, it has a chance to increase progress while restoring statues during the Croesus encounter



Woodcutting/Mining/Fishing Potions

- These potions are created from the resources you receive from skilling in the Croesus front
- You can create the low level Mining/Woodcutting potions at 49 and 51 Herblore which will require the non-enriched fungi
- These potions will give you a +3 temporary boost to the relevant stat
- Creating the high-level potions will require the enriched fungi
- Creating them requires 71, 74 and 75 Herblore respectively
- Drinking a potion will grant you a +5 temporary boost to the relevant stat!

Crystal Mask


- Crystal mask is an Ancients spellbook spell that requires 7 Earth, 6 Fire, 5 Body and 4 Soul runes to cast and will last for 5 minutes
- Having this spell active while pickpocketing will decrease your chance of getting caught and also provide an 80% chance of avoiding the stun if you are caught
- Furthermore, it's extremely useful for the Croesus encounter as it will protect you from being hit by an attack, being hit will destroy the mask requiring you to recast it.


Relentless perk

- Added the Relentless ancient invention perk
- This perk will provide a 1.1% chance (per rank) of preventing your special attack energy from being consumed while using a special attack
- Good combos would be:




[+] Croesus


- How to get there:

Wars' Retreat Portal Attunement


Beasts Tab Teleport


- Croesus is the first Skilling boss added to RS3.. And now Ataraxia!
- For some reason you all voted for it! And Armar has been working his ass off getting Croesus here!
- As Croesus might not be too tempting for all players to get involved and has a loose (but probably necessary) 4-player recommendation for kills, we've added some extra drops, so keep an eye out there.
- I have never done a battle, but will try my best to explain how it works:


- Croesus doesn't get "killed" rather returned to a dormant state. To do so, you will need to clear fungus from the 4 central statues, rebuild them, pray to them to temporarily subdue Croesus and then destroy his fungal core:


- It's firstly recommended that you have 80+ Mining, Hunter, Woodcutting and Fishing
- Elite skilling outfits, auras, familiars, high level tools and Honed (invention perk) are all recommended to improve your gathering rates while at Croesus
- The upgraded version of the Pontifex Shadow ring (received through Archaeology empowered with Croesus front Resonant anima of bik) is extremely good to reduce the amount of stat draining from Croesus (This ring is currently not in the game, all players have this effect by default)
- The encounter itself is safe, however, you will have a blue health-like bar above your head, when this goes to 0 (when a stat is reduced to 0) you will be removed from the encounter
- Croesus' health scales with the amount of people in the encounter in a simple formula: 10,000 + (30,000 * player number)
- Croesus' also has a Rot % as seen below his 'health' bar:


- His rot % will rise slowly throughout the encounter
- If you are hit by one of his bombs (which will be detailed below) this rot percentage will rise, if this reaches 100%, Croesus will become too powerful and you will all lose the encounter
- Croesus' attacks will follow the following rotation:

0:13 - Red spore bomb
0:25 - Fairy ring
0:37 - Slimes
0:49 - Yellow spore bomb
1:01 - Stun
1:13 - Sticky Fungi
1:25 - Green spore bomb
1:37 - Fairy ring
1:49 - Slimes
2:01 - Blue spore bomb
2:13 - Stun
2:25 - Sticky Fungi + Energy Fungi (both at same time)

- The attacks do the following:

Red Spore Bomb - Standing in it will drain your Woodcutting by up to 15 per tick


Green Spore Bomb - Standing in it will drain your Fishing by up to 15 per tick


Yellow Spore Bomb - Standing in it will drain your Mining by up to 15 per tick


Slime Mould - Similar to insta-kill spiders in Rax, if they touch you you will lose a substantial amount of stats


Fairy Ring - If you're still standing on it when the center ring appears you'll be teleported to a random location in the encounter


Stun/Fungus fall - Failing to avoid it will cause you to be stunned for 4 seconds, if you don't use freedom to escape you'll lose stats


Sticky Fungi - Will stick you to the spot and lower your stats every few seconds until you burn your way out or are hit 5 times


- As previously shown, the map of the arena looks like so:


