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Ataraxia Updates #39 - 3rd January 2023

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Gosh, what a big month. December is always tough, personally, I love the Christmas period and really love to get into the Christmas spirit.

I found myself being extremely unproductive for Ataraxia during this time. This patch is pretty much 99% Armar.

I needed a bit of a break, but I'm keen to get back into my small irrelevant bug fixes and content additions that you all forget about after a day!

Hope everyone had a very safe and enjoyable Christmas (if you celebrate it) and New Year with your loved ones and family.


[+] General Changes

- Added Raptor key part combination
- Added a command to ban a player from Gambling 
- Added a command for Admins to spawn players items through Discord
- Changed it so voting bonuses are only granted with 3 or more votes again (was changed to 2 when Runelist was down)
- Added a 1/100 chance to activate a random event when donating over 50m to Goodwill at home (provided an event isn't already active) (it will tell you if you got rooted)
- Chameleon extract is now tradeable
- Spotlights and Token events will now be contained in #ingame-notices to clear up the discord
- Buffed rate of Material box tickets from Archaeology


[+] Illuminated God Books

- God books are here!
- You can purchase the base versions from a bookcase at Citharede Abbey:


- Each one will cost 5,000,000gp:


- These damaged books are the first possible variation you can have.
- Using a full set of 4 of the relevant pages on the book will then upgrade it to it's repaired version:


- This version can be charged with pages, providing 45 mins of active time each page
- You can further upgrade the book to have better stats by Illuminating it!
- You can do this in the same location you found the book:


- You'll need to use your completely repaired book on the table:


- You can now commence the creation of the illuminated variant.
- You'll need to do the following in the same order they appear in the window:


- Doing so will then grant you the illuminated version! This version's effect is the same, however, will provide better stats while equipped


- Similarly, you will need to charge this with pages to have uptime, you can charge up to 24 hours in a book.
- Now, why go through all of this effort?

Illuminated Book of Law: 5% chance to create a swirling tornado at the target's location dealing 4 hits of damage in 4 ticks dealing a total of 180-300% damage within the 4 ticks.

Illuminated Book of War: 5% chance to hit your target with a shockwave dealing 90-150% damage reducing the target's defence level by 5% + 5 and increasing it's affinity values by 3.

Illuminated Book of Balance: 5% chance for the Sword of Edicts to fall on the target's location burning and exploding dealing 90-150% damage, followed by 3 hits of 7.5-12.5% damage with a final 3x3 hit dealing 37.5-62.5% damage.

Illuminated Book of Wisdom: 6.6% chance to strike the target with lightning dealing 165-275% damage.

Illuminated Book of Chaos: 6.6% chance to hit the target's location with a dark explosion dealing damage to your target and all the targets within 3x3 for 150-250% damage split.

Illuminated Ancient Book: 6.6% chance to surround the target with icicles dealing 120-200% damage and binding the target for 4 seconds.


[+] Arch-Glacor


- Arch-Glacor is the first boss added to Ataraxia from the Elder God Wars (GWD3)!
- Arch-Glacor is an extremely challenging enrage scaling boss along with a hard-mode fight which will prove more challenging for even the best PvMers on Ataraxia!
- You can get to the Glacor Front by simply opening your Beasts tab:


- Arch-Glacor has 6 main mechanics:

Creeping Ice: This mechanic is mandatory, ice will slowly creep around the arena and force you into specific places:

Arch-Glacor Creeping Ice Attack.gif

- The cool part of Arch-Glacor is, you can pick which mechanics you fight him with! So you can slowly amp up the difficulty when you begin to master the different mechanics:


- The 5 optional mechanics are:

Glacyte Minions: This will spawn 4 minions with a small amount of health, Arch-Glacor will be invulnerable until they are all dead. Upon death, they will leave behind an unstable glacyte core which can be clicked to damage Arch-Glacor:

Glacyte Minions

Flurry: Arch-Glacor will rapidly switch between two combat attacks, similarly to Jad, they're quite easily differentiated, this attack will occur for 15 seconds:


Arch-Glacor Flurry Ranged Attack.gif


Arch-Glacor Flurry Magic Attack.gif

Pillars of Ice: Creeping ice will cover one side of the platform and will grow, when it's at a certain fatness an ice tornado beam thing will follow you around the platform, when the ice dissipates a second beam will spawn before disappearing a while later, standing in the beams will deal damage and sap your prayer:

Arch-Glacor Ice Pillars Attack.gif

Frost Cannon: This is a one shot mechanic, Arch-Glacor will perform creeping ice from one side or both sides forcing you into an area then go-go-gadget turn into a big fuck off cannon and you'll need to use a shield with protection prayer or protection prayer and devotion to avoid planking:

Arch-Glacor Frost Cannon Attack.gif

Exposed Core: Creeping ice will approach from both sides, forcing you into the middle, his arms will lock you inside granting you a debuff that will kill you when reaching enough stacks, you need to out damage an arm and escape:

Arch-Glacor Exposed Core Attack.gif

- Hard mode will enable and enhance ALL of these abilities, I won't explain how, as, if you're doing hard mode, you'd already know them more than me

[+] Rewards

- In normal mode you receive three drops, whether you're a solo and get all three, a duo and get one each and then the top dps gets one or more and the top 3 dps get one each.
- The quantity and quality of the drops you receive are heavily dependent on the amount of mechanics you have enabled
- There are obviously a tonne of regular resource drops as with every boss, but there's a few new items that are quite important and require further explanation.

Glacor Remnant: These are a stackable and consistent untradeable drop from Arch-Glacor, they are used to upgrade and enhance drops from Arch-Glacor and external drops into stronger alternatives, for example: 1000 remnants, Leng artifact and Gloves of Passage will create the Enhanced Gloves of Passage.

Leng Artifact: Leng artifact can be used to upgrade the Gloves of Passage, Nightmare Gauntlets (currently unobtainable) and Kerepac's wrist wraps (currently unobtainable) into their t90 improvements.

Dark Nilas: Similarly to the remnants, Dark nilas are required to create various items from the Arch-Glacor collection including the T95 weaponry and the cosmetic adornments

Scripture of Wen: The Scripture of Wen is a pocket slot equippable book, when dropped, it's tradeable, upon unlocking it it will become untradeable. The Scripture of Wen can be activated similarly to Scrimshaws and recharged with the Manuscript of wen (drops from Arch-Glacor). While active it has a 6.6% chance of releasing a 3x3 aoe beam which will deal 5 ticks of damage before shattering dealing extra damage.

Elder Troves: These are basically loot boxes from Arch-Glacor, higher the tier, better the rewards

Frozen Core of Leng (hardmode only): This be the drop you want. This can be combined with the T85 1h melee weapons: Dark ice shard and Dark ice sliver to create the T95 Dark Shard of Leng and Dark Sliver of Leng:



Glacor Core: This item can be inspected to unlock the boss pet for Arch-Glacor; Gladys:



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed grammar in a Dungeoneering string
- Fixed Anachronia and Menaphos cactus patch floor decoration
- Fixed Matriarch ring creation from the Combination interface not ticking the Completionist cape (t) requirement
- Fixed recharging trimmed/spiked masterwork gloves and legs
- Fixed Crystal flecked sandstone becoming invisible
- Fixed Crafting at a furnace not increasing crafting actions count
- Fixed Araxxor mirror spider effect, now gets ignored if Araxxor is on the last phase and mirror spider is outside of the p4 area
- Fixed Brooch of the gods checks order and the error messages are now filtered
- Added another check for Custom-fit trimmed masterwork charge skip inside elite dungeons
- Fixed Vorago collection log and title


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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