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Ataraxia Updates #25 - 17th February, 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Noxious weapon components are now untradeable
- Increased the amount of points gained from Elite Dungeon contracts from 25-35 to 30-40 and lowered task amount from 3-6 to 2-3
- You can now convert Complete tomes from Tetracompasses to 15,000 chronotes
- All Barrows items now sell for 1,000,000gp each
- Added Herblore/Crafting combination NPCs to the Donor zone
- Updated the Reaper perk achievement to "Unlock 5 reaper perks" instead of just 4
- Made Snakes in the Teaks/Mahogany woodcutting area passive instead of aggressive
- Lowered Corporeal beast's max hit and Magic level
- Disabled Hunter achievements until the trapping issues are fixed
- Updated the trivia question "Who sells skill capes" from Wise old man to Max
- Added Menaphos fishing spots (Desert soles, Catfish and Beltfish) and handled the Banks and Cooking for the fish
- Added Menaphos fishing teleport to ;;sp/;;t
- Added Bandit Camp general store with Bloodweed seed stock among other items
- Added Red sandstone teleports to ;;sp/;;t
- Proteans and Silverhawk boots/feathers are now storeable in the GIM bank
- Materials received from the Scavenging perk no longer filter
- You can now type ;;ww to check the current status/location of the WildyWyrm
- Added a command to enable 2x Slayer and Reaper points from all sources
- Cinderbane gloves now announce when dropped
- Doubled the rate of all Skipping tickets from Clue scroll rewards
- Buffed the Auspicious Arch perk refund chance from 10% to 15%
- Increased the amount of Dark arrowheads dropped by Dark beasts from 10-25 to 105-175
- Increased the amount of Dark arrows required to fletch for the achievement from 500 to 2500
- Clues received from Prosper will now go straight to your bank
- Auras and Potions are now fully effective in the wilderness
- Added teleport tabs to the General store for Ironmen
- Announced drops now also notify you personally of the drop you received (in the same way as RS3)
- Added chance of receiving Elite and Master clues from Pickpocketing in Prifddinas
- Updated all Jewelry teleport options to the new RS3 options dialogue and updated the locations, all teleport jewellery no longer consume charges
- Most Banks will now restore your health when opening your bank
- Changed the fail message on the "Deposit all fish" option at DSFH to state you have no raw fish
- Added Chaotic gatestone to the Dungeoneering shop
- Anima crystals are no longer tradeable
- Plant pots from Bob are now noted
- Added Pulse cores to the Skilling contract reward table
- Your task tab will now display the Araxxor rotation and now your current Araxxor enrage
- You can now store Ataraxia Hybrid armour in the GIM bank chest
- You can now store Extreme potions in the GIM bank chest
- Swapped General tafani's right click options so you can left click 'Heal'
- Added an examine text for Evil bark stating it's Firemaking level requirement
- Added heal/prayer restore to Max guild teleports
- All Nex drops now sell to the General store for the same pricing as GWD2
- Herblore combination npc will now crush bird's nests for you for 500gp each
- The Magister now only takes noted Keys to the Crossing
- You can now convert duplicate Lucky items from Treasure Hunter at Lord Daquarius for Coins or Oddments
- Full spider legs are now tradeable, the components and hilts remain untradeable
- Added Silver jewellery creation/stringing/enchanting etc (most effects remain unadded)
- Converted all jewellery to a new system to handle teleports
- Added Silver jewellery teleports (Ring of Respawn, Enlightened amulet and Traveller's necklace)
- You will now restore your special energy when leaving Rise of the Six (for you cj xoxo)
- Barrows & Barrows: Rise of the Six beasts interface teleports now teleport you to their locations
- Ava's secret perk will now have a 50% chance to auto-pick up the ammo dropped to the ground 
- Drygores can now be sold to the General store for 20,000,000gp
- Removed warning dialogue for joining the Nex room
- Changed Pest control boat timer from 60 to 15 seconds
- Buffed droprate of Glacor boot drops from 1/350 to 1/220
- Buffed droprate of T90 boot components from Rune dragons from 1/750 to 1/300~
- Bonfire boost will no longer disappear on death
- All Rise of the Six bobblehead pets will now display the owner's Rise of the Six completions on examine
- You can now use ;;toggleperks in Runespan
- Added Eat food ability
- You can now use 'Select destination' on Fairy Rings
- Added missing skills from the Max cape requirement interface (DIvination/Invention) (they were still a requirement, just not listed)
- Telos T92 weapons now craft using the modern interfaces


[+] Oddments Store

- All Treasure Hunter rewards will now be convertable to Oddments!
- These oddments can be spent in the following store:


[+] Dwarven Tools

- Dwarven tools have been coded! They will be making their way into Ataraxia through Treasure Hunter!

