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Why I personally don't play the server (feedback)

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I've seen on discord that the server is struggling to retain players so I wanted to share my personal reason on why I believe this server is great yet I don't play it

Some background: I joined the sever about 6 months ago, played actively for about a week then went from very occasionally so simply hang around on the discord checking out the updates


What I think the server does good:

  • amount of content
  • combat, bosses, etc
  • overall feature quality is pretty high (there are some little bugs regarding the Rs3 interface but it's expected due to how complex it is and nothing game breaking)

And what I don't like? Well the economy and the slow and obstacle-filled progression despite high XP rates (I played with the highest xp rate)

The items sold in the NPC shops and GE auto-buy are very limited, combined with a small player base and other factors it results in many basic items that are way harder to obtain than they really should

Let me give a small example: I decided to check out the skilling contracts hoping to find some simple tasks to keep me entertained while doing some skilling. Go my first contract: brew ~90 prayer potions. This is a contract that with a flowing economy like RS would take you 5 minutes (assuming you have the herb lvl), but the herbs are hard to find sellers and the snape grass being impossible to buy this ends up being a contract that can take hours

Mid level players will encounter these annoying obstacles very frequently where common gear that we're used to seeing as simple to get is almost impossible. Something as basic as off-hand crossbows can't be bought from shops or GE, gem bolts either. Simple potion ingredients, archeology materials, crafting hides, farming seeds, etc. these are all very basic items that are impossible to obtain when there's a small economy and without a way to compensate the lack of offer it becomes a really frustrating obstacle to new players with demand for these items


Overall this ends up making you feel like you're playing forced ironman, where even the simplest items are a pain to get. And if a player chose a normal XP mode instead of ironman no wonder he won't enjoy it


Solutions: I agree this is a very complex issue to tackle so best I can do is list some suggestions which I think would alleviate the problem. Most are based on stuff I've seen on other servers with small player base but flowing economy

  • Increase the GE slots big time, I've seen servers with multiple GE tabs where you are allowed to put buy/sell offers for 30,40 even 50 items at a time. This plays a key role on those end game players who have accumulated loads of different skilling supplies from bossing and can just leave sell offers in GE until they eventually sell
  • Make dung tokens scale with XP (RS formula I believe it's 1 token per 10 XP). It makes no sense that a player on the highest XP mode can reach 120 dung and only be able to buy 1-2 chaotics
  • Be more liberal on the auto-sell/buy items on GE. I understand this is controversial but the bar could be pushed a little and that would go long way on the experience of new players. At least up to tier 65 armor should be auto sold, no one will take the time to craft these items to sell on GE for a profit, ever. Most players won't want to go around acting like ironman crafting every basic armor they will use along the way. Skilling supplies also, herb ingredients, summoning secondaries, farming, basic logs under magic, etc
  • If you really don't want to include auto buy items an alternative path could be to introduce these items in large quantities as random drops in PvM. For example bosses and slayer monsters dropping large quantities of noted items commonly (for example low tier slayers NPCs could drop low tier supplies 10-20 at a time and high slayer high tier). Paired with more GE slots this would add a nice flow of items to the economy
  • "Spotlight bosses/activities", on a 1 hour rotation set a random activity or boss on spotlight meaning increased side drops. Skilling supplies + coins, both things needed for a flowing economy



I wish this server the very best, given the quality of the developed content it's really sad seeing such a low player count, hopefully the server can get back on its feet

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  • Administrator


Thanks for the detailed input and suggestions... I can confirm that a few of the points you have mentioned were addressed within the staff team especially the comments regarding the server feeling very much like ironman mode early game.

To address this we have the intentions to increase more items/skilling supplies on instant buy on the grand exchange for example combat gear up to tier 60 and a maybe herbs up to say irit along with basic items like pickaxes/hatchets so people aren't forced to either make them themselves or rely on other players selling them. We're hoping that some small changes like these will help improve the early game experience and in turn keep players around longer.

We're also planning on adding a lot more QOL updates over the coming weeks to try make the server slightly easier and more catered to both regular players and ironmen to improve the overall player experience.

Any other suggestions we're more than happy to look at and welcome with open arms, we want the server to thrive like it once did and seeing the player count so low is devastating to Jaedmo, Myself and the entire staff team especially considering all the hard work we've poured into it 🙂

Again thank you for your opinion and hope this sheds some clarity on the changes to come. 

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