- In order to restore the statues and subdue Croesus to take out his core, you'll need to contribute the listed Fungi to the statues
- But of course, it's not as easy as the relevant fungi being used for the closest statue.. You have to travel a bit, which is why having Mobile, Bladed dive, surge etc will be extremely helpful
- From the Woodcutting area you can receive Timber fungus, from the Mining area you can receive Calcified fungus, from the Fishing area you can receive Fungal algae and finally from the Hunter area you can receive Fungal spores
- Therefore, each resource you gain will be required in a close statue and a far statue, which is typically used as a strategy determining which player will go long and which will go short.
- Here's a key for what symbol means what:


- When gathering from the carcasses, you should avoid the Dark spot as this will purely give you Rotten fungi, either harvest from the sparkling or the bright node:


- When you've fully harvested the carcass, Croesus will attempt to re-infest the corpse which will make it so you have to do it again, this can be combatted by interacting with the carcass with 10 rotten fungi in your inventory which will slow down the infestation substantially
- To transport your fungi, you'll need to traverse some Mushrooms, the first, is an obstacle path, only step on the sparkling mushrooms:


- The alternative is just a mushroom mine field, avoid the mushrooms:


- When Energy fungi spawn, you need to rush to the middle and clear them as Croesus will absorb them:

Energy Fungus.png

- Once the statues are restored, you can pray to them to open the path to Croesus' core for 15 seconds, stacking.
- When the core is open you will then have an opportunity to strike!


- You can deal damage to Croesus following clearing the carcasses, the more you've fully cleared the more damage he will take:

  • 1 Carcass: 25% damage
  • 2 Carcasses: 50% damage
  • 3 Carcasses: 100% damage
  • 4 Carcasses: 150% damage

- As you can see here, I have 1 carcass dead so I'm dealing 25% damage:


- If the spores are red like so, do not click the node! You will heal Croesus!:


- However, if they're green like so and you click it, you will deal 1000 bonus damage:


- Or if they're white and you click it, you will deal 500 bonus damage:


- Once you get the hang of it, it is quite simple, but it just takes a bit of getting used to!

[+] Croesus' Drop System

- Similarly to Croesus' entire encounter, the drop system is also convoluted as fuck! Yahooooo
- Your drop potential depends on your contribution to the encounter, you can gain contribution by:

  • Gathering fungi from the carcasses: +3 for enhanced, +2 for regular
  • Placing fungi at the statues: +2 per resource
  • Restoring the statues: +1 each exp drop (max 75 per statue)
  • Removing energy fungi from Croesus' base: +5 per tick
  • Freeing other players from sticky fungi: +10
  • Damaging Croesus' core: +1 per 500 damage, +3 for clicking on green spores, +1 for white spores
  • Rotting a carcass with 10 rotten fungi: +20

- However, you can also lose contribution:

  • Harvesting rotten fungi from carcasses (dark area): -2 per
  • Clicking red spores on core (healing Croesus): -5 per

- Simply put, you have a 1/600 chance for a rare drop, however, this is reduced with the amount of contribution you have.
- You can receive up to 12 loot piles, which will give you 12 chances at the rare drop, thus making it a 1/50 chance provided you have enough contribution
- For 12 loot piles, you'll need a contribution of at least 420, and to have any chance of a rare drop you need to have 60 contribution
- The contribution needed per loot pile is not linear, i.e it isn't 1 pile every 40, the higher contribution you get the lower the amount needed for an extra loot pile is, for example, you need 400-419 for 11 loot piles and 420+ for 12
- Here's a loose representation of the contribution/loot piles conversion:


- You'll receive up to 12 piles, 10 of which will be common or rare, the 11th and 12th pile will either be a rare item or nothing at all
- You will receive Croesus flakes and Resonant anima of Bik as secondary drops always
- Common rewards include: Herblore secondaries, Coins, Crystal keys, Seeds, Logs, Uncut gems, Raw rocktails, Soul runes
- And then the big ticket items.. What you want..

Croesus foultorch

Croesus foultorch detail.png

- Croesus foultorch can be combined with 4 Magic logs, 2500 Croesus flakes, 5 Timber fungus and 5 Fungal spores at 80 Fletching to create:

Sana's fyrtorch

Sana's fyrtorch detail.png

- Sana's fyrtorch requires 80 woodcutting to equip into your off-hand slot, it can't be augmented and doesn't degrade
- When equipped, the fyrtorch provides:

  • +6% chance to successfully cut a log while woodcutting
  • +20% chance to cut an extra log which also grants extra experience
  • Finally, the fyrtorch can be used to clear sticky fungus within the Croesus encounter

