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Ataraxia Updates #27 - 6th April, 2022

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[+] New Developer

- @FTWImCodyhas put his hand up to help us out with Development as myself and Armar have a lot on our plate!
- So far he's been working over the last few weeks on little bits and bobs and improvements
- Cody has come on as a Developer but will maintain his Head Moderator rank and help us with development on the side, thus far, he's been doing an excellent job and I'm glad we took the plunge!
- Hopefully this will mean more consistent and content filled updates, especially considering now you all have a 'representative' in the Development team.. As Armar and I don't play.. Which should mean some of the long standing issues will be amended. 
- Cody only came onto the team a week and a bit ago, so this update (which still includes a lot of what he's done) is only a fraction of what he's capable for you all!


[+] General Changes

- Added Flaming sword enhancement, Last riders and Greater barge codex to auto unlock on the Collection interface
- You can now answer Trivia while in Rise of the Six
- Receiving a Shadowy egg will now globally announce the drop
- Increased the amount of Loyalty points received; Base amount from 140 to 200, Donor increases from 20/20/40/60/80/100 to 50/50/100/150/200/400 (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Plat/Diamond/Master)
- Increased the bonus for 12 hours of gameplay from 400 to 1000
- Seren Godbow now uses only 50% special attack energy rather than 60%
- Moved Robin from the ;;home teleport to the Thieving stalls
- You can now tele to ;;shops with ctrl-s
- Updated Perslaysion description to Slayer Masters instead of Kuradal
- Updated 'Bait and Switch' relic to work with Consume all on Shark outfit and Porters
- Added Penguin points, Pest Control points and Treasure Trail points to the Currency interface
- Green Thumb will now note harvested Vine herbs
- Perfect Juju farming potion will now work on Vine herbs
- Updated some messages from Invention perks to be more clear
- Added Mango, Lychee, Dragonfruit and Guarana seeds to Elite caskets
- Added Money tree, Carambola and Golden dragonfruit seeds to Crystal triskelion rewards
- Updated Elite outfit fragments closer to RS3
- Adjusted sell prices for Subjugation ward, gloves and boots and Zamorakian spear
- Adjusted sell prices for Torva, Virtus and Pernix armour
- Made some improvements to the Hunter code in order to make trapping animals work better (let us know how this goes)


[+] Scroll of Dexterity/Proficiency

- Dexterity: When crafting something that requires 3 or more materials, have a chance to save one
- Proficiency: When building something in your house that requires 3 or more planks, have a chance to save one or more



[+] New Shops





[+] Crafting and Cooking RS3 Interface

- The Crafting and Cooking RS3 interfaces have arrived:




[+] Daily/DnD/Misc Resets

- Cody has expanded our system for Dailies and DnDs around Ataraxia! Now, at 00:00AM server time (UTC) the following activities will reset every day:

Araxxi Enrage
Wise Perk Boost
Divination Location Gather Cap
Divination Location Creation Cap
Sandstone Mining Cap
Deep Sea Fishing Shop Cap
Oddments Store Purchase Cap
Skilling Contract Champion
Guthixian Cache
Treasure Hunter Keys


- Furthermore, Penguins have been set to hard reset on Tuesday at 00:00AM server time (UTC), this was how it was before, however, now it is hard set to this time rather than a range.



[+] Rare Mystery Box Update/Rotation

- Buffed Rare chance from 11.2% for a rare to 46.6%
- Removed: Black bunny ears (Lavender), Black bunny ears (Yellow), Black bunny ears (Orange), Black bunny ears (Blue), Third age bunny ears
- Added (ShareX wasn't working, Gyazo kills the FPS):

Bunny Ears (Holographic)

Bunny Ears (Web)

Bunny Ears (Water)

Bunny Ears (Fire)

Bunny Ears (Shooting Star)

[+] Skill Cape Perks

Attack Cape
All Attack cape variants while equipped will now grant a 2% chance for degradable items not to degrade.

