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Ataraxia Updates #29 - 19th May, 2022

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[+] General Changes

- If you have 120 Slayer and the Perslaysion perk, you will now be able to pick your task 100% of the time
- Removed defence requirement on Culineromancer's gloves
- Added 'Deposit-all' option on the Living Rock Caverns lift
- Hunter urns will now charge within Big Game Hunter
- Farming urns will now charge within Player Owned Farms
- Changed "Complete x clue scrolls" to "Open x clue caskets" for a bit more clarity
- Added Drakan's medallion and it's teleports
- Added Drakan's medallion and Amulet of Farming to the Vote shop for 20 and 30 Vote points respectively
- Added Bushes/Cactus teleports to the Amulet of Farming and reorganised the options
- Added functionality to the Hefin course multiplier, will now multiply your experience during a Hefin agility lap by 1.2x then consume one
- You can now receive Metamorphic/Igneous geodes from mining Blurite
- Added Magic secateurs to the Donor shop and Vote shop for $5 and 15 vp
- Added Grim gem to the General store incase a player loses theirs
- Shooting star achievement to mine a level 70 star is now 70+ star, higher levels will count
- Added Dark beast spawns to the Temple of Light (can access this through the Attuned crystal teleport seed)
- Changed text colour on Anima crystals, Skillcape notifications, Boss portal retuning and various other stuff (it was some really ugly dark blue)
- Buffed Tavia's fishing rod chance to activate perks from 0.03% to 0.08%
- Cleared up some World announcements, edited some, added new ones
- Buffed droprate of Shadowy key from 1/100,000 to 1/5,000
- Home teleport will now open the Lodestone with one click
- Skipping tickets from Clue scrolls will now sell to the General store for 2.5m
- Added Guthix rest potion effect (+50 hp, 30s poison immunity, cures poison)
- Reduced the amount of auto attacks Vorago does on his rotations by 1 all around the park, should speed him up
- Hardcore Ironmen can now claim an extra life from Mr. Ex for 200m with 2,750 total level
- Buffed Dual combat damage globally by 15%
- Buffed Dragon mattock droprate from BGH from 1/1000~ to 1/150~
- Buffed Terrasaur maul pieces droprate from BGH from 1/10000~ to 1/1000~
- Added Black salamander, Blisterwood staff and Necronium battleaxes to the Equipment salesman
- All potions in the non-ironman store are now noted along with Manta rays and Sea turtles
- Added Goraks to Gorak's Plane
- Admins can now once more trade/receive any item to/from players
- You no longer have to be in the 'Gambling' Friends chat to Gamble at ;;gamble, however, discussing or offering gambling activities in the help chat will result in a kick following 1 warning
- Utility, Skilling and Combatants perk packages have been discontinued
- Complete perk package has been increased to $375, with the new perks, the total amount is $480, this still gives a $105 discount when purchasing the perk package!
- Buffed Dragon pickaxe droprate from 1/1800 to 1/1000 from Chaos dwarf hand cannoneers 
- Buffed chance of BGH double encounters from 1/16 to 1/10
- Buffed the effectiveness of Revenant drop enhancer
- The Wars' retreat portals now have a 50 hour grace period, when you have <50 hours played, they won't cost a thing!


[+] Donation Total Transfer Scroll

- New item added to the Store! For $25 you can now purchase the Donation Total Transfer Scroll
- Purchasing this item will add $25 to your total donated
- This scroll, when used on another player, will offer you the option to transfer up to $250 from your Donor total to someone else's:


- The maximum amount you can transfer is $250 per scroll, this is limited to prevent people selling their donor total in bulk
- This is intended to be used for you to make new accounts and partition your total between them, this functionality allows you to potentially sell your total, however, do this with caution, transferred total is final.



