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Ataraxia Updates #38 - 1st December 2022

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Christmas patch is here! We are very aware of a few looming/unfixed issues with content resulting from the 926 patch.

We wanted to make sure the Christmas event/patch was ready before focusing on those.

Going into the New Year they will be a large part of our focus.


[+] General Changes

- Brooch of the Gods will now announce when received from hunting penguins
- Buffed Guildmaster Tony's mattock rate to 1/500 from 1/1000 (the last buff, on god, no cap)
- You can now disassemble Dining/Kitchen tables into Simple/Crafted parts
- Added "ach" command to access Achievements (lazy fucks)
- Added the new Rex Matriarch rings to ;;comb instead of the imbued alternative
- Excavation now counts for daily Archaeology challenges
- You can now obtain Corruption sigil, Ancient emblem and Perfect chitin if you have the minimum required defender or better
- You can now have different types of weapon/offhand/shield cosmetics active 


[+] Christmas Event

- Ataraxia's 2022 Christmas event is here!
- Log on every day to receive any of the following rewards: Christmas presents, Small/Medium/Large protean packs, Golden tickets (chance of Black santa hat/Christmas cracker), Christmas event shop tokens and Deathtouched darts!
- You can open the Advent calendar by pressing F6 or from the Extras menu


- Enjoy the Advent calendar from the 1st to the 24th! Open 15 presents on the day to receive a special plushie: 


- Postie Pete needs your help! He needs Wrapping paper ready for Christmas PRONTO!
- Gaining any experience during December will have a chance of receiving Christmas wrapping paper:


- You will gain 15-25 paper every 3 mins of exp gaining, lamps are not included
- From the 25th December to the 2nd of January you will receive 3x the amount of paper!
- You will stop receiving paper on the 2nd, and you can spend your paper until the 17th 
- This wrapping paper will be stored automatically in your Currency pouch:


- You can exchange the wrapping paper with Postie pete at home:


- You need 200 Christmas wrapping paper in order to exchange it with Postie Pete
- When exchanging, Pete will give you a present scaling with rarity..
- You have a 1/1000 chance of a Gold present which contains the following rewards
- From this present you have a 40% chance of receiving the Green Santa hat and 60% chance of receiving the coins:


- You have a 1/25 chance of a Purple present which contains the following rewards
- From this present you have a 1/500 chance of receiving the Green Santa hat:


- You have a 1/2.5 chance of a Blue present which contains the following rewards
- From this present you have a 1/2500 chance of receiving the Green Santa hat:


- Any other circumstance you will receive a White present which contains the following rewards
- From this present you have a 1/5000 chance of receiving the Green Santa hat:


- All except the Gold present contain various cosmetic override tokens! Be sure to claim them and check them out!
- Furthermore, you can receive 2022 Christmas event shop tokens from various sources around Ataraxia
- You can spend these tokens in the event shop:


- The main source for these tokens will be from Christmas presents:


- These presents contain between 100-350 shop tokens
- You can get these boxes through: Killing NPCs, Handing in 200 Stardust, Slayer tasks, Skilling contracts, Reaper tasks, Ancient caskets, Evil trees and penguins
- Furthermore, you can receive event shop tokens and Christmas presents from the Advent calendar daily!

[+] Santa's Grotto

- December will bring a new (for all of those not online yesterday while it was active for a few hours) Treasure Hunter rotation!
- This rotation will be active until the 28th of December!
- Santa's Grotto brings an awesome interface with lots of interaction!


- Each key has similar rewards as regular Treasure hunter, prismatic stars and lamps. Santa's Grotto gives various different reward multipliers
- Every 12 keys you will receive a bonus!
- You will have 3 options, 2 Grotto Modifiers and a Reward item:


- As an example here, if I selected the far left option, my next 8 keys will be a guaranteed yellow rarity, alternatively, this can be orange rarity for 6, Red rarity for 4 or Purple for 2!
- If I selected the middle, the next 5 keys will give rewards that are guaranteed to be multiplied by 5, alternatively, this can be multiplied by 4
- And finally, the reward item this time was 250 Christmas wrapping paper
- The Reward items are going to be what you want to hunt!
- You can receive 8 Treasure hunter keys like this:


- You have a few different items that will be quite desired!

Frosted wreath


Gift wrap scythe


Green santa hat


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed area loot interface making you unable to use your actionbar
- Fixed Smiley partyhat not selling for Rare item tokens
- Fixed being able to use Protean cogs without the Smithing, Crafting and Divination level requirements
- Temporarily disabled being able to stack Triskelion keys until a more reliable and bug-free alternative is added
- Fixed Snow parasol being untradeable
- Fixed hatchet selection for Divine trees
- Fixed wilderness volcano shortcuts and moved the WildyWyrm volcano spawn location to the area near KBD
- Fixed Partyhat Firemaking, will now throw a random Partyhat
- Fixed Sir Prysin clue step
- Fixed Twisted bird skull necklace, Split dragontooth necklace and Demonhorn necklace prayer points restoration amount
- Attempted to fix an issue causing some players to rollback
- Fixed a problem with Familiar special attacks not showing on the Familiar icon
- Fixed Nightgazer becoming invisible after killing it once
- Fixed all urn ids for firing, adding runes etc
- Fixed poison not being cleared after Queen Black Dragon dies
- Fixed x10 hitsplats while the action bar is hidden
- Fixed Completionist cape override being reset when logging out


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/




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