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Ataraxia Updates #35 - 11th October 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Added a new system for handling distribution of Seasonal event tokens (I.E H'ween, Xmas etc) to Evil Trees, Penguins, Ancient caskets, Loyalty, Reaper contracts, Skilling contracts, Slayer tasks and Shooting stars
- "Eggy" will now give you a T70 set when used as a YouTube referral
- Fallen Stars that already have a Skill picked (EG. Small fallen prismatic star (cooking)) will no longer have a confirmation dialogue and will instantly apply bxp
- Increased the lifespan of Nodes in the Runespan
- Removed Blurberry special drop from Tortoises
- Added 'rum'-pumped crabs and location (couldn't find cave, let me know if you know coords)
- Added an object to the Guthix cave to retrieve a Shard of the Blade for the Abyssal link relic powr
- Buffed Brine sabre drop rate to 1/512
- Added Menaphos fishing spots to the Menaphos VIP area
- Added Solak to the Max guild portal
- Doubled the base cost to skip Skilling contracts
- Skipping a contract will now cause your next contract to give you 75% less tickets and vis wax and 50% less rewards
- Doing a duplicate contract back-to-back will now cause all rewards to be reduced by 90%
- Reverted the change made to the Summoning shop for Ironmen
- You can now charge Silverhawk boots with them equipped
- Added Mechanised chinchompa AoE attack
- Changed Iron rock from to South-West Varrock mine to avoid Scorpions in the Dwarven mine
- Removed Lost grove creatures from ;;pi
- Added Wizard's tower Runespan teleport portals
- You no longer receive Seals from GWD2 bosses if you have maximum reputation in all factions


[+] Halloween Event

- To start the event, type ;;hween, before I explain it myself, it's mirrored from the 2018 RS3 event: https://runescape.wiki/w/2018_Hallowe'en_event
- You can talk to Death to receive a tutorial!
- To simplify, the Skilling part of this, you must stabilise the 5 pillars surrounding the Chaotic rift, this will grant you either: Crafting, Divination, Invention, Magic, Runecrafting, Prayer, Smithing or Summoning experience, if you switch between Pillars you will receive more experience, the experience gained also scales with your level
- You can tell the progress of the stabilisation from the particles surrounding the pillars, once fully stabilised it will be glowing at the top of the pillar, encouraging you to stabilise the others:


- Once all pillars are stabilised, you can enter the Warped chamber which will contain urns, you can break these to receive Halloween Tokens & rewards from this table: https://runescape.wiki/w/Warped_chamber
- Following this, the pillars will go on cooldown until they reset 4 hours after they spawned, in which they'll all rotate with the same skills on different pillars
- Lucien, the event boss will spawn every 3 hours. He has 1,000,000 hp.
- You can read up on the mechanics for Lucien here (easier than re-writing): https://runescape.wiki/w/Lucien_(2018_Hallowe'en_event) 
- Lucien will reward players with the following upon his death/when he leaves if you couldn't kill him
- Small protean pack, Deathtouched dart, 2 Event mystery boxes, 100-250 H'ween tokens, a 1/30 chance to receive 500 extra tokens, a 1/150 to receive 20 Treasure hunter keys, a 1/300 chance to receive 1000 extra tokens and a 1/500 chance to receive 1500 extra tokens
- Check further down the thread for a full list of Halloween Rewards


[+] Event Mystery Boxes 

- Event mystery boxes are stackable rewards from the Halloween event
- You can obtain them through breaking urns in the Rift or killing Lucien
- Regular Event mystery boxes contain three rewards, one of which is guaranteed; a Prismatic medium fallen star
- The two other rewards roll from the following table: Small/Medium/Large prismatic lamp, Small/Medium/Large fallen star, Small/Medium/Large cash bag, Small/Medium Dungeoneering token box, Tight springs, Silverhawk downs, Advanced pulse cores, Uncut dragonstones and ranging from 25-100 H'ween tokens
- Here's the loot from 20 of them:


- Big event mystery boxes contain five rewards, one of which is guaranteed; a Prismatic medium fallen star
- The four other rewards roll from the following table: 
Small/Medium/Large prismatic lamp, Small/Medium/Large fallen star, Small/Medium/Large cash bag, Small/Medium Dungeoneering token box, Tight springs, Silverhawk downs, Advanced pulse cores and ranging from 50-150 H'ween tokens
- Here's the loot from 20 of them:


- The main difference between the boxes is the reward tiers. For the Big box the chance of receiving better items is more likely as well as receiving more rolls.

[+] Halloween Rewards

- You can receive Halloween tokens from: Stabilising the pillars and entering the rift, killing Lucien, login streaks, completing Skilling contracts, Slayer tasks, Reaper contracts, Evil trees, Penguins, Ancient caskets and Shooting stars.

[+] Miscellaneous Outfits

Warlock outfiit


Witch outfit


Deathcon shirt & lanyard


Web cloak


Jack lantern mask




Bat necklace



[+] Halloween Event Titles

- You can now purchase the following titles for 200,000 Halloween tokens each:



- Be sure to purchase them and show off your participation in the 2022 Halloween Event!
- These titles will not be re-released.

