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Ataraxia Updates #40 - 23rd January 2023

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[+] General Changes

- Changed the Arch-Glacor teleport location to just outside the barrier
- Master members can now pick events with 2 tokens instead of 3
- Tess will now display streak/enrage similarly to the Arch-Glacor pet
- Changed Duel arena Shooting star announcement to Het's Oasis
- Kal'gerion demon's special attack will now last for 60s instead of 15s
- Chaos Elemental private instances will now house 3 Chaos elementals rather than just 1
- Golden compass will now have varied drop rates from different Clue scrolls; Easy: 1/10000, Medium: 1/10000, Hard: 1/5000, Elite: 1/4500, Master: 1/4000
- Buffed Khopesh droprates on task to 1/2k from 1/10k
- Clicking on a random event will no longer interrupt your action if you are a Silver member ($50)+ 
- Enabled Double drop event and HSR double drop effect to Arch-Glacor normal mode drops
- Added the Guildmaster tony's mattock effect; Chance to hone in and also a chance to excavate an artifact immediately
- Added a Completionist cape requirement to defeat the Arch-Glacor with all of the mechanics enabled
- Added Hybrid token drops to Arch-Glacor, normal mode and hardmode
- Added a "View metal bank" option in bank and ore boxes
- NPC drops will now drop as the creature dies rather than after the death animation
- Added a confirmation dialogue when claiming perks from Perk boxes
- Double gathering event now applies to Player Owned Farms animals
- Added Arch-Glacor and his minions to Glacor slayer tasks
- You can now buy the Elite trapper outfit blueprint from the Hunter's mark shop in Anachronia
- You can now open Boss collection logs from the Reaper task counter button
- You can now buy the 'perfect' ring from the Vote shop at any donor rank
- Spotting 100 penguins is now a Completionist cape requirement instead of trimmed
- Completing 50 Pest control games is now a Completionist cape requirement instead of trimmed
- Crafting the Crystal triskelion bag, Enhanced Excalibur and Guthix staff are now all Completionist cape requirements instead of trimmed
- You can now dye the Dark Shard of Leng and Dark Sliver of Leng
- Increased the daily cap of Red/Crystal flecked sandstone from 50/60/70/85/100/150 to 50/60/75/150/200/250
- Added more stock of Crystal flasks/Potion flasks to the Donor shops
- Increased the chance of triggering an event by donating to Goodwill from 1/100 to 1/50
- Decreased Glacyte minion's max hit from 300 to 200
- Added visual charges tooltip to Silverhawk boots
- Dwarf Traders now give up to Phasmatite stone spirits
- Added Thormac's Mystic staff creation at the Sorcerer's tower
- Skilling Steven stock is now all noted
- Voting will now grant you redeemable tomes to receive your increased damage/drop rate


[+] Dark Shard of Leng/Dark Sliver of Leng

- We have added some custom effects to the T95 Arch-Glacor dual wields! 
- As their bonuses are mostly related to the Evolution of Combat on RS3, we've brainstormed a bit and come up with a few ideas (we picked the first idea we came up with)
- The new set bonus is:


- Having both equipped will make both weapons deal 15% more damage!
- The special attack for the Dark Shard of Leng "Icy Tempest" is now.. Well. The Dragon dagger spec:



[+] Upgrade Gem & New Combinations

- The Upgrade gem is a powerful gem that will be used to create some of the most sought after items Ataraxia has to offer
- You can purchase the Upgrade gem exclusively from the Store or Dawson's "Store items" shop at ;;shops for 25 Ataraxia dollars
- It can be used in the following combinations for some pretty high-ticketed items:

Hazelmere's Signet Ring (i)


- Hazelmere's signet ring (i) will require: Ring of Wealth (c), Hazelmere's signet ring, 2 Upgrade gems ($50) and 50,000 Black coins (500m)
- This ring will not only grant the typical double drop chance of the Hazelmere's signet ring but also include the 'perfect' ring/ring of wealth (c) double drop, giving you 2 chances at a drop potentially.. if you're really lucky, giving you 3x
- It will also provide the benefits of a Ring of Death!


