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Ataraxia Updates #31 - 5th July 2022

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[+] General Changes

- You can now unblock Skills that you blocked completely at 200m
- Nihil uniques and Muspah spines are now stackable
- You can now convert 30 Vital sparks into a Sophanem dungeon drop enhancer
- T82/T97 weapons will now have 10% less accuracy when fighting NPCs that aren't weak to the attack style.. I.E Inquisitor's vs Kree
- Added "No longer needs bait" to the Master Fisherman description
- Added Seren stone teleport to the Skillng interface
- Buffed Inquisitor staff pieces droprate from 1/100k (1/90k with pylon) to 1/62.5k (1/48k with pylon)
- Added a buffed version of Jatix's Herblore shop
- You can now automatically transform your glass into flasks for 1k each at the Crafting imp
- Removed wool from Bob now that PoF is fully here
- Removed the Skin colour options from ;;settings in preparation for Skin colour variations/updates
- Donation transfer scroll is now automated, you no longer require a Staff member, using it on a player will transfer your perks/donations to them and ban your account permanently then log it for the Staff members
- Increased the amount of coins received from Money tree bags depending on your donor rank
- Gloomshrooms now also produce Mycelium webbing
- Removed Grapes of Guthix from the Vote shop
- Added Tier 2 bait to the Platinum donor shop and replaced the tier 2 in the Master with Tier 3 bait
- Added Powerburst and Bomb vials to the Master donor shop
- Vials are now unlimited in the Grand Exchange
- Increased the amount of Vial packs in Lady Meilyr's store
- Buffed Vesta's longsword and Superior Vesta's longsword special attacks
- Donating any amount will now grant you 10% increased damage globally for 3 hours
- Voting on 3 or more sites will now grant you 10% increased damage globally for 6 hours stacking with the Donating benefit
- Cleaned up the Task tab of irrelevant information/info handled elsewhere now
- Raised the Ruby bolt (e) damage cap to 2000 from 1250
- Added an examine text to Attuned Crystal bow stating that it will not grant you back the Attuned crystal weapon seed if you destroy it
- Added Dragonfruit seeds to Mystery boxes
- Added a 2% extra chance for a Geode while using the Resourceful aura
- Added Wine of Zamorak, Saradomin and Guthix creation
- Disassembling items will now display a progress interface
- Vengeance will now have a cooldown debuff and active buff on the buff bar
- Combining Triskelions now only costs 100k each instead of 200k
- Added Calquat tree and it's patch
- Multiple choice in Treasure Hunter will always be enabled if you are a Master donator
- Crystal triskelions can now be withdrawn from the bank as a note in a stackable form, meaning you can complete the ;;comb easier
- Ascension bolts, Ascendri bolts and Fragment arrows now deal 30% more damage and have 20% more accuracy when fighting Legiones
- When using a Sign of the Porter on Archaeology, it will now tell you how many materials are stored in your Storage
- Added Superior Morrigan's javelin spec
- ;;clearpatches is now exclusively a Staff command to use on others
- Added Revenant bane weaponry effects, while equipped, you'll deal 25% more damage to Revenants
- Added Ghost hunter armour effect to Revenants, each piece, while equipped, will increase your damage by 3%
- Araxxor's web now burns down twice as quickly (30 seconds instead of 60)
- Added all missing Tool leprechaun spots around Ataraxia
- Buffed chance of receiving Master clues from Box of Clue scrolls
- Added Arbucks, Magic tree seeds and Elder tree seeds to Herblore boxes
- Added Creatures of the Lost Grove to ;;pi
- You can no longer claim seals/anima crystals if it would put you over 5000 reputation


[+] Big Game Expert

- Big Game Expert is a new perk that can be claimed through the $15 perk box!
- The perk effects are:

- Big Game Hunter dinosaurs no longer go into hiding
- Receive 2x the amount of Hunter's Marks
- Dinosaurs take 2 extra ticks to detect/catch you


[+] Gamemode Changing Scroll Update

- Since the addition of being able to change your Gamemode to easier ones, we've had a lot of request for this. 
- The Gamemode Changing Scroll now have two options:


- You can now use the scroll to change to an easier gamemode, or harder.
- Changing to an easier mode is unchanged, it will multiply your experience accordingly:


- You can now change to a harder gamemode, doing so follows the simple calculation (example will be one skill): (attackXP * 0.9) / gameMode * newGameMode
- I.E If you are changing to 5x from 50x and had 200m attack exp: ((200_000_000 * 0.9) / 50) * 5
- Meaning you'll have 18m exp in attack after the switch, losing a total of 20m/2m exp.
- The scroll price will be increased to $20 to adjust for this update:


We've had a few people discussing this saying it is Pay-to-Win. I have seen this idea work extremely well on other RSPS' and have participated myself. I think from the outset yes, it does seem so, I could go 50x get 200m all and then change to Realism. 

