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Ataraxia Updates #30 - 9th June, 2022

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[+] General Changes

- You can now right click 'Convert' all perk boxes to convert them to Ataraxia Dollars (vote) in case you made a mistake when choosing the box
- Buffed Dragon mattock from BGH to 1/50
- Examining a noted stack of items on the ground or in your inventory will now list it's total GE stack price as well as how many of what item
- Entering a Legio boss portal with a relevant key will teleport you to that relevant boss
- Guthixian cache and Demon Flash mobs Discord announcements will now display an emoji beforehand (thanks to Snowie xx)
- Higher donor ranks now receive more dust from Harps, with the base being 0, Gold: 4, Platinum: 5, Diamond: 6, Master: 7
- Higher donor ranks now increase the amount of time the Guthixian cache boost is active for, with the base being 20 mins, Gold: 25, Diamond: 30, Master: 40
- Lowered price of creating unfinished potions through the NPC from 10k to 2.5k
- Quick teleports now only state "Oh no!" if you have less than 10 teleports remaining
- Altar of war and teleporting to the Donor zone now restore your Familiar's health
- Added command to disable receiving Imcando fragments from Archaeology and Mining, ;;togglepickaxepieces, ;;togglemattockpieces
- Removed Rare mystery boxes from the Store and shops
- Added Smelting make-x progress interface when Smelting bars
- Added Harmony moss seeds to the Clan Meilyr shops
- Added world announcement for receiving a Dragon mattock from Tetracompasses
- Added Ring of Wealth (c) creation to ;;comb
- Added Tight springs to the Master donor shop
- 120 Herblore and 120 Farming are now Completionist cape requirements
- Cave nightshade now yields a minimum of 3 crops
- Added Coconut milk to Skilling steven
- You can now sell all Custom rares to Dawson's shop for 2 Rare item tokens each
- Master donors with a Farming cape equipped will now automatically harvest the entire crop, regular accounts have a 20% chance



[+] Fortunate Item Conversion

- Fortunate items have typically been extremely difficult to sell in bulk, you can now talk to Zaida at ;;shops:


- Clicking this option will turn all of your items in your inventory that convert to Fortunate components into a stackable item like so:


- This item disassembles to fortunate components, is stackable and is tradeable


[+] Boss Leaderboards

- All around Ataraxia you can now find these little noticeboards perched up on all sorts of Boss walls:





- You will find these at the following bosses/entries: Commander Zilyana, Kree'arra, General Graardor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Nex, Nex: Angel of Death, Queen Black Dragon, King Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen, Kalphite King, Helwyr, Twin Furies, Gregorovic, Vindicta & Gorvek, Dagannoth Kings, Giant Mole, Corporeal Beast, Fight Caves (Jad), Fight Kiln (Har-aken), Araxxi, Vorago, Rak'sha and The Magister
- All of these will record the top Killcounts of any person to defeat the Boss after this update
- The leaderboards will only count your Killcount if you defeat this boss after the update! So don't expect to be #1 with 15k killcount unless you go and kill it for the 15,001th time


[+] New Interfaces

- As stated in the previous update, we were in the process of improving a lot of our old and out of date interfaces with the help of Neutrino. I'm glad to announce they are all done.. Here they are:

[+] Combination Interface



[+] Platinum Instances

- Gone are the days of text interfaces.. Now you can enjoy this rather interactive interface:


- All NPC models are animated and it'll be much easier to find the creature you'd like!


[+] Teleport Interface

- The Teleport interface has received possibly the best glow up ever! Gone is the annoying menu navigation with numbers and clicking.. We now present an all inclusive teleport interface!


