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Ataraxia Updates #36 - 10th November 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Answering Trivia first will now grant you 2 Trivia points instead of 1
- Added the ability to break Godsword shards into their respective singular shards after combining them
- Buffed Staff of Light droprate from 1/12000 to 1/512
- Added ability to switch Imcando channeling rod to the off-hand variant
- Added an Events line to the Task tab which will display any currently active events
- Removed a bunch of unused information from the Task tab which can be sourced elsewhere
- Doubled Shards of Armadyl droprate from Glacors
- Added a command for staff to grant players Ataraxia dollars through Discord
- Added Granite helm to the Gargoyle drop table
- You no longer need to have Briefcase of Disguises equipped in order to receive the bonus when finding penguins
- Made the red colour in ;;perks darker to be easier on the eyes
- ;;simdrops command on Discord can now simulate up to +50 drop rate (previously 20)
- All Goblin and Dwarven tech is now auto-unlocked for Invention blueprints (i.e Mechanised chinchompas)
- Added Treasure trail, Slayer and Clue collection log functionality, new players will receive them in their starter kit and existing players can purchase from the General store
- Edited the ;;youtube command to go to https://www.youtube.com/ataraxianxt/ (our new handle)
- Added a command to open the Gear progression guide on YouTube ;;progression/;;gear/;;gearguide/;;progressionguide
- Added Sign of the porter VII


[+] Revision 926

- Revision 926 is here.. This means we are up to date with Runescape 3.
- We have access to almost all content that is currently on Runescape 3
- It will obviously take some time to add all of this content, but here is the existing content that 926 has changed/edited:

[+] Treasure Hunter 

- Treasure Hunter has had some exciting changes from 916 to 926
- Unfortunately, multiple choice selection is.. gone
- There's a slightly different interface, with the option to pick "Single" or "Multi" which will use 10 as the same as before.


- A big difference with the new Treasure Hunter is the amount of promotions! There's so many new promotions that have been added since 916!
- Here's a few examples:




- And of course.. the classics:


- As well as a convenient way for Admins to change the Treasure Hunter rotation!
- Not all of these rotations are currently coded, so stay tuned!


[+] Daily Challenges

- The Daily challenge interface has changed as well as some of the core mechanics
- Now, per day, each player will receive 3 Challenges:


- The cost to reroll and extend has been decreased from 25/50 to 10/25 which is a huge reduction
- As you may see, there's a new Weekly progress bar, this will progress with tasks done, but right now, this feature is not added


[+] Mobile Interface

- With 926 brings a new and improved Mobile UI and improved interaction
- You can now purchase Auras properly (which was hotly requested previously)
- But overall, the new UI is really clean and looks great (I don't have an android, this is local):


[+] Fairy Rings

- Not too much here, just a nicer/updated interface:


[+] Cosmetic Overrides

- One thing that may have gone rather unnoticed with the revision update is the sheer amount of outfits added between 916-926
- There'll be so many more outfits to use and customise your character with!
- Here's a few cool ones I found (staff told me about):

Replica Dragon scimitars:


Shadow Gorilla Outfit


20th Anniversary Outfit


Dragonkin Imperial Outfit


- Have a browse, I'm sure you'll find something you like!


[+] Potential Content

- 926 brings an overwhelming amount of possible content for us to add
- In the near future, we will begin pumping this content out, both Armar and I look forward to it I'm sure.
- However, please bear in mind that this will take some time, and yes, eventually we will get to it all :P
- Anyway, here's a few things you have to look forward to:

[+] TzKal-Zuk






[+] Arch-Glacor




[+] Kerapac, the bound

Kerapac, the bound.png



[+] Zamorak, Lord of Chaos

Zamorak, Lord of Chaos.png


- As well as the following small content pieces:






- It's hard to remember more on the spot, but like.. Since 916 there's been almost 100 updates on rs3 (not all content updates)


You may be thinking.. He's left out Matriarchs wtf.. Nah. We added em.


[+] Rex Matriarchs

- We wanted this to be somewhat of a surprise to everyone, we only told the Staff about it and they were responsible for testing them, so any issues it's their fault
- Rex Matriarchs are an awesome piece of content and I'm thrilled that Armar managed to get them ready for the 926 release!
- Rex Matriarchs are here! You can get to them two different ways:




- These bosses are quite challenging, however, you can easily fight only one at a time, similarly to the Dagannoth Kings
- They have some pretty cool mechanics, but careful, they're pretty deadly.
- Hopeful whipped up a guide ready for this release and allowed me to upload it on the Ataraxia channel:


- The Matriarchs drop some pretty cool rewards!
- All 3 of them have a shared table for the following rewards: 