[+] Transformation Rings

- Purchasable for 30,000 Halloween tokens, you can buy any of the following rings which will temporarily transform you into the relevant NPC:

Ring of the Dead


Ring of War


Ring of Multiply


Ring of Pestilence



[+] Cremation

- Cremation was initially a reward from the 2014 RS3 H'ween event, since then it was added as a drop to Ghostly creatures
- I have always found Cremation to be a pretty cool concept, burning Bones for Prayer and Firemaking experience, however, on RS3, it's not too relevant/good.
- I wanted to make this interesting..
- Purchasable for 100,000 Halloween tokens, you can now purchase the Cremation ability codex, permanently unlocking the ability to Cremate bones
- Using the Lava crater at the Donator zone, with the Cremation ability unlocked, you can now incinerate any bones to receive Firemaking and Prayer experience:


- This is the best possible way to use your Bones for Prayer experience.
- All bones provide slightly higher experience than the Chaos altar and as an added bonus you gain a large amount of Firemaking experience
- As an example.. Frost dragon bones provide 630xp in Prayer and 400xp in Firemaking, meaning they're even better than Magic logs.
- I was gaining 1.5m Prayer xp and 1m Firemaking xp an hour using Rune dragon bones on 1x with no bonuses:


- This ability will not be a permanent addition to Ataraxia. They will not be added to any other content following the event.
- Meaning.. After the event ends, there will be a limited supply of these abilities...


[+] Herb Burning

- Similarly to Cremation, the "Deployable herb burner" was added to RS3 from the 2015/2016 Halloween events, then added as a drop from Ghosts
- This object was able to be placed for 5 minutes before returning to your inventory
- While placed, you could use Clean herbs on it to grant Herblore experience and Firemaking experience.. 
- However, like Cremation, this method wasn't widely used to train either skill as it provided a mediocre amount of experience
- I wanted to make this interesting..
- Purchasable for 100,000 Halloween tokens, you can now purchase the Herb burning ability codex, permanently unlocking the ability to Burn clean herbs
- Using the Herb burner at the Donator zone, with the Herb burning ability unlocked, you can now burn any clean herbs to receive Firemaking and Herblore experience:


- This is an excellent way to train Herblore if you don't want to make any potions or have some left over herbs that aren't usable for any relevant potions..!
- The best herb, Clean fellstalk, will grant 200 Herblore xp and 60 Firemaking xp when burned
- On Realism, this means you can gain approximately 500k Herblore xp and 130k Firemaking xp per hour:


- Similarly to the Cremation ability, these will become discontinued when the Halloween event is over.  


[+] More Drop Rates

- Buffed Black mask drop rate from 1/620~ to 1/350~
- Buffed Hexcrest drop rate from 1/500 to 1/300~ (Focus sight is already this drop rate)
- Buffed rare drops from Helwyr from 1/520~ to 1/380~
- Buffed rare drops from Twin Furies from 1/530~ to 1/400~
- Buffed rare drops from Gregorovic from 1/530~ to 1/400~
- Buffed rare drops from Vindicta & Gorvek from 1/550~ to 1/400~
- Buffed boot attachment drops from Rune dragons from 1/320~ to 1/250~
- Buffed boot attachment drops from Elite Rune dragons from 1/800~ to 1/200~
- Buffed Holy elixir drop rate to 1/240~ and Spirit shield to 1/100~



[+] Quest Cape

- Quest cape has been added to the Mysterious cape at home
- Instead of having it grant you the item when you complete all of the Achievements, you can now purchase the Quest cape from the cape stand for 1m gp if you reach the requirements (ignore the textures, we're working on it):



[+] Automatic Home Stalls

- My intention for a long time has been to make an easy way for new players to become involved in the economy
- With the buffing of a lot of drop rates, this should be improved, however, there'll be the select few that won't like PVMing
- Hence, the buffs to the Thieving stalls in the last few updates have been made to make them more profitable and viable in the grand scheme
- Unfortunately, this has inevitably led to Auto clicking, which we don't condone, however, still want to keep the method viable
- The Crafting, Food, General, Magic, Scimitar and Donator Gem stall will all be automated:


- You will automatically thieve every 5 game ticks (3 seconds) meaning you can walk away from your computer and come back in 90 seconds to a full inventory.
- Using this method, you can thieve approximately 1,000 items an hour, granting about 25m/hr profit without the need to break any rules!
- Adding this has been to encourage the old RSPS themes of joining a server and Thieving for some money! Hopefully improving the new player experience for those with no idea what to do.



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Battlestaves not having a creation animation
- Fixed Dagannoths not having a drop table
- Fixed Lost tokens not granting any tokens
- Removed bugged Penguin NPCs around Ataraxia
- Fixed being able to spam click Divine locations causing you to lose more than 1 and only place 1
- Fixed noting the stackable Crystal triskelion deleting your entire stack
- Fixed a problem with not receiving a new Daily challenge if you are logged in after reset
- Fixed event token from Donating being the wrong item id
- Fixed level 120 level up message saying to go to the Wise Old Man instead of Max
- Fixed Donor zone Runecrafting altar not working for Runecrafting daily challenges
- Fixed enchant bolts NPC not enchanting Emerald bolts/Emerald bakriminel bolts
- Fixed Bloodwood tree at Soul wars not working
- Fixed Catherby NPCs being scattered
- Fixed 'the reaper' title announcement
- Fixed Rocktail cooking contracts being assigned at 92 Cooking instead of 93


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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