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Ataraxia Updates #21 - 2nd December, 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Changed the way Double experience tomes are given, they'll now be given 1 per vote, so when you claim 20 votes, you receive 20 instead of 4
- You can no longer get Shadow creature tasks without access to Prifddinas
- Added the Anticipation ability, removed it's damage reduction effect, added for it's 10 second immunity to stuns
- Made it so you now have a Novite pickaxe by default if you have a toolbelted pickaxe you don't have the requirements to use
- Nerfed the power of Dungeoneering bosses for Duo+ parties
- Verak Lith's spires will now always spawn in a location that is not under an egg or under him
- You can now enter ED2 area from the Wilderness and go to the Wilderness from ED2
- Added Max guild spellbook teleport
- The Brooch of the gods blessing effect proc will now trigger when training Divination and Archaeology


[+] 2021 Christmas Event

- 2021 Christmas is already upon us! Almost marking a year since we went down for the relaunch!
- With a lot of Armar's time being dedicated to BGH, this year we decided to replicate last year's event, bringing back the Calendar!
- The main currency of this event is 2021 Christmas tokens, similarly to last year, you will be able to receive these from: Loyalty streaks, Skilling contracts, Reaper tasks and Slayer tasks
- When you log in, you will be prompted to open the advent calendar: 

Found here:



Then simply open whichever dates you want! If you log on and open 15 on 15 different days back to back you'll receive a bonus reward!



- Rewards vary, you can receive presents, tokens and even golden tickets
- Come back every day for free rewards! Once you've amassed some tokens, click them to Open the shop!


- Enjoy all of the Christmas cosmetics, during the month of December, we will be adding cosmetic Santa hats at random to the Rare mystery boxes and this shop. So stay tuned and on the lookout for those announcements!

[+] Big Game Hunter

- Now, I have never done BGH before on RS3 or Ataraxia, so please bare with me while I explain how it works!
- Big Game Hunter is a Hunter based mini-game where you hunt large Dinosaurs in a boss-y kind of way
- Requiring certain Hunter and Slayer levels, BGH will provide the best possible Hunter experience in Ataraxia
- Currently, you can only hunt one of the dinosaurs, however, more will be released in the near future to expand fully on what BGH has to offer
- To begin BGH, go to your Skilling panel using ;;t or ;;sp:


- Currently the only Dinosaur available is the Arcane Apoterrasaur, which requires 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer to hunt
- When you teleport you'll be teleported to the Arena where you hunt the dinosaur:


- Using the Bait pad, you can start the encounter; As the Arcane apoterrasaur is hunted with the bait: Raw shark, it'll prompt you to get some before you start the encounter:


- You can then choose to hunt 1, 2 or 3 at a time
- I'd advise you start with 1
- When hunting creature, they have a large circled area that follows them around the arena, this is basically their 'aggro' meter, if you are in the area for a prolonged amount of time, it will go red and then eventually you will fail the hunt and the dinosaur will flee:


- Hiding in the tall grass; pictured above, will help this as they can't see you while you're in it (really similar to hiding in a crowd of monks in Assassin's creed)
- To begin the encounter, you should cut some logs:


- Once you have around 10 Fletch them into wooden spears: 


- As you need to discover what type of frog to use to damage the Dinosaur, this is the 'discovery' phase
- You should grab 2 of 1 frog colour and 1 of the other:


- Then gather some vines (atleast 3):


- Then go and build the Pressure plate:


- Then the scorpion (any of them):


- Then arm it with the spears you collected, repeat this step with the other 2 Scorpions
- Don't worry about the progress, run away if needed, it will save your progress, protect the encounter over finishing off that last bit
- Once you've hooked up all 3 scorpions, place the bait (raw shark) on the pressure plate
- After the cutscene it will tell you which poison did which damage:


- Simply tip another spear with Phantasmal poison (in this case) and then arm the scorpion, place the bait and then: (i failed at this point because the fucker pathed right onto me but I'll give you a screenie from RS3 :)

BGH Arena Skin dinosaur.png

- Loot the remains which will give you Hunter exp and Slayer exp! As well as some rewards including Dinosaur bones, hides, scales, meat and other goodies, you also have the chance for Dragon Mattock and Terrasaur maul pieces (from specific dinos)!



[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Invention pet examine not showing the player's Invention experience
- Fixed Max guild portals not attuning to Rak'sha
- Fixed certain bones/ashes not noting with the Gold donor perk
- Fixed Blue mystic armour disassembly data
- Fixed Godsword shards 1/2, 1/3 & 2/3 disassembly data
- Fixed dying at Vorago giving you the weapon piece in your bank
- Fixed the stairs at the Bandit camp putting you in a no-clip area



Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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