[+] Donator Updates

- Donor benefits, rank benefits and perks have been up for debate for weeks, months, even years. This update is including a fair few wildly beneficial new passive effects/bonuses for Donor ranks. Below are the benefits added:

[+] Bank Command

- Master donators can now use the bank command using ;;bank, ;;b or ctrl-b
- This command can be used in almost every location on Ataraxia, excluding certain boss instances, the wilderness, minigames or while in combat.
- Furthermore, Master donators who are Group ironmen can use ;;gimbank or ctrl-g to open their Group's bank with the same restrictions as above
- While some may see this as 'unfair', Master donators contribute $1,000, which to me, is a stupidly large amount for an RSPS (please keep doing it i need to eat). That being said, giving them this command is purely quality of life and convenience, there is no real difference, except in a few skilling scenarios.
- You can't use ;;b in: Flower poker, LMS, Nex: AOD, Telos, Vorago, Araxxor or Runespan

[+] Divination

- Farming energy for Divine charges has been far too slow, with the fixes improving the base rates, there have been some improvements for donor ranks
- Gold members will now receive +1 energy per harvest
- Diamond members will now receive +2 energy per harvest
- Master members will now received +3 energy per harvest
- This means that with the new changes, Master members will be receiving 6 energy per harvest, compared to a previous 2
- Master members will now harvest Enriched memories 100% of the time


[+] Mining

- When mining a Shooting star, Silver members will continue to mine when it downgrades a level, meaning you can afk the entire star as a Silver member
- When mining as a Master member, all ore gained will be automatically deposited in your ore box if you have one that has available space


[+] Degrading Equipment

- Dying on Ataraxia in the past has been pretty meaningless, however, with the Death changes and the importance of high tier degradable gear, dying on Ataraxia is.. for lack of a better word.. fucked.
- Losing 10%/20% of your gear's charges for one death is ludicrous
- Therefore, we've implemented some changes to help people at various donor ranks, so:
- Gold members will lose a maximum of 14% charges on death (7% for degrade-to-dust items)
- Platinum members will lose a maximum of 10% charges on death (5% for degrade-to-dust items)
- Diamond members will lose a maximum of 8% charges on death (4% for degrade-to-dust items)
- Master members will lose a maximum of 4% charges on death (2% for degrade-to-dust items)
- With these changes, at later stages of the game, dying is still pricey, but not depressing, which is the sweet spot

[+] Familiar Hitpoints

- High level bossing can be quite stressful, especially when your trusted familiar perishes before your very eyes to an Araxxor swipe
- There were small changes we could do to slightly improve the familiar health pools to stop this happening, but at the end of the day, the familiars would've still died in 1-2 more hits
- Therefore, Familiar hitpoints has been increased 5x for Diamond members and 10x for Master members
- Familiar expert still raises their health by 1.25x (doesn't stack)
- Ripper demons will now have this much health as a Master member:


[+] Donor Shop Updates

- Finally, Donor shops have been improved, with most of the rewards rendered useless in previous updates, the stocks have been changed:

[+] Bronze Donor Shop

- Mostly unchanged, except, added Salve amulet (e) which gives bonus damage to undead creatures and Potion/Crystal flasks (personal stock):


[+] Platinum Donor Shop

- Mostly unchanged as well, however, added necklaces for easy Porter creations:


[+] Master Donor Shop

- Fully reworked, removed Divine locations, added lots of QoL items:


- Headless arrows, bolt shafts, limited stock of Silverhawk downs (100k each), Ring of slayings for Precious comps, Dragonbane arrows/bolts and Big Game Hunter bait.

This update also brings 4 brand new perks!


[+] $10 - Intuitive Invention

- Intuitive Invention will give you a 10% chance to save components or materials when creating things at an Invention workbench
- The perk will roll a 10% chance on all required components, I.E Base parts, Flexible parts, Enhancing components, Powerful components and it will save up to 3 required materials.. Meaning, if successful, it could remove the requirement for 7 powerful components
- However, the perk does not work for Alchemical onyx, Onyx or Hydrix
- You can unlock this perk with a $10 perk box or claim it when opening a Complete perk package box


[+] $15 - Duplicated Excavation

- Duplicated excavation will double all materials gained from Archaeology when excavating from material caches or spots
- Duplicated excavation gives a 1/3 chance to double the artifact uncovered, giving you two (damaged) artifacts
- You can unlock this perk with a $15 perk box or claim it when opening a Complete perk package box


[+] $15 - The Shepherd

- The Shepherd will give you 10% more beans when selling animals to buyers or the Farmer's market, 10% extra chance for a successful breed (50% to 60%) and animals will now consume food every 90 mins instead of 60 mins (they'll use 50% less food)
- You can unlock this perk with a $15 perk box or claim it when opening a Complete perk package box


