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Ataraxia Updates #22 - 25th December, 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Added some missing <img=x> News: to some world broadcasts
- Christmas scythe now only requires the cosmetic Scythe from Reaper points to make the Christmas scythe rather than Noxious, if you would like yours refunded let any Admin know
- Increased the hitpoints of Ancient summoning familiars
- Examining Sheldon the penguin pet will now show how many total Penguins you have spotted
- TaskTab will now show your current Droprate boost, which is your Gamemode + whether you're wearing Completionist cape/(t)or not
- Buffed Hazelmere's signet ring drop rate (and blurberry's)
- Buffed Spectral, Arcane, Elysian and Divine sigil drop rates from 1/10-20k to 1/1k for Divine/Ely/Arcane and 1/600 for Spectral
- Buffed Spirit shield and Holy elixir drop rates
- Added Advanced Gold accumulator to the Dungeoneering shop, this acts similarly to the Treasure Goblin perk but you receive 90% of coin drops
- Changed the combination for Triskelion (50) to Triskelion (15) and it now requires 15 Triskelions
- Added the ability to degrade your Clue scrolls through ;;comb, it will require 2 of the higher tier to degrade
- Added Archers, Seers, Berserker, Warrior and Onyx imbued Combinations for 5 of the respective ring, (onyx requires 1 of all the imbued rings)
- All Godwars dungeon items now sell to the General store for 3m coins (completed Godswords sell for 5m)
- All Dagannoth King drops now sell to the General store for 1m coins
- Sirenic scales, Tectonic energy and Malevolent energy now sell to the General store for 1m coins each
- Regular Realism accounts will now display the VIP icon (the Blue star) before their name
- Added a super rare (1/100k) drop to the Abyssal demons "Abyssal minion" which is an abyssal demon pet, when examining this pet it will display your total Abyssal demon kc
- Reworked potion mechanics and timers for Overloads, Antifires, Aggro pots etc.. You can now reuse them before they run out
- Removed the hit/heal from Overloads

- Stats buffed/debuffed will no longer show for your boosted stats while you have overload/supreme overload active
- Added access to Guildmaster Tony's Mattock case
- Added Mutated Jadinkos to ;;pi
- Changed the Dark animica spot on ;;sp to the Throne room
- You can now enter Rise of the Six with 1-4 people


[+] Big Game Hunter Expansion

- Big Game Hunter has all of the encounters available! The new dinosaurs are:


Scimitops - 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer


Bagrada Rex - 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer
Bagrada rex.png


Spicati apoterrasaur - 80 Hunter and 60 Slayer
Spicati apoterrasaur.png


Asciatops - 85 Hunter and 65 Slayer


Corbicula Rex - 90 Hunter and 70 Slayer
Corbicula rex.png


Oculi apoterrasaur - 94 Hunter and 74 Slayer
Oculi apoterrasaur.png


Malletops - 95 Hunter and 75 Slayer


Pavosaurus Rex - 96 Hunter and 76 Slayer
Pavosaurus rex.png


[+] Tetracompass Buff

- Tetracompasses haven't seen much loving since release, after a few suggestions to rework/buff them, I've decided to give them a pretty great buff so we can hopefully see some Guildmaster Tony's mattocks
- Here's a new preview of the rewards:


- The amount of artifacts has been increased from 3-6 to 5-7
- The amount of slots of materials has been increased from 4-7 to 5-9
- The amount of materials received has been increased from 100 to 150-250


[+] Completionist Cape (t) Update

- Completionist cape (t) has been under construction since release, we'll be adding more requirements slowly as Ataraxia progresses to keep people who have achieved the cape on their toes! Sorry.
- Added the creation of the Mattock of Time and Space and Pickaxe of Earth and Song to the Completionist cape (t) requirements
- Added a requirement for spotting 100 Penguins from the Penguin Hide & Seek D&D
- Added a requirement to finish 50 games of Pest control
- Added a requirement to make the Guthix staff, Crystal triskelion bag, Enhanced excalibur and Harold's helmet from ;;comb


[+] Christmas Shop Rotation

- Bling rares remain in the shop, but added until early January are all of the following:



[+] Rare Mystery Box rotation

- Removed: Molten partyhat, Flame partyhat, Saturn black santa
- Added: 

Molten Santa


Molten Black santa

Supernova Santa

Supernova Partyhat

Supernova Black santa


[+] Nex: Angel of Death changes

- Nex: AOD has now had some fight scaling introduced to allow lower amounts of players to tackle the boss encounter
- AOD health scales starting from 55,000, each player in the instances raises this by 55,000 for fights with 1-6 people
- For more than 7 players, AOD will have her max hp / 7 * the amount of players in the instance
- Armour & Damage reduction to all mechanics starting at 5% for each member inside I.E 20% damage/armour reduction for a party of 3
- Shadow pool damage now scales with the amount of players inside the encounter
- Icicle health will now scale with the amount of players inside the encounter
- Buffed Blood reaver health to 3000 from 1600
- Blood reavers now hit for scaled encounters as if it had it's default health rather than the scaled hp


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Inquisitor staff exchange stating it'll cost 500k when it costs 10m
- Fixed potions/ingredients creating animations
- Fixed collection titles not working
- Fixed Har-aken and Tztok-jad pet killcount on examine



December has been a busy month for me, moving house, organising the break up and split of our assets.

Hopefully in January we can get on top of fortnightly updates including more bug fixes and less content slammed on top!

Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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