Dwarven Chainaxe:

- You will have two options:



- Each item will have 100 charges which will consume per exp drop/resource received


- You can freely switch between the modes and change it whenever you see fit

Dwarven Ramhammer:

- You will have two options:


- Each item will have 100 charges which will consume per exp drop/resource needed


- You can freely switch between the modes and change it whenever you see fit

Dwarven Fish Extractor

- You will have two options:


- Each item will have 100 charges which are consumed when gaining exp or a resource


- You can freely switch between the modes and change it whenever you see fit

Dwarven Excavator

- You will have two options:


- Each item has 100 charges which are consumed when gaining exp or a resource


- You can freely switch between the modes and change it whenever you see fit


[+] Dragon/Metallic Dragon trinkets

- Dragon/Metallic Dragon trinkets are items that can either be worn on the neck or kept in your inventory
- Dragon trinkets (chromatic) provide Slayer xp and will pick up and note the Bones and Hides of the Dragon even while not on a Slayer task
- They will also give you a 5% chance per hit to execute the dragon while it's above 80% hitpoints
- Dragon trinkets are usable on Green, Blue, Red and Black dragons and offer teleports to their locations
- All of the abilities are toggleable using the interface:


- Each ability will state how many tokens it uses for activation and can vary from baby/adult dragons
- Dragon trinkets can be converted to Metallic dragon trinkets for the cost of 5:1
- Metallic Dragon trinkets are exactly the same, however, can be used on Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant and Rune dragons
- These can be converted to regular tokens for 1:5:



[+] Cinder Cores

- Cinder cores work similarly to Pulse cores.
- When used they will explode with a buff that provides up to 10% bonus experience
- Furthermore, they will make you consume BXP at 250% of the normal rate, meaning if you have BXP stored in a skill, you will chew through it much quicker and gain a lot more experience
- Similarly to the Pulse core, you can toggle skills you do and don't want to use:


- The Cinder core will last for approximately 84,000 bonus experience before disappearing


[+] Demon Flash Mobs Drop Rework

- Buffed Demon Flash Mob drops substantially
- Buffed the following drop amounts: Infernal ashes (unnoted and noted), Coins, Black dragonhide, Green dragonhide, Red dragonhide, Dragon helms, Adamantite stone spirits, Mithril stone spirits, Runite (i know they aren't called this) stone spirits, Uncut rubies, Magic logs, Maple logs, Yew logs, Dragon longswords, Rune salvage
- Also made a lot of the above drops also on the non-wildy drop table as a lot was Wildy-only drops


[+] Treasure Hunter Rework

- Now this is going to be a rather large section..
- We have added a full Treasure Hunter promotion system, allowing us to rotate between different promotions whenever we'd like to
- There are a fair few promotions and a few different edits we can make to make it also interesting!
- Firstly, it would be best to list all of the new lamps/stars/bxp stuff etc that have been added/included in these promotions:

Smouldering Lamps
Smouldering lamps will provide the same amount of experience as a Prismatic lamp, however, will consume Bonus experience in it's place if there is some on the skill chosen

Bubbling Lamps
Bubbling lamps will provide the same amount of experience as a Prismatic lamp, however, you can also choose to gain Bonus experience which will provide +50% bonus experience more than a regular fallen star

Lava Lanterns
Lava lanterns will provide 200% of the experience of a Prismatic lamp, however, this experience will be split evenly in regular experience and bonus experience

Celebration Lamps
Celebration lamps will provide the same amount of experience as a Prismatic lamp, however, when used on a skill, all other skills will be given 5% of that experience as well as 100% of the chosen skill

Hydra Lamps
Hydra lamps allow you to pick two skills to gain experience in, if those skills have Bonus experience, an equal amount of that experience will be consumed for regular experience