- All monsters you will be able to see their Level, Slayer level requirement, notable drops and killcount
- By selecting Early Level, you view the low level monsters, mid level, medium, high level, hard etc.. 
- You can click the Star within their description box to Favourite that monster:


- When toggling the Favourite option, it'll then only show you a list of monsters you have favourited:


- Or you can select "Previous" and it'll show you your last 10 teleports:


- Furthermore! To speed it up even more, you can toggle "Instant Teleport" which will instantly teleport you to whichever monster you select:


- These options are mirrored in the Slayer section, however, you can navigate the creatures based on their Slayer level requirement:


- Now included in the main teleport interface is the Skilling teleport interface:


- Similarly to the monsters, you can favourite, filter by favourite, enable Instant teleport and everything else!
- We've also added an Archaeology section! For easy access to the Archaeology Guild and the dig sites! 


- Huge shoutout to Armar and Neutrino for working together on perfecting these!


[+] 120 Farming Content

[+] New Patches

Sunchoke allotment
Farming Level: 87
Produce: 1000 Strength Experience


Fly Trap allotment
Farming Level: 93
Produce: 1000 Thieving Experience


Farming Level: 95
Produce: God grapes
Requirements: 5 planks to build Frame



Barberry bush
Farming Level: 77
Produce: Agility exp scaling with Agility level


Avocado bush
Farming Level: 99
Produce: Avocados


Mango bush
Farming Level: 105
Produce: Mangoes


Lychee bush
Farming Level: 111
Produce: Lychees


Ciku Fruit tree
Farming Level: 101
Produce: Cikus


Guarana Fruit tree
Farming Level: 107
Produce: Guarana


Carambola Fruit tree
Farming Level: 113
Produce: Carambola


Prickly pear cactus
Farming Level: 76
Produce: Defence experience


Potato cactus
Farming Level: 86
Produce: Potato cactus


Dragonfruit cactus
Farming Level: 95
Produce: Dragonfruit


Golden dragonfruit cactus
Farming Level: 116
Produce: Golden dragonfruit


Stinkshroom mushroom
Farming Level: 103
Produce: Stinkflies


Tombshroom mushroom
Farming Level: 109
Produce: Tombshrooms


Elder Tree
Farming Level: 90
Produce: Elder logs


Money tree
Farming Level: 119
Produce: Money tree cash bags




[+] 120 Herblore Content

- You can now crush Dragonfruit, Avocado, Ciku, Mango, Guarana, Lychee, Carambola and Golden dragonfruit into Primal fruit pulp

[+] New Potions

Some of these potions aren't new with the 120 Herblore update, however, have had their effects added.

Cooking potion
Herblore Level: 55
Effect: +3 Cooking level

Super Cooking potion
Herblore Level: 79
Effect: +5 Cooking level

Extreme Cooking potion
Herblore Level: 104
Effect: Up to +17 Cooking levels depending on level

Hunter potion
Herblore Level: 53
Effect: +3 Hunter level

Super Hunter potion
Herblore Level: 64
Effect: +5 Hunter level

Extreme Hunter potion
Herblore Level: 80
Effect: Up to +17 Hunter levels depending on level

Crafting potion
Herblore Level: 42
Effect: +3 Crafting level

Fletching potion
Herblore Level: 58
Effect: +3 Fletching level

Archaeology potion
Herblore Level: 78
Effect: +3 Archaeology level

Divination potion
Herblore Level: 43
Effect: +3 Divination level

Super Divination potion
Herblore Level: 70
Effect: +5 Divination level

Extreme Divination potion
Herblore Level: 89
Effect: Up to +17 Divination levels depending on level

Runecrafting potion
Herblore Level: 54
Effect: +3 Runecrafting level

Super Runecrafting potion
Herblore Level: 75
Effect: +5 Runecrafting level

Extreme Runecrafting potion
Herblore Level: 91
Effect: Up to +17 Runecrafting levels depending on level

Invention potion
Herblore Level: 77
Effect: +3 Invention level

Super Invention potion
Herblore Level: 87
Effect: +5 Invention level

Extreme Invention potion
Herblore Level: 95
Effect: Up to +17 Invention levels depending on level