But I think it's best considered this way.. If I wanted to do that, I'd have to slave hundreds of hours for 200m all..
THEN I'm resetting all of my skills to 3.6m exp and grinding hundreds of hours more to get to 99 on Realism

Would it not just be easier to start on Realism and get level 86 all without doing that? Yes, yes it would.

While this scroll can be used to do that, it is mostly for those wanting to accept more of a challenge without destroying their account progress.

Hope you all enjoy.


[+] Raptor Chest

- Raptor's chest of Slaying is now functional! Hunt the 4 key pieces from: Wyverns, Ripper demons, Camel warriors and Archeron Mammoths to combine into Raptor's key
- You can find the chest at ;;home


- There is a guaranteed reward and there are 8 possible loot possibilities:

Guaranteed Rewards
375 Slayer points
Huge Prismatic XP lamp
10-20 Slayer VIP tickets
2-4 Pack mammoth pouches
2-4 Inert adrenaline crystals

Possibility 1
100 Frost Dragon bones

Possibility 2
75 Onyx bolt tips
100 Hydrix bolt tips

Possibility 3
10 Large blunt rune salvage
10 Large spiky rune salvage
10 Medium bladed orikalkum salvage
15 Dark animica stone spirit
15 Light animica stone spirit

Possibility 4
Uncut onyx
10 Uncut dragonstones
10 Uncut diamonds

Possibility 5
5 Magic seeds
3 Guarana seeds
5 Dragonfruit seeds
5 Tombshroom spores

Possibility 6
100 Water talismans
100 Steel ingots
75 Crimson charms
75 Blue charms
200 Yak-hides

Possibility 7
20 Wine of Zamorak
20 Wine of Saradomin
50 Crushed nests
25 Grimy lantadymes

Possibility 8
3 Sirenic scales
85 Battlestaves


- When rolling a reward, you will receive the guaranteed reward as well as one of these 8 loot possibilities
- Furthermore, with every key, you have a 1/50 chance to receive a Wyvern crossbow, Ripper claw, Off-hand ripper claw or Camel staff
- Here is a loot from 100:


- I went 150 dry for a weapon.


[+] Material Boxes

- Material boxes have made their way to Archaeology! 
- While excavating any spot, you will have a 1/133 chance (1/80 if Gold member) to receive a Material box ticket:


- Ezreal now has an extra shop:



- All of these boxes cost 1 Ticket each, and you're able to choose any you'd like.
- Each box contains the relevant materials from their faction, Agnostic contains all of the Archaeology materials that aren't specific to one area
- Each box rolls 3 times giving 3 different stacks of materials, Common giving 2, Uncommon giving 4 and Rare giving 6 noted materials
- Here's a loot from 100 of each:


- While it won't be game changing these boxes should help with the Archaeology grind on Ironmen/self sufficient mains


[+] Bolt Enchanter

- You can now use the new "Miscellaneous Combination" npc at ;;shops to automatically enchant stacks of bolts
- Each bolt will cost 300 to instantly enchant:




[+] Incense sticks

- Incense sticks are offshoots of Logs which can then be combined with Demonic ashes and a herb to create a version with special effects
- Incense stick creation requires Firemaking levels and grants Firemaking experience when creating
- Lighting the Incense sticks will add a buff/debuff
- Each incense stick will add 10 minutes to this timer, up to a maximum of 60 minutes
- Every 10 minutes the potency of the Incense stick increased by 1 up to 4, increased potency raised the effectiveness of the incense sticks
- You can right click the incense stick and "Overload" which will consume 6 instantly and raise your potency to 4 and giving you 10 mins of active time, you can then increase your timer regularly by re-lighting more sticks
- To create Incense sticks, there are three processes:

1. Create the base incense sticks with logs (2 logs to 1 stick):


2. Apply 2 demonic ashes to the incense sticks (2 ashes to 1 stick):


3. Add a herb to the ashed sticks (1 herb to 1 stick):


- There are many different effects for Incense sticks, I will do my best to list them all below as well as the required recipe...
- Assume all %'s are at the first potency!

