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Ataraxia Updates #18 - 13th October, 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Reworked Bladed dive on NPCs and added the ability hit properly
- Enabled the Stalker creatures slayer tasks
- Games necklace now has all of it's teleports while equipped
- Zarosian IV collection will now give the recurring reward of: 100 Kharid-et pylon batteries and 6,810 Chronotes for players on XP rates higher than 5x (this is to stop low exp rates farming staff pieces with ease)
- Inquisitor staff and pieces are now tradeable


[+] Small Death Changes

- Items will no longer degrade on your first death
- Implemented "Degrade percentage" which adds 1% every death up to a maximum of 10%, when you reach 10% you can reset it with Death to go back to 0%
- Doing so will give you 3 free deaths before your items start losing charges again



[+] Potion Reservoir

- Potion reservoirs can be created on the Invention workbench using: 1 Potion flask, 5 simple parts and 5 clear parts at 112 Invention
- They are stackable items that can be activated to allow a player to use potions on them and store them to be used, like so: 


- These can be used to store potions inside (depending on the potion) and will be consumed when the last dose is consumed
- The benefit of reservoirs are that when you have a potion loaded, it will automatically consume a dose when the other expires, for example if you are fighting KBD or QBD and you need anti-fires, a great idea would be to load up your reservoir with Antifires or equivalent so you never have downtime, not risking any dragonfire damaging you.
- They are relatively cheap and easy to make and just make AFK slaying slightly easier!



[+] Inquisitor Staff


- The Inquisitor staff is a T80 Magic weapon, the fragments of which can be obtained through Archaeology extremely rarely through Kharid-et excavation
- Alternatively, you can complete the Zarosian IV collection to receive a random Inquisitor's staff fragment (if you are 5x or 1x)
- When obtaining all 3 fragments and a restored Praetorian staff, you can combine them to create the Inquisitor staff
- This staff is quite special, as when you are using it normally, it'll act as a T80, however, when attacking Melee NPCs, the staff will be buffed to T97 (based on damage/accuracy) which can be seen as succeeding if they have the following debuff on RS3 interfaces:



[+] Stalker Dungeon

- Stalker dungeon has been added! You can run here in Daemonheim or alternatively use ctrl-t/;;t to open up the Teleport menu and find it in the Slayer Teleports 81-99
- This dungeon is home of 3 different monsters:

Seeker (level 86 (71 Slayer)) - 120px-Seeker.png?ef57b

Soulgazer (level 128 (99 Slayer)) - 91px-Soulgazer.png?ec184

Veil-ripper Ozharakha (level 135) - 87px-Veil-ripper_Ozharakha.png?ee5a7

- These monsters are all part of the "Stalker creatures" Slayer task and can be killed to complete that task
- The Seekers are nothing special, However, the Soulgazers have an extremely rare chance of dropping the Hexhunter bow which will be detailed below
- Killing a regular Soulgazer has a 1/2000 chance to summon Veil-ripper Ozharakha which gives a guaranteed drop of the Hexhunter bow
- Should you receive the Soulgazer's charm you can use this to unlock the pet!



[+] Hexhunter Bow


- The Hexhunter bow is a T80 weapon, you can receive this from Soulgazers as shown above
- Similar to the Inquisitor staff, the Hexhunter bow acts as a T80 however, when fighting magic-based enemies, it will increase to T97 and you'll see the following debuff on your enemy:



[+] Raksha, the Shadow Colossus

- Raksha is here! You can find him by attuning a Boss portal towards him and then starting an instance!
- When you enter the room he will wake up: 


- Raksha has 7 attacks:

Tail Sweep/Charge - If in melee range, Raksha will tail swipe, dealing large AoE damage, if outside Melee range, Raksha will charge you down and deal heavy damage



Shadow Pools - After each tail sweep/charge, 3 pools of shadow anima will spawn, kill them or it buffs Raksha..


Shadow Bomb - Raksha will launch a shadow orb at you, applying a 6 second stun, if you freedom before you'll take 600 damage, if after you'll take 0 and your prayer will be disabled, after impact it will leave shadow anima that damages you if you stand on it


Shadow Blast - Raksha walks to the center of the room and charges himself with energy to expel 5 blasts of shadow damage


Poison Mind - Players will be stunned, orbs of shadow energy will spawn and you must expel the orbs to be unstunned, any energy remaining will deal heavy damage each, so be sure to expel them all


Ceiling Collapse - When entering phase 3 and 4, Raksha will violently stomp the ground which causes the ceiling to fall, dealing damage to you if you are below it


Erebus Charge - Instakill mechanic, you have to deal as much damage as you can to break the dome the health of which scales with anima absorbed or hide behind one of the pillars at the correct time when the Keeper suggests it.

- Raksha has 4 phases:

Phase 1 Attack Rotation:


Phase 2 Attack Rotation:


Phase 3 Attack Rotation:


Phase 4 Attack Rotation:


- Raksha has some pretty awesome base rewards, however, his rare rewards are where the big ticket items are!
- Raksha will drop the pieces required to craft the Terrasaur maul

- Raksha will also drop Laceration boots, Blast diffusion boots and Fleeting boots
- Raksha drops the Shadow spike which can upgrade those boots to T90
- Raksha also drops the Dragon mattock
- Finally, Raksha drops the Broken shackle which can be redeemed to unlock Raklette:



[+] Terrasaur Maul


- The Terrasaur maul is a T80 melee weapon, you can receive the parts of this weapon from Raksha as shown above
- Similar to the Inquisitor staff and Hexhunter bow, the Terrasaur maul gets buffed when attacking NPCs of a certain type, for the Maul, Range-class enemies are weak to the maul and it becomes a T97 as seen below:


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed "store items" not giving donor total when purchasing items from the shop
- Fixed Uzi's perk shop options opening the wrong shop
- Fixed Skilling urn tooltip not updating every experience drop
- Fixed an issue causing one type of Triskelion key fragment being given only
- Fixed all content that gives Triskelion keys (they will now be given properly in order)
- Presets will no longer leave "in progress" urns as placeholders in the bank
- Fixed a problem with Elite dungeons giving exp and drops to players outside of the Dungeon
- Fixed a problem with Elite dungeons where 5 people could join the same party
- Fixed a problem with Eldritch crossbow not resetting the effect
- Fixed not being able to use 2 Crystal Trisk bags with the Drop catcher effect
- Fixed being able to get Edimmu as a Slayer task without 115 dungeoneering


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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