Phoenix Lamps
Phoenix lamps will provide the same amount of experience as a Prismatic lamp, also providing experience if the skill has Bonus experience, also, it has a rare chance to not be consumed

Volcanic Lamps
Volcanic lamps provide 75% of the experience that Prismatic lamps do, however, will also consume bonus experience based on a medium prismatic lamp

Erupting Lamps
Erupting lamps provide 150% of the experience that Prismatic lamps do, additionally, consuming bonus experience up to the amount of the prismatic lamp amount

Supreme Stars
Supreme stars provide 200% of the bonus experience that regular Prismatic stars do

- I will list now all of the available promotions below, however, not all of them will be active in the coming months, those will be determined in time!

[+] Double Dragon Chests

- Double Dragon chests replace the regular Treasure Hunter chests with special tiered chests that can increase the amount of rewards you receive
- Each Treasure hunter key will give you from x2 to x10 of your usual reward!



- You can tell which reward multiplier you'll receive based on the colour of the chests, as shown above, the chests were the x8 chests, meaning the Small Fallen star (Thieving) was multiplied by 8!

[+] Rainbow's End

- Rainbow's end is very similar to Double Dragon chests, each chest opened is assigned a multiplier which will multiply your reward by a certain amount
- Each Treasure hunter key will give you from x1 to x7 of your usual reward!



[+] Genie's Gift

- Genie's gift includes lamps from all sources, including: Bubbling, Celebration, Hydra, Phoenix and Smouldering


[+] Loot Duels

- Loot duels is one of my favourite promotions! Allowing you to pick between two different chests from two different promotions!
- You can pick which one you want and then be faced with a whole new choice!



[+] Bubbling Lamps

- The effect of which stated above, Bubbling lamps is a rather 'chill' promotion compared to others:


[+] Lava Lanterns

- Similarly to Bubbling lamps, Lava lanterns is a simple promo! Read the effects of Lava lanterns above:



[+] Smouldering Lamps

- Smouldering lamps is also a simple promotion! Just lots of experience to be gained, read the effects above:


[+] Smouldering Volcano

- Smouldering Volcano gives the chance to win Volcanic lamps and Erupting lamps (rarer) both of which are detailed above:


[+] Smouldering vs Supernova

- Smouldering vs Supernova makes you decide between a Smouldering lamp chest which potentially contains Smouldering lamps or a Supernova lamp chest which potentially contains a Supreme star



- All of these promotions (and more) will make their way into the Ataraxia Treasure Hunter! Furthermore, there's a cheeky little addition:


[+] Multiple Choice Treasure Hunter

- All Administrators have the ability to toggle Multiple choice:


- Which as predicted, gives you a multiple choice..
- Armar put a TONNE of effort into this, so I hope you all enjoy! Not sure which promo we'll kick off with.. Guess you'll have to find out :)



[+] Bug Reports

- Fixed a problem with Divination wisps not moving after first harvest
- Fixed a problem with Hunter npcs not moving
- Fixed missing NPCs around home/shops
- Fixed Magic shieldbows dropping unnoted from Legiones
- Fixed Smelting urns filling up while Gold/Silver casting
- Fixed the reversed options on Protean traps
- Fixed Angel of death still dropping out of date Smithing/Mining resources
- Fixed random NPCs roaming the Desert
- Fixed a typo in "Platform" in the Gnome Agility course

- Fixed No-lifer and Enthusiast having the incorrect requirements listed
- Fixed Telos collection log having an unobtainable item on it
- Fixed a problem with drinking potions/eating food from the action bar stating you have none left, eg. jellyfish
- Fixed a problem with action bar hot keys getting pressed at the same time as you close an interface that has the same hotkey hooked
- Fixed Sailfish, Sailfish soup and Rocktail soup not giving the right bonus health
- Fixed Ataraixia hybrid armour augmenting into Hanto
- Fixed losing items when claiming from Star sprite with a full invent, the items will now go to the ground
- Fixed Material manual having a lower time cap than the rest of the arch passives
- Added items that don't drop from bosses to auto complete in their collection logs
- Fixed an issue causing Hazelmere's signet ring not having the double drop effect (the issue being Armar not realising it wasn't added)


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/



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