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Ataraxia Updates #24 - 19th January, 2022

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[+] General Changes

- Removed Dragon Mattock drops from Dinosaurs, they are now exclusive to Rak'sha and Big Game Hunter
- When teleporting to ;;dz your Hitpoints and Prayer will now restore to full
- Added a Group Ironman Bank to ;;dz
- When examining the Tiny Death pet it will now display total Reaper killcount and Contracts completed
- Lowered the Level requirement to spend Dungeoneering tokens on Dungeoneering experience from 77 to 25
- Removed the "!" at the end of the "Be the first to type:" Trivia questions to avoid confusion
- Changed the Skilling pet announcement colour so it's more noticeable
- Lowered the price of Runemetrics from: 250/500/1000/2000 Ataraxia coins for 1 month/3/6/1y to 150/300/600/1200
- Added the Ectophial to the Vote shop for 15 Vote points
- When your item is doubled it will now display the specific item that was doubled
- Lowered the price of ;;dl (Divine locations) to 2m from 5m
- Added a command to enable Double Drops globally
- Added a command to enable a 2x Spotlight effect
- You can now create up to 10 Divine locations per day
- You can now use Trivia in Pest Control and Dungeoneering
- Admiring the Throne of Fame at the Max Guild will now restore your Health/Summoning/Prayer and Cure poison
- Changed the Trivia question "What are the names of the two gods" to "What is the name of a god" as only one of the two gods is the answer
- Buffed the damage of all Dual weaponry by 15%
- Pikkupstix's talk options now automatically open the Store options rather than telling you to open the store instead
- Added Ataraxia coins to the Trivia shop
- Buffed the droprate of Hand cannon from Chaos dwarf cannoneers
- Telos enrage Achievements and Completionist requirements now go off the highest achieved enrage rather than the current
- Receiving a clue while skilling will now tell you the tier of clue in the message
- Added Zanaris strange wall shortcuts
- Added the Archaeology outfit experience bonus, 6% for Basic and 7% for Master
- Buffed the Home area Thieving stall item prices from: 100/500/1050/1550/2050/2350 to 1000/2500/5000/10000/15000/20000, I wanted this to be much more profitable to make early game experiences more rewarding if a player wants to take the more classic-rsps route to make money
- Buffed the success rate of Pickpocketing Prifddinas elves
- Buffed the success rate of Pickpocketing at lower levels for all NPCs below level 30 Thieving
- Buffed the gold received from selling Safecracking rewards
- When harvesting a Divine Box Trap, all Chinchompa and Grenwalls are received as 5 rather than just 1-3
- Nerfed the damage and accuracy of the Upgraded bone blowpipe by 15%


[+] Custom-fit trimmed, Spiked Masterwork & Bleed effect

- You can now custom-fit your Trimmed masterwork equipment
- Simply talk to Elof at the Artisan's workshop with a full set:


- Custom fitting your Masterwork will make it untradeable, however, makes the armour degrade 50% slower and not at all while on a Slayer or Reaper task, the process is irreversible. 
- You can now spike your Custom-fit trimmed masterwork by also talking to Elof, doing so requires 5 Glorious bars and is purely cosmetic:


- The Bleed effect for trimmed masterwork has been added, when wearing 3, 4 or 5 pieces of Masterwork, incoming damage is reduced by 30%/40%/50% respectively. The remaining damage is then dealt as bleed damage hitting 5 times for 20% per 2 ticks


[+] Deep Sea Fishing

- To reach the Deep Sea Fishing Hub, simply type ;;sp or ;;t and click Skilling, then find the Fishing icon, then press Deep Sea Fishing:


- There are many Fishing spots and activities to do while at the DSFH (Deep Sea Fishing Hub) I will do my best to walk through it all, but if you would like further information please check the Wiki entry: https://runescape.wiki/w/Deep_Sea_Fishing



There are many banks scattered around the DSFH, in the form of Deposit boxes:


..and Bank Boats:



Magnetic Minnows

Magnetic minnows can be Fished at level 68 Fishing:


These are stackable in your inventory and provide a small amount of experience per fish, 1-3 minnows are caught at once and these fish are not cookable. Instead they can be eaten for 10 hp gain or gutted into Sea turtle, Manta ray or Great white shark bait.



Magical Fishing spot

When receiving the relative bait for the rare Fish, you can then go to the Magical fishing spot nearby the Minnows:


Simply left click and throw your bait into it, this will then attract the fish of the bait:


This spot will expire after 50 catches, however, you can renew it by throwing more bait in



Jellyfish can be caught in the northern part of the DSFH, you can catch the Green blubber jellyfish at 68 Fishing and the Blue blubber jellyfish at 91 Fishing:


Occasionally, the jellyfish spots will electrify, fishing from these spots will stack a debuff, when this reaches 10 you will be stunned for 10 seconds (freedom can escape this).. Just don't fish the electric ones k?:


Jellyfish consume in 3 parts, giving you 3 food per slot, the Blue ones giving you 225 per slot and the Green ones giving 150. They can also be tick eaten along with other food.


Fishing Frenzy

Fishing frenzy is a non-afk method for Fishing which grants the best experience rates in the game. Fish will spawn in this far away spot, clicking them will fling them into the large net next to you granting a lot of experience, staying active and streaking will further boost your experience stacking up to 20%


Using this method with all of Ataraxia's bonuses can grant you over 500k exp/hr on Realism.



Sailfish are one of the best healing single item foods in the game, they heap up to 240 hitpoints when consumed. You can fish these at DSFH in the North-eastern part, doing so requires 97 Fishing:


Sailfish have a relatively slow catch-rate, but are great to afk with Porters and a movie, granting decent experience per hour as well as highly sought after food.

