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Ataraxia Updates #19 - 22nd October, 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Buffed the amount of Evil dust received from Evil trees from 20-40 to 30-60
- Increased the stock of Melee equipment at Scavvo by 10x
- Increased the stock of Ranged equipment at Scavvo by 10x
- Increased the stock of Magic equipment at Scavvo by 10x
- Nerfed the droprate of Hexhunter bow (veil guy spawn) from 1/2000 to 1/5000 (sorry @Unlucky)
- In order to assist regular accounts in early-game training, the following items have been made unlimited on the Grand exchange: Grimy herbs up to Kwuarm, Secondaries up to White berries, Pickaxes up to Rune, Hatchets up to Rune.
- Regular accounts also have access to Skilling Steve which will be detailed below
- Shops now restock every 3.6 seconds compared to every 30 seconds


[+] Guthixian Cache

- Guthixian cache is here! Train your Divination through this minigame which appears every hour on the hour! You can track the activity through the new Minigames interface:


- Guthix Cache is a very easy minigame and requires 1 Divination to start it!
- On the hour you'll have the option to Enter the cache like so:


- There are two options and it's likely that you'll do both during the 10 minutes it takes for the minigame to end
- When entering you will be faced with the following area:


- The red boxes surround the important areas, the unstable rift which is where you will deposit carried memories to receive points and the wall is where you collect the memories to take to the middle
- However, if you are intercepted by an Automaton, you will drop your memory and have to try again
- Alternatively, you can become a Cres and disable the Automatons to allow free pathing through them without dropping memories (for those who are not a cres):


- Both disabling Automatons and converting memories will grant points which can be tracked here:


- Converting memories varies in points and requirements:

Tiny memory - 1 point, Level 1 Divination
Raw memory - 2 points, Level 45 Divination
Large memory - 3 points, Level 85 Divination
Ancient memory - 4 points, Level 92 Divination & Platinum donor

- Subduing Automatons also varies in points and requirements:

Ancient automaton - 1 point, Level 1 Divination
Confused automaton - 2 points, Level 45 Divination
Enraged automaton - 3 points, Level 85 Divination

- The more points you receive the more experience you'll receive which also scales on your Divination level, the max you can receive is 100, if you end with 100 points, you'll receive the following buffs:


- If you're Platinum, you'll receive a bottled boost allowing you to activate it whenever you'd like!


[+] Skilling Steve

- The game has been notably made harder compared to Ataraxia 1, from multiple reports, too hard, especially in the early game to combat this;
- Skilling Steve has arrived at ;;market:


- He sells a variety of different low-level skilling supplies:


- In his shop you will find:

- Grimy herbs up to Kwaurms
- Herblore secondaries up to White berries
- Yak-hide packs (open for 50 yak-hides)
- Logs up to Mahogany
- Seeds up to Avantoe including some secondary seeds
- Raw fish up to Lobster
- Uncut gems up to Diamonds
- Pickaxes up to Rune
- Hatchets up to Rune
- This shop is available to Ironmen and should be the source of some helpful early game supplies

[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed T97 weapon effect damage modifier, it was additive, it is now multiplicative
- Fixed Hexhunter bow being unable to charge
- Fixed urns not refreshing properly after actions
- Fixed last made product selection for divination transmute actions
- Fixed Dungeoneering tokens drops from Soulgazers
- Fixed Hybrid token drop from Raksha
- Fixed Seeker's charm drop from Seekers
- Fixed Zaros Godsword special attack killing your SoS clone


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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