Super Restore (unlimited)


- Super restore (unlimited) will require: 10,000 Super restore flask (6), an Upgrade gem ($25) and 100,000 Black coins (1b)
- Super restore (unlimited) will give you an unlimited supply of Super restore sips! You will never need another potion to restore your stats or prayer if you have this item!
- It is a hefty price to create it, however, I'm hoping this stirs the Herblore economy and hopefully starts more of a market for these items as well as a money/item sink!
- Creating this item is a requirement for the Completionist cape (t)


Aggression Potion (unlimited)


- Aggression potion (unlimited) will require: 4,000 Aggression flask (6), an Upgrade gem ($25) and 100,000 Black coins (1b)
- Aggression potion (unlimited) will give you an unlimited supply of Aggression potion sips! You will never need another potion for aggro on your Slayer tasks after making this!
- Once again, a fairly expensive item to make, but it is purely for the people who are trying to really maximise their efficiency on Ataraxia and achieve everything!
- Creating this item is a requirement for the Completionist cape (t)


Elder Overload Salve (unlimited)



- Elder overload salve (unlimited) will require: 5,000 Elder overload salves, 3 Upgrade gems ($75) and 200,000 Black coins (2b)
- Elder overload salve (unlimited) will give you an unlimited supply of the best potion in the game, giving you unlimited sips of: Poison immunity, Dragonfire immunity, Wyvernfire immunity, Prayer renewal, Stat boost up to 129 in all combat stats and when consumed a Prayer points boost.
- This is the most powerful potion in the game. The price is justified in the fact that this potion will never be outclassed, it is end game. If you get this potion you will never need another stat boosting potion again!
- Creating this item is a requirement for the Completionist cape (t)

These items could have been added without the need for 'P2W', but I feel these kinds of things are where P2W can be somewhat acceptable.

Through these items we can boost the economy, predominantly the Herblore economy as there will be a lot of people attempting to get the above potions. Which will require a lot of time, resources and commitment but for those who have borderline unlimited money, they can offload some of the burden on to new players and give them a money making strategy.

Similarly, these players also have a lot of stowed Ataraxia dollars, which I want to get rid of.

And then the coin sink speaks for itself.

The glory of a system like this is that realistically, if you had 10k Restores, 4k Aggros or 5k Salves you would basically have unlimited, however, the benefit and quality of life of having a single item that you never have to worry about bank space or anything like that, is so powerful.

And if you don't want to commit the time or money to make it.. Don't!


[+] Anachronia Agility Course

- Anachronia Agility course is here! This long as fuck Agility course provides a semi-customisable Agility course where you can take various routes depending on your Agility level
- It is an extremely long course when fully completed.
- Traversing the obstacles and completing the course will provide Codex pages, which can be used at the Lectern to make codicies:



- There's a few different routes you can take.. Here's a picture from the Wiki that should help..


- We've added a little bit of a competitive edge.. Which I'm sure you'll all see quite soon.
- I got lost a number of times on the way, so good luck


- But the experience is pretty good:


- Even if I got pretty lost:



[+] Collection Log Popup

- Something that I've seen on OSRS that I've always loved has been their collection log popups, when a player mentioned RS3 has them I was baffled, so I pretty much immediately wanted them added to Ataraxia!
- Collection logs will now remain open and live update while you play!
- So now, every single addition to your collection log will have a cool popup like so:



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Rocktail soup healing 260 instead of 250
- Fixed Big Game Expert not being given in the Complete Perk Package
- Fixed being unable to claim seals if it will put you above 5000 reputation
- Disabled LMS
- Fixed Chameleons and Red hatchling dragons appearing as a penguin
- Fixed Arch-Glacor enrage choice stating "which shop would you like to access"
- Fixed Shaman/Runecrafted set not being required for the AIO set
- Fixed Freezing blood effect not removing when Arch-Glacor perishes
- Fixed Corrupted scarab key to the crossing drop rate
- Removed random Real estate man in the church
- Removed the "Item may be bugged [id= ] report to admin", we don't care
- Fixed Wildy chaos altar not restoring prayer
- Fixed Telos rare drops not showing the KC if the drop isn't a pet drop
- Fixed being unable to eat Yule logs
- Fixed noted Primal extract being untradeable
- Fixed Double gathering not working for some Farming products
- Fixed Glacor adornments
- Fixed melee familiars being unable to reach/attack the Arch-Glacor
- Fixed undying dyed Essence of Finalities with a cleaning cloth


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/



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