Guam incense sticks
Level 1
2 Logs, 2 Impious ashes, Clean guam

+10% chance to cut an additional log while cutting regular trees


Tarromin incense sticks
Level 5
2 Logs, 2 Impious ashes, Clean tarromin

+25% chance to bank ashes gained from burning logs


Marrentil incense sticks
Level 9
2 Logs, 2 Impious ashes, Clean marrentil

Reduces poison damage by 12.5%


Harralander incense sticks
Level 20
2 Oak logs, 2 Impious ashes, Clean harralander

+25% energy replenishment rate while resting

Ranarr incense sticks
Level 25
2 Oak logs, 2 Impious ashes, Clean ranarr

+1 Prayer bonus

Toadflax incense sticks
Level 30
2 Willow logs, 2 Impious ashes, Clean toadflax

+12.5% chance to avoid failing agility obstacles

Spirit weed incense sticks
Level 35
2 Willow logs, 2 Impious ashes, Clean spirit weed

+10% familiar special attack recovery rate


Irit incense sticks
Level 40
2 Maple logs, 2 Accursed ashes, Clean irit

Reduces poison damage by 25%


Wergali incense sticks
Level 41
2 Maple logs, 2 Accursed ashes, Clean wergali

+0.5% chance to produce strung bows when fletching logs into unstrung bows

Kwuarm incense sticks
Level 54
2 Acadia logs, 2 Accursed ashes, Clean kwuarm

+2.5% weapon poison damage

Bloodweed incense sticks
Level 57
2 Acadia logs, 2 Accursed ashes, Clean bloodweed

+2.5% chance to get double logs when cutting bloodwood trees

Snapdragon incense sticks
Level 59
2 Acadia logs, 2 Accursed ashes, Clean snapdragon

Restore stats 50% faster

Cadantine incense sticks
Level 65
2 Yew logs, 2 Infernal ashes, Clean cadantine

+2.5% chance to not exhaust a tree or Material caches

Lantadyme incense sticks
Level 67
2 Yew logs, 2 Infernal ashes, Clean lantadyme

Increases potion timers by 30 seconds

Dwarf weed incense sticks
Level 70
2 Yew logs, 2 Infernal ashes, Clean dwarf weed

+2% chance to bank dropped or gathered items

Torstol incense sticks
Level 75
2 Magic logs, 2 Infernal ashes, Clean torstol

+0.5% experience gain


Fellstalk and Avantoe incense sticks aren't added.


[+] Armour Spikes

- Armour spikes are here! 
- If you are: Wearing/have armour spikes, melee weapons are equipped, Melee torso/legs armour is worn, an enemy attacks and is within 1 tile you will receive the effects of Armour spikes
- You can create Armour spikes by using an Elder rune bar at an anvil, creating 1000 per bar:


- Armour spikes will cause any attackers within 1 tile to take damage equal to your Smithing level, if you are wearing a shield or defender this amount is increased
- Alternatively, you can smith the upgraded version using a Concentrated alloy bar & 1000 Armour spikes:


- These spikes deal the same amount of damage, however, have a 10% chance to increase the damage from 100% to 1000% of your Smithing level, thus dealing up to 990 damage


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Helwyr boss portal being overwritten by the Boss leaderboard object
- Fixed an issue causing Master members to only roll 1 time for Zygomites when harvesting the entire plant
- Fixed Trader Stan hovering in the water
- Fixed Bone Blowpipe only disassembling to 1 silent component (now d/a's to 3)
- Fixed Runespan teleport not putting you in the Runespan controller (making Runespan not work)
- Fixed Earth impling giving the runespan Earth rune
- Fixed the Pet shop having the wrong id for Flies and Beetle bits
- Fixed Arbucks not working with the auto cleaner/herblore master cape
- Fixed Imcando mattock creation not taking materials if they're not in your inventory but are in your Bank
- Fixed being able to sell Skilling tickets to the shops
- Fixed Modified Shaman's headdress saying it saved materials when it didn't
- Fixed God Jadinkos saying "have went back into hiding" instead of "have gone back into hiding" 
- Fixed "Rocktunity" typo instead of "Rockertunity"
- Fixed doors at Darkmeyer teleport not opening
- Fixed being able to log out and skip the cutscene to make your unstable Malevolent energy, stable
- Fixed being able to use ;;b in Rise of the six
- Fixed Anachronia lodestone being locked
- Fixed Strykewyrms not giving drops if they die as they dig
- Disabled Nex: AOD ice crystal melee bleed
- Fixed Teak trees not having a stump
- Fixed Papaya tree and Palm tree grow/disease/dead stages
- Fixed Blast diffusion boot drop rate to 1/6k (1/2k on task)
- Fixed Guthix rest, Saradomin's uhh? and Zamorak's favour potion timers
- Fixed issue causing a spot to be unlimitedly giving experience for Hunter




Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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