- The Savage spear pieces can be combined by talking to the Slayer master Laniakea, creating a spear is an Elite Achievement and required for Completionist cape
- This spear has T75 accuracy with T90 damage and has a passive effect that increases the chance of poisoning your target as well as increases the damage that poison deals:


- The Heart of the Berserker can be combined along with 10 Berserker rings to create the Reaver's ring:


- Along with it's bonuses, this ring will increase your critical strike chance by 5% while decreasing your accuracy by 5%

[+] Orikalka


- The red gal, Orikalka, attacks with melee and is weak to magic
- She drops the Heart of the Warrior, which can be combined with 10 Warrior rings to create the Champion's ring:


- Along with it's bonuses, this ring will increase your critical strike chance by 3% while the enemy is poisoned
- Red gal also drops the Bagrada rex (unchecked) and her own pet:


[+] Rathis


- Rathis, or Green gal, attacks with ranged and is weak to melee
- She drops the Heart of the Archer, which can be combined with 10 Archer's rings to create the Stalker's ring:


- Along with it's bonuses, this ring will increase your critical strike chance by 3% when using a bow
- Green gal also drops the Corbiula rex (unchecked) as well as her own pet:


[+] Pthenraken


- Pthenraken, or blue gal, attacks with magic and is weak to ranged
- She drops the Heart of the Seer, which can be combined with 10 Seers' rings to create Channeller's ring:


- Along with it's bonuses, this ring will increase your critical strike chance by 3% while using a staff
- Blue gal also drops the Pavosaurus rex (unchecked) as well as her own pet:


- Creation of all four rings is required for Completionist cape (t)


[+] All-in-one Skilling Outfit

- Hotly requested was an outfit that can be used for any skill, removing the need to change outfits for Skilling contracts or regular skilling.
- In order to claim this outfit, go to Xuan (Skilling Outfits) at ;;shops:


- You must first contribute every Skilling set to him through option 6, including: Artisan's, Blacksmith's, Black ibis, Botanist's, Constructor's, Diviner's, Farmer's, Fletcher's, Firemaking, First age, Fishing, Golden mining, Hunter's, Lumberjack's, Nimble and Sous chef's.
- Following this, you can select option 7:


- You must have 250 Skilling contracts completed, have 10,000 Skilling tickets in your inventory and have 50,000,000 gp ready in order to claim the outfit
- Once you have all of this, you can claim it!


- While equipped, this Skeleton outfit will provide +10% in all skills.


[+] Bug Reports

- Removed cases in which "!!" was used instead of "!"
- Fixed Trivia stating "2handed" instead it is now two-handed
- Fixed lowercase "i" in the Fletching II achievement
- Changed "Where should I start" Trivia question to "How should I start" as where implies a location rather than an action
- Fixed Crystal triskelion opening stating "0 X clues" if you didn't receive one
- Fixed Aquanites not having combat animations
- Fixed Kuroryu pet not having Seiyru, the Azure Serpent kills stated on examine
- Fixed Autoscreener saying 33.3 instead of 3.3
- Fixed Ectofuntus not working
- Fixed crafting jewellery using a furnace giving smithing actions instead of crafting
- Fixed Chief Thief Robin typos
- Fixed receiving Warpriest outside of Godwars Dungeon from Cyclops
- Fixed Araxxor news being the wrong colour
- Fixed "Barriar" typo in Archaeology
- Fixed an unfiltered Gnome agility message
- Fixed a typo in Orichalcite in Skilling contracts
- Fixed Dwarven excavator not working for Material caches
- Fixed options on Xuan being openable from distance (made the player path to him first)



Quickly want to address something that happened in October which effected some of the progress over the last month. On the 16th of October, Ataraxia was leaked to an RSPS forum, this copy was as recent as the 10th of October. After a while of racking our brains on how this occurred, we figured out how it happened, from there, it was damage control. We fortunately came to an agreement with the site owner to take it down, at this time, it had been up for approximately 4 days.

Overall, this fucking sucked to see. As some of you know, this is my full time job. Lately I have been putting a lot of work into Ataraxia and to see people get it for practically nothing, destroys me. Not to mention the amount of progress ArmarXK1ng is making in the high revision community only to have his game-changing content and developments leaked into the sea of rats.

With all of this being said, we are Ataraxia. The high revision servers are all playing for 2nd in comparison.

We are making progress and moves that no one else can or will.

We have possibly the only person capable of developing content as close to RS3 as he has been.

We're not going anywhere, we're going to continue growing, we're not going to let this brief hurdle besmirch the hard work myself, ArmarXK1ng, Xenthium and the rest of the Staff team have been putting in to make Ataraxia what it is today.


Since this occurrence, we have greatly improved our security measures and going forward this will not happen again.


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/





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