Constitution Cape
All Constitution cape variants while equipped will now double your base health regeneration to 0.2% every 6 seconds.

Ranged Cape
All Ranged cape variants while equipped will now provide an extra 20% chance to trigger enhanced bolt effects, meaning, the original 10% chance is now 12%.

Slayer Cape
All Slayer cape variants will now open up a teleport menu to all available Slayer Masters.

Magic Cape
All Magic cape variants will now open up an option menu to switch between the Spell books freely.

Herblore Cape
All Herblore cape variants can now be used to instantly clean all herbs in your inventory with no experience gain.

Fletching Cape
All Fletching cape variants while equipped will now have a 0.75% chance to double your experience and resources gained when creating: Darts, Bolts and Arrows

Mining Cape
All Mining cape variants while equipped will now have a 0.5% bonus chance to double your ores received while mining core rocks.

Agility Cape
All Agility cape variants while equipped will allow you to cross any agility course without fail.

Smithing Cape
All Smithing cape variants while equipped will cause your next hammer strike to add +5 base progress on an unfinished item when it is freshly reheated. 

Thieving Cape
All Thieving cape variants while equipped will now note all items pickpocketed, furthermore, grant a 15% chance to note items received from Stalls around Ataraxia.

Crafting Cape
All Crafting cape variants while equipped will now have a 5% chance to cut all gems in your inventory in one action, as well as removing the need of thread while crafting leather.

Summoning Cape
All Summoning cape variants while equipped will now have a 10% chance to save Charms while creating pouches.

Dungeoneering Cape
All Dungeoneering cape variants when activated will now allow you to teleport to resource dungeons throughout the world.

Archaeology Cape
All Archaeology cape variants when activated will now allow you to change your Relic powers from anywhere in the world.


- Skillcape effects already added: Fishing, Woodcutting and Invention
- Skillcape effects yet to be added: Strength, Defence, Prayer, Runecrafting, Hunter, Divination and Quest


[+] Skillcape Perk Storage

- Skillcapes can now be stored in Expert capes and Max/Completionist/Completionist (t) capes by using them on the cape:




- By storing your Skillcape in these, all of the perks stored in the cape will carry across every cape you own, meaning, if you had Attack, Invention and Mining capes stored in your Max cape, when you wore your Tokhaar-Kal cape, you will receive the benefits of all of those perks
- Unfortunately, the tooltip is of a higher revision than us for everything but the Max cape, so it won't display.. but.. trust it works.

- Alternatively, using the Skill shards received after training past 99, you can make the Gatherer's, Combatant's, Artisan's or Support cape which can also store perks depending on which cape it is:

Combatant's: Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Ranged, Prayer, Strength, Summoning
Gatherer's: Archaeology, Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining, Woodcutting
Artisan's: Cooking, Construction, Crafting, Firemaking, Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting, Smithing
Support: Agility, Dungeoneering, Slayer, Thieving

- All of these capes can store up to 2 perks:


- These are also separate to the max cape, so you can have different perks stored on each:


[+] Player Owned Farms

[+] Overview

- Player Owned Farms is an enormous piece of Farming content, to build the courage to write this part of the Patch notes took me about 5 days.
- The entire goal of Player Owned Farms is to build a thriving farm with multiple animals providing you with consistent Farming experience and resources that can benefit your journey through Ataraxia.
- To start your PoF journey, open up ;;sp or ;;t > Skilling teleports and select Manor farm
- Talk to Granny Potterington and open up the Farmer's market:



- Keywords:

Pen: A pen refers to the enclosed area your animals will be kept in, the pen size varies, as do the animals that can fit into them.
Deed: A deed is a 'contract' allowing you to build a new pen, you will need this to build any new infrastructure in your Farm!