Occasionally, a Swift Sailfish spot will appear:


This spot won't last long and will rotate quickly, however, you will have a higher catch rate and more experience per Sailfish when using this spot.


Swarm fishing can be found in the southern part of the DSFH:


You can begin swarm fishing at level 68, this works similarly to the Blurite rock and Wonky tree, but for fishing! You'll be able to catch all types of fish ranging from Mackerel to Sailfish. Swarm fishing rewards decent experience an hour at lower levels while providing food of a higher tier should you desire to use or sell them.

Travelling Merchant


The Travelling Merchant works differently on Ataraxia, he will be at the DSFH 24/7. Each day, his stock will refresh, granting new possibilities for items. In his shop you will find the following items:

Barrel of Bait - This item when consumed will give you +10% chance to receive an additional catch for 3 minutes  
Tangled Fishbowl - This item when consumed will give you +5% Fishing XP for 3 minutes
Broken Fishing Rod - This item when consumed will give you an additional bonus catch rate for 3 to 30 minutes
Anima Crystal - This item when consumed will grant you 500 reputation in any chosen GWD2 faction
Slayer VIP Coupon - This item will allow you to pick between two Slayer tasks, choosing the second task consumes the item
D&D Token (Daily) - This item when consumed can reset your Guthixan Cache daily cap
D&D Token (Weekly) - This item when consumed can reset your weekly minigame caps
Gift for the Reaper - This item when consumed grants you 20 Reaper points
Silverhawk Down - This item can be used to replace Silverhawk feathers in the Silverhawk boots
Message in a bottle - This item is under construction, however, can grant any of the first 3 effects for 6 minutes
Dragonkin Lamp
Starved ancient effigy
Harmonic dust

Crystal triskelion
Deathtouched dart
Advanced pulse core
Dungeoneering Wildcard - This item can be consumed to grant you 50% bonus experience and tokens for one Dungeoneering floor



[+] T70 Hybrid Set

- There is a large issue in the Ataraxia economy at the moment. With a large Ironman playerbase comes somewhat of a recession for Gold income and item demand
- With some of the edits to the Pricing of GWD2 items, Thieving and Safecracking and some money sinks, there was still an issue
- People are not inclined to sell lower tiered gear to new players as the amount they'd receive isn't worth letting go of their items
- Therefore, I have introduced a brand new equipment set to bridge the gap between Early game PVM - Mid/late game PVM
- This set (modeled from the Hanto outfit) has slightly worse bonuses compared to Bandos, Subjugation and Armadyl, however, provides bonuses to Melee, Magic and Ranged in the one set, providing new players a nice stepping stone to getting to the GWD2 phase of PVM where they can upgrade:



- This set also comes with the Asylum surgeon's ring, which is intended as an upgrade to the Asylum doctor's ring given in the Starter set.
- Where to obtain this set?
- Players can either purchase it for 100,000,000gp from the Shopkeeper at ;;shops or ;;home or simply buy it on the Store
- We considered many options when trying to help early-game players, and figured this was likely the best option. Allowing new players to try and generate 100m gp and unlock this set or simply buy it from the Store and get right into it
- This was the least P2W way we could think of trying to improve the new player experience for newcomers.



[+] ;;market/;;shops Update

- To alleviate the confusion of having a random ;;market command, I have now moved all of the Shops from ;;shops to ;;market and made the ;;shops command redirect you to the ;;market area


- Renamed the ;;shops NPCs to make their purpose more clear.. Therefore, the following npc changes have occurred:

Bob -> Bob (Skilling Items & Repairing)
Uzi's Perk Shop -> Dawson (Perks/Store Items)
Wise Old Man -> Is now a different NPC: Max (Skillcapes & Trivia)
Zaida -> Zaida (Treasure Trails)

- All NPCs here that don't have dialogue's first option has been replaced with "Trade"
- Hopefully this change allows new players to understand the shop details a bit easier to transition!



[+] Pulse Cores

- Pulse cores can be obtained through Treasure Hunter & the Travelling Merchant
- Pulse cores grant +50% bonus experience which stacks with any existing bonus experience


- Each pulse core stores experience inside it, when the experience has run out, the pulse core will disappear
- You can also toggle skills that are increased by the Pulse core:



[+] GWD2 Items

- Added General store sell prices to GWD2 items at the following prices:

Dormant Anima core helm: 1,000,000gp
Dormant Anima core body: 1,000,000gp
Dormant Anima core legs: 1,000,000gp

Crest of Seren: 15,000,000gp
Crest of Zaros: 15,000,000gp
Crest of Zamorak: 15,000,000gp
Crest of Sliske: 15,000,000gp

Serenic essence: 2,500,000gp
Zarosian essence: 2,500,000gp
Zamorakian essence: 2,500,000gp
Sliskean essence: 2,500,000gp

Wand of the Cywir elders: 10,000,000gp
Orb of the Cywir elders: 10,000,000gp

Blade of Nymora: 10,000,000gp
Blade of Avaryss: 10,000,000gp

Shadow glaive: 10,000,000gp
Off-hand Shadow glaive: 10,000,000gp

Dragon Rider Lance: 25,000,000gp

- While these prices may not be worth selling to the General store, hopefully this sets a "min" price on these items and gets them rotating a bit into the economy



Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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  • Jaedmo changed the title to Ataraxia Updates #24 - 19th January, 2022

love the t70 starter set idea , especially it being an hybrid set! recently started playing again and this will help me out tremendously since there isn't much of an eco for a majority of the lowerish tier armors etc 

nice update overall 😄 great changes and additions~ thanks very much

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