Croesus sporehammer

Croesus sporehammer detail.png

- Croesus sporehammer can be combined with 4 Bane bars, 2500 Croesus flakes, 5 Calcified fungus and 5 Fungal algae at 80 Smithing to create:

Tagga's corehammer

Tagga's corehammer detail.png

- Tagga's corehammer can be equipped at 80 Mining in the off-hand slot, it can't be augmented and doesn't degrade
- While equipped, the corehammer provides:

  • +10% critical strike chance and +35 critical strike damage while mining
  • While mining core ore, you can receive Deathspore arrow tips while mining, explained below

Deathspore Arrows

- You can create Deathspore arrows using fletching:


- Deathspore arrows are tier 95 arrows
- While equipped they provide:

  • +3% critical hit chance
  • Every time you crit a stack of Feasting spores will be added, consuming an arrow
  • Feasting spores: When 5 stacks of Feasting spores are obtained, they are consumed to add a 9 second buff that causes your next Ranged weapon special attack to cost 0% special energy
  • Even though the ammo isn't required for a Seren godbow, it can be used with it and other chargebows alike (won't consume while shooting but consumed on spec)

Croesus spore sack

Croesus spore sack detail.png

- Croesus spore sack can be combined with 500 Timber fungus, 500 Calcified fungus, 500 Fungal spore, 500 Fungal algae and 2500 Croesus flakes at 85 Crafting to create:

Seed bag

Seed bag detail.png

- The Seed bag functionality is quite simple, you can store up to 40 different types of seed up to 2.147b..
- Simply fill them through your invent and they'll be nice and tucked away like so:


Cryptbloom set

Cryptbloom armour equipped (male).png: Cryptbloom helm equipped by a player

- Cryptbloom pieces drop as their incomplete variants and require Croesus flakes and a high Crafting level to complete the piece
- Each piece drops separately and duplicates are possible
- The helmet, chest and legs give a substantial health boost, allowing you to reach almost 1200 hitpoints from 990
- Furthermore there's quite a large defensive set bonus depending on how many pieces you have equipped:









- The Cryptbloom set is stupidly strong if you want to just relax while pvming..
- While this set isn't 100% necessary for Ataraxia, I do feel like for potential future bosses and content it might come into play a bit.. So don't write it off just because it doesn't have pretty accuracy numbers.

City of Senntisten codex

- A unique drop that we've added to Croesus.. As the spells were sourced from completing the City of Senntisten quest on Runescape 3, we decided to add them here
- This codex has the same chance to drop as any other rare item from Croesus!
- Reading the codex will give you the following spells:


- Firstly, Animate Dead is disabled, for obvious reasons, it's broken.

Smoke Cloud

- Requiring 74 Magic, 10 Air, 5 Chaos, 5 Blood and 5 Soul runes to cast, Smoke cloud will:


- Casting it will cast a Smoke cloud on your opponent:


Exsanguinate/Incite Fear

- As these spells' effects are solely based around enhancing abilities, these spells have been simplified..
- Both Exsanguinate and Incite fear will just be Tier 99 Fire and Water spells respectively


Scripture of Bik

Scripture of Bik detail.png

- Scripture of Bik is another God book pocket slot item
- It can be activated like a scrimshaw and recharged using Manuscript of Bik which is a reward from Croesus
- While equipped, experience drops will have a chance to summon a Catalyst of alteration, which can be claimed to give you 1-3 sealed clue scrolls straight to your bank, following claiming this, you'll receive a 5% experience boost for 1 minute



Little Sus

- Little Sus is Croesus' pet drop, he has a 1/1000 chance to drop with a threshold of 500



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Sailfish not working with Grace of the Elves
- Fixed Powerbursts/Bombs not working with the Portable well effect
- Fixed Dungeoneering GIM chest ID
- Fixed Hazelmere's signet ring (i) equip teleport options
- Fixed Deathcon items not showing up in the Diango interface
- Fixed a bug causing the All-In-One outfit to require Shaman/Runecrafter but not provide the options to sacrifice
- Fixed "Final champer" typo in Elite dungeons
- Fixed swarm fishing rocktails not counting towards the fish rocktail achievement
- Fixed Karil dealing melee damage in Rise of the Six
- Fixed Assassin's walk override appearance with sheathed/unsheathed weapons
- Fixed most NPCs/Objects that weren't restoring Master stats at Banks 
- Fixed a problem with instances being nulled when the owner logs out while players are still inside


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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