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Ataraxia Updates #26 - 8th March, 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Added Ring of Fortune, Luck of the Dwarves and Hazelmere's signet ring teleport options
- Added Telekinetic grind lunar spell, this will grind up to 60 of any eligible item in one action
- Buffed the amount of gp received from Motherlode Maw
- Statius's Warhammer and Guthix staff special attack messages no longer filter
- Added Easy clues to H.A.M guards, there was a report of them not being obtained from H.A.M Members however, they do, but they weren't on the Guard's tables
- Added traversing between the Wilderness and Daemonheim through the guard
- Added a 1/100 chance to receive a Sealed master clue from Box of Clue scrolls
- Boosted the droprate of Shards of Armadyl from Glacors and amount dropped from 1 to 1-2
- Added regular antifires to Wydin's Consumables (Food and Potions shop)
- Bonfire boosts no longer reset when entering the Wilderness
- Added Keris to the Vote shop, it has a higher hit chance vsing Scarabs and Kalphites
- Added Attuned Crystal teleport seed options
- Shooting star now specifies it drops in the Wilderness when it drops in the "Bandit camp mine"
- Master rank now acts as a Spirit attraction potion, having the rank will now allow you to auto claim/catch Seren spirits and Divine blessings
- Springs are now tradeable
- Items that were previously in Rare Mystery Box rotations no longer disassemble for Fortunate components (as they can be reclaimed from Diango leading to unlimited Fortunates)
- Added another set of 17 Abyssal demons at the level 13 wilderness obelisk
- Buffed double drop proc chance for Hazelmere's signet ring to 4%


[+] Charos' Clue Carrier

- You can now obtain the Charos' Clue carrier, which is a storage item for Sealed clue scrolls and completed Reward caskets!
- You can obtain the Clue Carrier through the Treasure trail shop or the Vote shop



- All clues obtained while having the carrier equipped/in your inventory will be automatically added to it
- When completing a clue, the carrier will attempt to automatically give you another sealed clue of the same type in your inventory from your stock
- Hopefully with the addition of this Clue carrier, you'll be using less Bank space of clues and caskets!


[+] Diango's Untradeable Storage

- Diango's storage is now working! You can access this through the bank interface:


- Which will open the following interface:


- Diango's Item Retrieval will contain every item in your bank that is an untradeable cosmetic, or any skilling outfits you possess and/or have possessed but destroyed.
- Upon destroying an item it'll give you this option:


- Destroying the item will then store it in Diango's item retrieval automatically, and you can reclaim it at any point from him or the Bank interface
- All items that can be stored in Diango will have this reclaim text, with the exception of Lucky weapons/equipment which is disabled from storing in Diango's storage.
- All untradeable cosmetics from Treasure Hunter/previous Rare mbox rotations are redeemable/storable with Diango
- Hope you all like this change!


[+] Essence of Finality Dyeing

- You can now dye the Essence of Finality
- In preparation for adding the special attack, you can now dye Essence of Finality any of the following colours: Black, Purple, Green, Blue, Red or Pink
- All variations including the Ornaments will degrade as intended and be repairable just like the regular necklace
- As seen below:




[+] Rare Mystery Box Rotation

- A new rotation is in! Easter is approaching, time to pull out the Bunny ears!
- Find the following Bunny ears variations in Rare Mystery Boxes for the next few weeks:






- All of these bunny ears are variations of Black bunny ears! In future rotations, more intense colours and textures will be implemented into the Bunny ear model! Stay tuned, enjoy these variations!


[+] Treasure Hunter Rotation

- Bubbling Lamps will be active for the next week!


Bubbling Lamps
Bubbling lamps will provide the same amount of experience as a Prismatic lamp, however, you can also choose to gain Bonus experience which will provide +50% bonus experience more than a regular fallen star


[+] Last Man Standing

- Last Man Standing has returned!
- Similarly to the Double events, LMS will only be toggleable by staff for events, for now
- Previously, LMS ran every few hours, which made it quite stale, we'll likely be running small events every now and then to slowly ease it in and get some feedback/iron out any issues before we consider a long-term solution
- All damage will be reduced by half in LMS to prevent people being one hit.. 
- Here's some media from LMS:




[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed an issue causing Double slayer/reaper point announcements showing as "off" at all times
- Fixed an issue causing crafting a t92 weapon not counting towards the achievement
- Fixed Slayer addict title not working as it was still checking tasks on the old system
- Fixed there being two Stanley limelights at home
- Fixed phrasing for the Enthusiast title, it's Claim Votes 250 times rather than Claim 250 votes total
- Fixed cooking/bonfiring at a fire stating you don't have raw fish/logs if you're doing the other action
- Fixed portables deleting your 'saved' item if you're doing actions with a full inventory, it will now send the product to your bank and maintain the item in your invent
- Fixed area loot keybind
- Fixed a duplication issue when decanting potions to flasks
- Fixed recharging dyed Sirenic body
- Fixed permanent stat boosts from Pulse cores for Invention/Archaeology
- Fixed Divine blessing giving common/ancient components, it will now gives uncommon components and rare components (10% chance)
- Fixed certain Barrows items (Ahrim's wand/book, Karil's pistol cbows, Linza, Akrisae's) not having sell value
- Fixed certain Nex items (Virtus wand/book, Zaryte bow) not having sell value
- Fixed bladed dive allowing you to walk through things otherwise blocked off


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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