[+] $20 - Death's Prodigy

- Death's prodigy will double the chances of your Reaper perks activating
- This means that 'Reaper's Choice' now has a 30% chance of activating and 'Take Two' has a 20% chance of activating
- You can unlock this perk with a $20 perk box or claim it when opening a Complete perk package box


[+] Auto Cooker

- Added a Chef to ;;shops/;;market that will automatically cook all of your food for 500gp each piece:




[+] Muddy Chest

- Added Muddy chest, you can now use Muddy keys on the chest at the center of the Lava maze for the following rewards:

Blood Runes
Preserved meat
Bloodweed seeds
Dragon longsword
Crystal key
Adrenaline crystals
Fremennik armour patch
Ancient warriors' equipment patch
Revenant drop enhancer
Dragon pickaxe

- Ima keep it a buck 50.. This chest sucks. But it was requested.. So here.



[+] Evil Chicken's Lair

- Added Evil Chicken's Lair to Zanaris, you can enter by using a Raw chicken on the shrine:


- This dungeon has a large drakolith mine as well as 4 Black dragons


[+] Achievements Interface

- The Achievements interface has been upgraded! The old one was out of date and looked disgusting in the EoC interface layouts..





- The Achievements interface is now embedded in the actual RS3 Achievements interface
- This is a HUGE improvement, and looks much cleaner and matches the RS3 style much more
- Huge shoutout to Neutrino for fashioning this, he'll be improving a lot more of our outdated interfaces in weeks to come.


[+] Gamemode Change Scroll

- Hotly requested for the last year has been the ability to change gamemodes, this is something we had on previous versions of Ataraxia, however, it would reset your experience to level 1.
- You can now purchase the "Gamemode Switching Scroll" from the Store for $15, which allows you to change your gamemode up experience rates. I.E You can change from 1x to 50x, but not 50x to 5x.
- However, when changing your gamemode to a higher experience rate, it will automatically adjust your levels to match that new rate. I.E If you're 1x with level 70 everything and change to 5x, you'll then have level 86 everything and be 5x
- Check it out:


- What does this mean? Well, it allows those players who have chosen a difficult gamemode to re-evaluate their choice and not lose their progress having to make a new account.
- Will we add a scroll to go from 5x to 1x etc..? Likely not, for harder gamemodes, we want to keep it how it is so you can't get any benefits over others. This scroll was made for those who regret going too difficult and want to fix it and keep their progress.
- Buying the scroll will also add $15 to your Donor total.


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Tectonic crafting giving Crafting exp instead of Runecrafting
- Fixed reaper's choice perk description
- Fixed server info donate button
- Fixed Molten glass not being unlimited in Grand exchange
- Fixed check charges not working on attuned ectoplasmator while equipped
- Fixed bolt tips on Portable crafter
- Fixed Extreme/Brew/overload skilling contracts not working properly
- Fixed Enchant spells being able to use on any jewellery, now requires the relevant spell for the relevant jewellery
- Fixed typo in Dominion Domination and Elf's friend in the ;;perks stating the wrong $ amount
- Fixed Divination energy harvesting amount, now works properly with rs3, 75+ = 3, 55+ = 2 and default = 1
- Fixed 'Open shop' not working on Ataraxia dollars
- Fixed Red sandstone in Sophanem not giving the correct daily amount cap
- Fixed "summononing" while teleporting to Dz
- Fixed Shooting star spawning in a tree at the South-east Varrock mine
- Fixed Tutorial showing shops as the empty area at home
- Fixed typo in the Royal crossbow achievement
- Fixed Araxxor dropping ores
- Fixed Pickaxe of Earth and Song not receiving item xp when mining Shooting stars
- Fixed Taverley dungeon pipe shortcut near the Moss giants
- Fixed ladder at Burthorpe sending you into the air
- Fixed Small obelisks not restoring Summoning points
- Fixed Varrock museum stairs when going down sending you to the palace
- Fixed Santa claus swarming Falador castle, is now properly White knights
- Fixed Pack mammoths only having 30 storage spaces when it should be 32
- Fixed Implings turning into Butterflies in Puro Puro
- Fixed Double slayer point events not doubling the points
- Fixed a bug causing BGH to not register a successful game when skinning the last dinosaur in the instance




Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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