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Ataraxia Updates #23 - 3rd January, 2022

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Small patch for Xmas stuff

[+] General Changes

- Removed all Christmas token gaining activities/loyalty rewards
- Re-enabled ;;bug command
- Added examine text to the Jad pet ('player' has done x TzTok-Jad kills)
- Added 'Offer' bones option on the Wilderness altar
- Re-enabled the mining force stop after certain amount of game ticks while using the Juju mining potion
- Added Roar of Osseous effect to Big Game Hunter granting you +25% bonus experience for BGH and 10% increased chance for double and triple encounters
- Divination memory conversion now uses the memories inside your Muspah familiar automatically


[+] Rare Mystery Box rotation

- New rotation, reintroducing 1 rare as it didn't see much action and it's my favourite.

Zebra Black Santa

Black partyhat

Bling H'ween

Supernova H'ween

Molten H'ween



[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed being unable to use Protean hides at all levels
- Fixed spider minions spawning under Araxxi in phase 4
- Fixed Gold ore id from Earth impling jars
- Fixed bugged items on the ground being unable to be picked up eg. DnD tokens
- Fixed golden "the Warden" title having an extra space in it
- Fixed perfect juju mining effects (stamina and stone spirits)
- Fixed porter charges usage for transporting mining resources when mining multiple ores
- Fixed Abyssal demon pet examine text telling you your kc instead of the owner's
- Repairing items now removes the existing degraded placeholder from your bank
- Fixed Mattock/Pickaxe Comp (t) requirements not triggering if you already have the item




Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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