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Ataraxia Updates #28 - 22nd April, 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Blessing of the Gods materials will now display Yellow for uncommon and Red for rares, uncommon will filter and rare won't
- Added Bear fur to the Fur stall
- Teleporting to Donor zone will now restore your Summoning points as well
- You can no longer drop the Amulet of farming
- Added Bloodwood logs to Quickshafter
- Ava's Secret will now re-equip the saved ammo
- Added Bronze arrows to the Ranged shop
- Added Red dragons, Black dragons, Yaks, Deadly red spiders and Rabbits to ;;pi
- Lowered the price of clues from Zaida to match RS3
- Moved the 2nd group of Abyssal demons in the Wilderness 20 paces left (as requested)
- Made Raksha reaper tasks 8-14 like Telos
- Gem bags will now automatically deposit the held gems to your bank when opening the bank
- Added Falador Farm stile shortcut
- Added a filter to Mining actions ("You swing your pickaxe at the rock"
- Added Dedicated slayer aura, this aura will give a 3%/5%/7%/10%/15% chance for your task amount not to go down during a Slayer task
- GIM players can now receive DTD from the World Deathtouched dart giveaways
- Changed the stock of Perk packages to 1 so people don't accidentally purchase more than one
- Buffed Zygomite sporeling from 1/200 to 1/100 while harvesting mushrooms
- Included the Perk price in ;;perks 
- Re-enabled the following Hunter achievements off the back of the Hunter fixes: Catch 150 Viridian, Azure and Crimson skillchompas
- Added Chaos altar teleport to ;;sp
- Increased the amount of charges Divine charges grant for Diamond/master members, Diamond receive 3250 and Master receive 3750
- Picking extra Herbs and Mushrooms with Greenfingers will now tell you the name of the item you picked
- Added Legends cape teleport
- Made Grace of the elves ask if you'd like to charge all if you have more than one in your inventory
- Godwars and Elite Dungeon booster tokens now give 1 hour per and caps at 2 hours of boosts
- Sign of the porter now transports ore to the metal bank


[+] Player Healing

- Added purple healing hit-splat to all food and healing:



[+] Perk Box Overhaul

- Perk boxes have been on my mind for a few weeks, they've been cluttered since we changed it to boxes instead of the store
- Too many items for too many perks, instead, we've simplified the way the boxes work
- There are now 5 items; $5 Perk box, $10 Perk box, $15 Perk box, $20 Perk box and $25 Perk box
- All of these will open an options interface with the available perks for that price
- Selecting the perk will unlock it and grant you the $ added to your Donor total:



- Unlocked perks won't show on the interface, slowly narrowing down the options to show you which perks you're yet to unlock!
- Revamped all of the Donor shops to only have these boxes and Perk packages to clean them up


[+] Robust Glass/Crystal Glass AutoMaker

- At the cost of 500gp per Sandstone you can now transmute Sandstone (Diamond) and Crystal-Flecked sandstone (Master) into their glass alternatives:



[+] Rare Mystery Box Update/Rotation

- New rotation! Out: Holographic, Web, Water, Fire, Shooting star
- In (Gyazo kills the gif quality):


Bunny Ears (Bling)

Bunny Ears (Molten)

Bunny Ears (Frostfire)

Bunny Ears (Supernova)

Bunny Ears (Rainbow)


[+] Modified Skilling Outfit Hats

- Added all Modified helmets and their teleports/resource collections:

Farmer's Hat:

Effect: 2% chance of saving a seed when planting it
Teleport: Morytania allotment/herb patch
Daily Loot: 4 filled Bird's nests

Sous Chef's Toque:

Effect: 5% chance of cooking a duplicate food item (automatically banked)
Teleport: Cooking Guild
Daily Loot: 10 Pie shells

Artisan's Bandana:

Effect: 5% chance of saving a piece of leather (automatically banked)
Teleport: Crafting Guild
Daily Loot: 35 Soft clay

Diviner's Headwear:

Effect: 5% chance of saving energy while weaving or transmuting
Teleport: Orla Fairweather (Draynor)
Daily Loot: 3 Chronicle fragments

Botanist's Mask:

Effect: 5% chance of making duplicate potions (automatically banked)
Teleport: Catherby Herb Patch
Daily Loot: 200 Vials of water

First Age Tiara:

Effect: 2% chance of saving bones when buried or used on an altar
Teleport: Player-owned house
Daily Loot: 3 Dragon bones

Blacksmith's Helmet:

Effect: +1% double bar chance
Teleport: Artisan's Workshop
Daily Loot: 50 Coal

Shaman's Headdress:

Effect: 5% chance of saving a charm when infusing pouches
Teleport: Taverley Summoning
Daily Loot: 500 Spirit shards


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed an issue causing Realism Ironmen receiving 5x less experience than they were meant to from Dragonkin Lamps
- Fixed various Cooking spots counting as Portables
- Fixed healing amounts of Deep Sea Fishing fish
- Fixed healing amounts of Menaphos fish
- Fixed Loyalty displaying 400 instead of 1000 Loyalty points gained after 12 hours
- Fixed Gem cutting saving resources, will now send the extra resource to your bank
- Fixed Headless arrow fletching using too many resources
- Fixed Trimmed completionist requirements sometimes not counting items already obtained
- Fixed lots of errors on the Server console (just errors that occur over time/random ones)
- Fixed hardmode Vorago phase 10/11 attack rotations
- Fixed Ring of Slaying options not working when unequipped
- Fixed deposit interface in PoF not re-enabling your inventory functions when you walk away and close the interface
- Fixed Grey/red chinchompas in PoF gathering the wrong item
- Fixed divination transmute last product selection
- Fixed crash error in make-x dialogue
- Fixed Brooch of the Gods pulling Urns from storage rather than progressed ones in your Bank
- Fixed up some of the skilling outfit code and made those giving too much give what was intended
- Fixed elite outfits giving increased % even without the base outfit in bank/diango
- Fixed tectonic crafting checking for crafting level instead of Runecrafting
- Fixed animals 'release' option


[+] Next Update

- New perks
- New Donor benefits
- New Donor content
- 120 Farming and Herblore content
- More..


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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