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Ataraxia Updates #34 - 13th September 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Added Fishing explosives to Bob's skilling shop
- Nerfed the rate of Event tokens from NPCs from 1/50,000 to 1/100,000 (this wasn't intended to be the most common drop chance, too many were dropping from NPCs)
- You can now type ;;tutorial, ;;starterguide, ;;starter to open the starter guide YouTube video
- Added a World announcement for that ^
- The Referral tracker will now track the usernames for all of the other options selected other than YouTube
- Added a 1/500 chance to become fatigued while Thieving causing you to stop your action if you have the Archaeology relic enabled
- Added a Solak KC leaderboard outside his arena
- As we had to remove a Vote site, voting on 3 (all) sites will now grant you the rewards of 4
- Double drops now works for Araxxor and Rise of the Six
- Double resources now works for Home stalls
- Added Faithful shield to the Trivia shop
- Added Event tokens to Treasure trails rewards at a static 1/750 from all Clues
- Added Event tokens to Ancient caskets at a 1/200 chance
- Added Event token tracking to the Ataraxia Staff discord so we can track where each token came from and when
- Updated the Dwarf trader loot table to match RS3
- Added a filter for the Tinker and Rapid perk
- All merchants at the Ardougne square will now open the General store
- Dying an augmented T92 will now unlock the Completionist cape (t) requirement
- You can now create the Mattock of Time and Space with Augmented tools
- Added Blisterwood tree functionality to create the weaponry
- Abyssal demons on the Teleport interface will now teleport you to the Wilderness location
- Added a message when your Spirit shield reduces the amount of damage you take
- Added Grim gem back to the General store
- You can now stack Double experience tomes with Triple experience events to give you 4x exp
- Added Hefin monk to ;;shops
- Your Reaper quest damage buff will now state how long is left instead of saying "Soon"
- Teleporting to the Donor zone will now restore your drained Skills
- Added Clingy mole drop for the Collection log (haven't added Anti-dragonfire shield (mole))
- Blocked Summoning shops for regular Ironmen as well
- Spirit attraction potion now works with the Potion reservoir
- Added Kal'gerion battle commendation to Kal'gerion demon drop tables
- Added Brine rats to Easy training
- Added Ice trolls to Medium training
- Scare tactics now auto unlocks in the Collection log
- Parasitic orb can now be destroyed to unlock the Nipper demon pet
- Reworked Surge, Escape, Bladed dive and Barge to work properly around objects and in instances



[+] Acknowledging Drop Rates

- Drop rates have been heavily debated since we relaunched Ataraxia in May 2021, our initial desire when releasing Ataraxia 2 was to keep drop rates at a manageable state.
- This loosely means, we wanted to make them as close to RS3 as we can and then adjust as necessary so we didn't over inflate the economy too soon. 
- Over 1 year on, I think it's a good time (with a lot of requests for it) to start slowly adjusting some drop rates to match that of the traditional RSPS feel... Therefore:

- Buffed all rare drops from General Graardor to 1/250~ from 1/350~
- Buffed all rare drops from Kree'arra to 1/250~ from 1/350~
- Buffed all rare drops from Commander Zilyana to 1/250~ from 1/350~
- Buffed all rare drops from K'ril tsutsaroth to 1/250~ from 1/350~
- Buffed Phylactery droprate from 1/20~ to 1/10~ from The Magister
- Buffed Holy elixir and Spectral sigil from 1/600~ to 1/450~
- Buffed Arcane, Elysian and Divine sigils from 1/1000~ to 1/600~
- Reduced the rate of Boot drops from Raksha and buffed the rate of Shadow spike and Terrasaur maul pieces
- Buffed Guildmaster tony's mattock from 1/5000 to 1/1000

- This is the start of it anyway. We don't want to edit too much at one time, so we'll slowly work our way through and find a good medium for all Bosses! 


[+] Small Death Rework (Temporary)

- When we did the Death rework over a year ago it really changed the way people perceive dying on Ataraxia, which is a relatively good thing.
- It added a nice money sink and item charge sink, however, has been understandably received quite negatively
- I think this is more caused by the pretty clunky system, so until we have time to rework the entire system like RS3...
- Deaths will no longer cost you anything...! As long as you've voted in the last 24H (there's always a catch)

- It's a pretty big change, but I'm not happy seeing so many people disappointed with the Death system, I would much rather temporarily make it avoidable until we come up with a better system :)
- Receiving a free death will also teleport you straight to your Home location, avoiding Death's instance completely



[+] Thieving Stalls

- Switched Home stalls to a new handling system
- Buffed the experience rates of the Home stalls: Crafting: 50k/hr, Food: 100k/hr, General: 175k/hr, Magic: 250k/hr, Scimitar: 400k/hr, Gem (Ardy): 300k/hr, Donor gem: 400k/hr and Diamond stall: 500k/hr. This is all on 1x exp rate.
- Buffed the amount of Coins you can sell the loot for from: 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000 to 2000, 4000, 7500, 12500, 25000, 30000
- This should make the stalls at home a bit more meta for Thieving for new players, as you can now earn up to 25m/hr from just Thieving at the Scimitar stall.

