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Ataraxia Updates #37 - 22nd November 2022

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Somewhat of a mini-patch before our Christmas event patch. Just to get some of the bug fixes live.

Pure content and fixes baby.


[+] General Changes

- Added a "For Camelot!" force talk to the Excalibur spec
- Removed "Active instances" from Task tab
- Changed "has done x y kills" to "has x y kills" (eg. Jaedmo has 500 K'ril Tsutsaroth kills) on pet examines
- Added a World announcement for ;;comb
- Made Super antipoisons stock 5 instead of 3 in the consumables shop
- Removed Dragon hatchet from drop announcements
- Added Farming to the Double resource gathering event (all patches will yield 2x) (stacking with all other multipliers)
- Added a small stock of Dragonstone necklaces to the Master donor shop for Sign of the Porter VII
- Lowered the amount of ticks you are locked after winning a Dominion tower floor from 15 to 5
- Enchanted gem will now start the Slayer task dialogue provided the player doesn't currently have a task
- Ironmen and regular accounts can now Dungeoneer together
- Completing Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite achievement sets will now announce globally
- Added an announcement for reaching level 120 in all skills
- Added a quick start (solo) and quick start (last instance settings) options to Rise of the Six dialogue
- The Quick start option inside the Rise of the Six fight is now functional
- Admins can now manually trigger the Donor damage boost/drop boost in case a donation is faulty/they donate through PayPal
- World drop announcements will now also show the Killcount in which the player received the drop


[+] Masterwork Spear of Annihilation/Spear of Annihilation

- As these spears are a little bit irrelevant without the passive ability, we've decided to follow a suggestion made by a player in order to make them a bit more relevant!
- The Spear of Annihilation:


- Will now have a 3% chance to inflict the target with a melee bleed dealing 60-90 damage per tick for 6 ticks:


- Similarly, with the Masterwork Spear of Annihilation:


- Will now have a 5% chance to inflict the target with a melee bleed dealing 90-120 damage per tick for 6 ticks:



[+] Black Friday

- Black Friday is upon us! For the next week enjoy 30% off the Store with the code 'Blackfriday22'
- Furthermore, for a limited time only, from now until December 1st, Rare Mystery boxes have returned!


[+] Rare Mystery Boxes

- Rare Mystery Boxes can be bought from the store for $10 each, ($7 if you use the discount code)
- THIS IS A STORE PROMOTION ONLY. You can't buy these with Ataraxia dollars in-game.
- These will only be in the store for just over a week, we are re-releasing these as 926 has brought many more textures to use for cosmetics hehe.
- They contain ALL of the following previously released custom Partyhats and Santa hats: Solar santa, Rainbow santa, Water santa, Starfire santa, Fire santa, Purple santa, Inverted santa, Inverted black santa, Chess santa, Smiley santa, Purple black santa, Red black santa, Lavender santa, Lavender black santa, Yellow santa, Yellow black santa, Orange black santa, Blue santa, Blue black santa, Fire partyhat, Web partyhat, Water partyhat, Holographic partyhat, Frostfire partyhat, Shooting star partyhat, Starry partyhat, Rainbow partyhat, Smiley partyhat, Prestigious partyhat and Lavender partyhat
- Furthermore, the Very rares have had their rates raised, you can now receive Christmas cracker, Vanilla Santa hat and Vanilla Black santa hat at an increased rate
- The full rates are: Common (Rare Item Token rolls): 14.28%, Rare (Custom rares): 80.3% and Very Rare (Vanilla rares): 5.42%
- A full guide on all of the appearances of the items listed above can be found here: 



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Ring of Duelling "Duel arena" teleport taking you to mid-air (changed it to "Het's Oasis"
- Fixed Hamid and Jaraah being in their wrong locations, they're now in their rs3 locations
- Fixed Purple mushroom drop not announcing
- Fixed Cremating not working for Firemaking/Prayer dailies
- Fixed Herb burning not working for Firemaking/Herblore dailies (clean herbs)
- Fixed noting new fruit on Tool leprechauns
- Fixed Emlyn produce noting not working
- Fixed Rorarius Keystone drop rates
- Fixed being stuck in the Harp animation
- Fixed Minnows not counting for Dailies/Fish caught
- Fixed Titles resetting on Login (also fixed people retaining Skilling champion after losing it)
- Fixed being able to go up levels in the Agility pyramid before going around putting you mid-air
- Fixed a case of "!!" on Treasure Hunter announcements
- Fixed Blightbound lasher not having KC examine text
- Fixed Gold/Plat incense stick tick changes being reversed (was just for the interface, actions were still how they should be)
- Fixed Portables having too large of a "no place zone" from 10 tiles to 3
- Fixed a mistype causing Master camouflage outfit giving +60% experience, it now gives +12%
- Fixed Crocodile's required Slayer level
- Fixed crash in Dungeoneering/Runespan
- Fixed Tortured ashes not being bankable
- Fixed Slayer kc for Soulgazers/Abyssal demons
- Fixed a problem with buying some cosmetic outfits
- Fixed Penguin spy book not having a "hint" option
- Fixed being able to receive duplicate Matriarch pets
- Fixed Cooking cape perk for Max cape
- Fixed Barrows having required quests for Linza/Akrisae
- Fixed Slayer helmet options
- Fixed pet drop announcement colour
- Fixed Watchtower spell teleport
- Fixed clay crafting not saving your previous choice
- Fixed 'View all' currencies option in the inventory
- Fixed Barrows and Barrows: Rise of the Six reaper task kc left on Grim gem
- Fixed Glacor combat animations
- Fixed being able to kill your Glacyte pet


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/




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