Extreme Prayer potion
Herblore Level: 117
Effect: Restores between 75-565 prayer pts

Luck potion
Herblore Level: 57
Effect: Grants tier-2 luck

Extreme luck potion
Herblore Level: 77
Effect: Grants tier-3 luck

Spirit attraction potion
Herblore Level: 116
Effect: Automatically collects various spirits spawned from Skilling

Charming potion
Herblore Level: 102
Effect: Increases the minimum drop of Charms by 1

Weapon poison+++
Herblore Level: 100
Effect: Makes the player deal lots of damage with poison tldr

Adrenaline renewal potion
Herblore Level: 115
Effect: Increases special attack energy by 4% per tick for 10 ticks

Harvest potion
Herblore Level: 95
Effect: Allows players to harvest mutated 'mega' versions of produce from allotment patches

- That concludes the regular potions that are new, up next is the new combination potions:

[+] Combination potions

Aggroverload potion
Herblore Level: 96
Effect: Grants the effect of an Overload and Aggression potion

Holy aggroverload potion
Herblore Level: 98
Effect: Grants the effect of an Overload, Prayer renewal and Aggression potion

Elder overload potion
Herblore Level: 106
Effect: Greatly increases your combat stats up to 129 (if 99)

Elder overload salve potion
Herblore Level: 107
Effect: Greatly increases your combat stats up to 129 (if 99), restores prayer, grants poison, dragonfire and wyvernfire immunity and a prayer renewal effect

Spiritual prayer potion
Herblore Level: 110
Effect: Combines a Prayer potion and Summoning potion effect


[+] Bomb Vials

- Bombs have made their way to Ataraxia! You can now use these from your inventory to automatically throw it at your target, or from your action bar to pick a target!
- Bombs have 3 different types all of which make a 3x3 zone of their effect:

Poison bomb
Herblore Level: 99
Effect: Poisons targets standing in the zone

Sticky bomb
Herblore Level: 101
Effect: Binds targets standing in the zone

Vulnerability bomb
Herblore Level: 103
Effect: Applies Vulnerability to targets standing in the zone (+10% damage taken)


[+] Powerbursts

- Powerbursts are extremely powerful potions that last for a short amount of time compared to others, these potions have 4 doses
- Using a Powerburst potion will put all other Powerbursts on cooldown
- There are 6 types of Powerburst potion:

Powerburst of opportunity
Herblore Level: 103
Effect: Doubles the effect of Rockertunities and Archaeology time sprites for 15 seconds

Powerburst of vitality
Herblore Level: 105
Effect: Doubles maximum and current life points for 6 seconds

Powerburst of masterstroke
Herblore Level: 108
Effect: For the next four hammer swings within 30 seconds, Smithing progress is multiplied by ten.

Powerburst of sorcery
Herblore Level: 109
Effect: For the next runes crafted within 10 seconds, the 'runes per essence' multiplier is doubled.

Powerburst of acceleration
Herblore Level: 111
Effect: The cooldown of Surge and Bladed Dive is instantly reset and is 1.2 seconds for the next six seconds.

Powerburst of feats
Herblore Level: 114
Effect: The familiar's special move costs no special move points for ten seconds.


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed an issue causing Archaeology storage/shop upgrades to not appear visually
- Fixed examine text displaying as "It's an  item"
- Fixed an issue causing players being unable to start a Telos instance as their had to claim there rewards, but there were none
- Fixed Protean hides displaying the wrong amount of exp gained (amount you received was correct, amount it said you were receiving was wrong)
- Fixed Celebration lamps giving Prayer experience while combat xp is disabled
- Fixed Gemstone Dragon kc
- Fixed Ganodermic beasts being attackable at any Slayer level
- Fixed Karambwans appearing to be locked in the cooking interface
- Fixed Herb cleaning using the potion animation and made cleaning 1 tick faster
- Fixed delay between attacking Strykewyrms
- Fixed Infernal adze not working for Mining




Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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