[+] Skyboxes

- Skyboxes have made their way to Ataraxia! You can now customise the way your background looks.
- The amount of customisation and potential options are overwhelming! You can use 10 Skyboxes, 15 filters and as much RGB customisation as you want!
- To access Skyboxes, simply right click your World map icon:


- The Skybox determines the way the Sky and Lighting looks:

No Skybox


DotD Skybox


- Filters add an ability to customise the appearance even more, adjusting mostly the lighting and overall aesthetic of the viewpoint:

DotD Skybox with Goshima filter


- Finally, Advanced settings allow even more customisation, now I'm sure there's some combinations out there for the RGB that will result in an awesome look, however, from what I've seen, this is where you can just go crazy.

DotD Skybox with Goshima filter and custom RGB


- There is so much fun to be had with customising this all, there's some awesome combos.. I loved this one for the brooding RPG vibe:



[+] Referral System

- There is now a referral system within Ataraxia! When you invite your friends to play Ataraxia, get them to pick this option:


- And then they can type your name in the box:



- Doing so will link your accounts, when your friend Donates for Ataraxia dollars, you will receive 10% of what they donated for! 
- This means that if they donate for $250, you will receive $25 in-game if you're online or when you next log in:


- You can also have more than 1 person use you as their referrer, meaning, if you have 3-4 people who have been referred by you, all of their Ataraxia dollar donations will be beneficial to you!
- Unfortunately, for existing accounts, you will not be able to select a referrer, this system is in play for new accounts joining Ataraxia, but this doesn't mean you can't benefit! Start contacting friends and getting them to chuck your name in the box for some free $$!
- Staff have the ability to change new player's referrers, so please contact us if you have any issues!


- This system will expand in the future, having similar benefits and perks like the Refer-a-friend system on RS3.
- There also might be rewards for those who refer the most people...


[+] Ataraxia Mobile and MacOS

- We have a new Play page! https://ataraxia-ps.com/play and you'll see the following options:


- We now have all clients available: Windows, Mobile, Mac and Linux, making us one of the (if not the) most accessible servers in the world.
- We also have a new resources page: https://ataraxia-ps.com/resources/
- This page will have all of our Client downloads available including 32bit and 64bit windows downloads

[+] Mobile Client

- The media will be taken from my local client as I don't have a jailbroken iPhone or an Android phone.
- To play, simply download the Android app from the play page and run it!
- The Mobile app has an awesome UI convenient for playing Ataraxia on a small screen!


- I will have to walk you through the multiple buttons and what they do!
- The House button, top left will pull up this screen, which is basically your info interface, navigation interface:



- These options are (from top to bottom): World map, Minimap, Lodestones, Inventory, Equipment, Skills, Magic book, Prayer and Abilities
- You can drag abilities onto your Action bar (the sword in the bottom left):


- You can also enable small chat box:


- Big chat box:


- Or the task tab: 


- Enjoy the NPC dialogue:


- As there would be limited people who'd be able to test the Mobile client, the Mobile client is still under construction and will likely have some issues that may need tweaking! Please report them and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Other than that, I hope you can all celebrate with us the first RS3 Mobile RSPS!


[+] MacOS Client

- You can now download and run the MacOS client from https://ataraxia-ps.com/play
- When attempting to install it, you will be downloading a .pkg file like so:



- Find the downloaded file in your Finder, then, right click open doing so will open this:


- If you get this error, don't worry! Simply press "Install on a specific disk":


- And select your main drive, in this case, mine is Macintosh HD
- Once it's installed, you can find the application on your Launchpad:


- From here you can open it like any other app:



- If you have any trouble loading/downloading the Mac client please contact Zxi#0001 on Discord so he can help you troubleshoot it!
- Linux will be out in the next few days.


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Guthixian cache news spam
- Fixed Raksha drop announcement having the wrong a or an
- Fixed Archaeology and Archeology being stated in different cases, made one term: Archaeology in all cases
- Fixed an issue causing players under the Gold rank to receive 0 coins from Money tree cash bags
- Fixed double resources event not working for Deep sea fishing
- Fixed Agnostic material box having the wrong id for Animal furs
- Fixed Edimmu dungeon Crystal flecked sandstone daily cap
- Fixed an issue causing GWD2 bosses to give you 50 rep in all factions every kill
- Fixed Slayer cape taking you to the wrong Kuradal instance
- Fixed "Lay" ground option on Hunter traps not working
- Fixed Event tokens sometimes getting lost if you have a full inventory, they'll be added to your bank if your invent is full, excluding those dropped by NPCs
- Fixed not receiving enough fragments to complete Elite skilling outfits (let me know if this is still an issue after the update)
- Fixed Ruthless invention perk going above 5 stacks


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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