- All players will start with 200 beans and this Small pen to the south:


- And breeding paddock to the north-east:


- Here is a quick overview of what animals can fit where, what pens require to build and more:


- You can purchase new Breeding paddocks and Holding pens for beans from the Farmer's market.
- Using your beans, you can also purchase low-tier animals to get your Farm started, such as; Chickens, Sheep and Cows, to start, cop a few sheep and fill up your pen and your breeding paddock, alternatively, use the beans to unlock a second small pen.

- All creatures have species, which can be collected and tracked within your breeding log:


- The species you obtain will vary depending on where you caught, killed or harvested the creatures

[+] Animals

- All creatures will have the following variables: 


- Their name, Gender, Growth stage (age) and Trait.
- Animals can have up to 3 traits, of which all have their own unique effect, as there are 78 traits, check them for yourself when you see a new one you don't know: https://runescape.wiki/w/Traits_(player-owned_farm)
- The gender isn't too important when considering breeding, two females or two males can at worst.. Adopt.. A new child, but it's easiest to do male and female
- Animals can become diseased, requiring you to cure their disease, it will display a dialogue box in which you have to diagnose it properly, and they'll be healed and restore health
- When you're ready to get started, you can use your animal on a pen to put them inside:


- Then, you can check on them:



- Their health and happiness is directly correlated with the amount of food they have available and if it is the correct kind, here you can see the correct food for the relevant animal:


- To give the animals food, you use the Trough:



- Fill it with the food required, up to 1000, and the animals will slowly eat it all! Each animal uses 1 unit per hour.
- Occasionally, the animals will, well, poop, which results in manure:


- Most manure results in a rather small amount of experience for clearing out.
- As time passes, your animals will grow!


- Be sure to keep an eye on their happiness and health:


- Over time, the animals you have will produce resources for you, varying animal to animal, for sheep, it's wool and can be gathered for some wool and Farming experience:


- Keep grinding those animals away, because one day.. You might even have some Dragons:


- And they... They're a little more rewarding:


[+] Breeding

- Breeding is essential for your Player-owned-farm, as stated, you can do this in the Breeding pen
- In order to breed two animals together, you'll need two adults, a female and a male:


- And if you're lucky enough!


- Over time, breeding is a great way to acquire more beans to expand your farm, set up a consistent child farming station and sell them off to the highest bidder!
- Breeding is extremely intricate and has lots of different ways to manipulate the process in order to produce the offspring with traits that suit your cause, this is best done with your own research on the RS Wiki as it's far too intense to explain here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Breeding

[+] Buyers/Marketplace

- In order to make more beans, you can sell your animals to breeders/buyers, they won't always be located at the farm, however when they appear, they are more desperate for certain types of animal and traits and will pay well!
- For example:


- Mieliki Tapio, Ralph and the Raptor are all desperate for more animals:


- Grown animals sell for more, however, you can sell the babies, but don't let them grow too much! Elder animals sell for less:


- Alternatively, you can sell your animals to Baby Shakes, for 10% of what they'd be worth to a breeder:



[+] Farming Guild Requests

- You can view Farming Guild requests by clicking it up the top while at the Farm:


- When you have the required items, you can go to them and hand it in:


- Which gives reputation rewards:


- Unlocking higher Farming reputations allows you to unlock more content within Player Owned Farms

[+] Animals

Rabbits: Killing Rabbits around Ataraxia
Chickens: Farmer's Market
Sheep: Farmer's Market
Cows: Farmer's Market
Chinchompas: Hunting chinchompas
Spiders: Killing spiders
Yaks: Killing Yaks and making Yak Summoning pouches
Zygomites: Harvesting Mushrooms
Dragons: Killing Green, Blue, Red or Black dragons

[+] Animal Perks

- Perks can be unlocked through placing a Farming totem on a Pen, these can be purchased for 200 beans from the Farmer's Market:



- Once you've placed the totem, you can then check it to view any perks you are receiving from that Pen:


- Perks are only enabled when you have an Elder animal in your pen. There are two tiers of the perks you can receive, to enable the first tier, you need 1 Elder animal in a pen with a totem, for the second tier, you need 2 of the same Elder animals in separate pens both with a totem
- Here's a list of all the possible perks:


[+] Farmhands

- Farmhands can be purchased/hired from the Farmer's market, here's what they do:

Thing: Stops animals growing past adolescence in a small pen. Beans per use: 2.
Handy: Stops animals growing past adolescence in a small pen. Beans per use: 2.
Zygomaid: Stops animals growing past adolescence in a medium pen. Beans per use: 5.
Emile: Stops animals growing past adolescence in a medium pen. Beans per use: 5.
Dorbo: Stops animals growing past adolescence in a large pen. Beans per use: 10.
Teensy: Stops animals growing past adolescence in a large pen. Beans per use: 10.
Karen: Stops animals growing past adolescence in any pen. Beans per use: 10.
Susan: Stops animals growing past adolescence in any pen. Beans per use: 10.
Callia: Converts and stores excess animals in your breeding pen into unchecked versions. Beans per use: 10.


[+] Adam Antite

- Adam Antite is a special kind of Farmhand, you can hire him for 5,000 beans and he will then appear in your farm house
- You can send Adam Antite off every 6 hours for 100 beans to go and find you a random animal!



- Adam is a great way to get passive animals without hunting them yourself!
- He has a 1/1,001,001 chance to give you a Royal dragon egg, which hatches a King Black Dragon in your pen!


[+] Advertisement Board

- You can access the Advertisement board through Granny Potterington
- The Advertisement board allows you to select a buyer you want to see at the farm increasing the chance they'll arrive
- As the interface isn't in our revision, our Advertisement board is actually an Advertisement dialogue


[+] Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

- The Anachronia Dinosaur Farm is similar to the Manor farm, you can get here through ;;t or ;;sp > Farming > Anachronia animal farm
- Similar to the Manor farm, there are different sized Pens in which you can grow new species of animals!


- These animals require a higher level Farming to grow and breed, however, give great rewards!
- The pens are absolutely huge.. As they would be to house such large dinosaurs:


- The basic premise is the same, feed them, breed them, cure them, get experience and resources from them!

[+] Anachronia Dinosaur Farm Animals

Frogs: Farmer's Market
Jadinkos: Hunting Jadinkos
Varanusaur: Killing Feral, Ripper or Venomous dinosaurs
Arcane apoterrasaur: Hunting Arcane apoterrasaur in Big Game Hunter
Brutish dinosaur: Killing Brutish dinosaurs
Salamander: Farmer's Market
Scimitops: Hunting Scimitops in Big Game Hunter
Bagrada rex: Hunting Bagrada rex in Big Game Hunter
Spicati apoterrasaur: Hunting Spicati apoterrasaur in Big Game Hunter
Asciatops: Hunting Asciatops in Big Game Hunter
Corbicula rex: Hunting Corbicula rex in Big Game Hunter
Oculi apoterrasaur: Hunting Oculi apoterrasaur in Big Game Hunter
Malletops: Hunting Malletops in Big Game Hunter
Pavosaurus rex: Hunting Pavosaurus rex in Big Game Hunter


[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed Sign of porters/GOTE transporting Rune essence from Runespan
- Fixed Skillchompas/DTDs saving ammo with the perk
- Removed random Akrisae's spread around Ataraxia
- Fixed Rare components still appearing Yellow instead of Red from Divine blessings
- Fixed 'DIS' Fairy ring taking you inside the Wizard tower instead of outside next to the Fairy ring
- Removed the Golden ticket from LMS
- Made all imcando pieces and tools untradeable
- Fixed Spinach rolls, Peaches, Oranges and Rabbit sandwiches all healing over 200
- Fixed Lumby Bait spot giving Cavefish as well as Pike
- Fixed Woodcutting skillcape only functioning for the Wonky tree at ;;dz
- Fixed limitless staves randomly becoming different versions
- Fixed Harmony dust item id received from Crystal urchins
- Fixed stone spirits not doubling Concentrated coal/gold resources


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/



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