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Staff Updates #15 October 2021

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Staff Updates September 2021


Hey guys, I'm a bit late to the punch; however, we've had a couple of moves up and down and plenty of new people getting promoted and joining our amazing staff team. As always, be sure to gz these players when you see them in-game and let's get straight to it!




B0D0WDG.png Head Moderator

Brownay (Brownay#3050)

Brownay has been putting a ton of work in playing the game and overall has been a fantastic staff member. He helps ingame plenty with donation transfers, bot busting and giving advice to newer players. It's never a dull moment whenever he's online. Overall, a fantastic guy and deserved promotion.  


i4R97Op.pngServer Support

FTWImCody (FTWImCody#9321)

A little bit of a new kid on the block but nonetheless a fantastic player. A recent winner of Player of The Month, he's proven himself more than enough by helping players ingame and putting in a ton of work behind the scenes with beta testing and helping out with updates.


i4R97Op.pngServer Support

Zilyana (Bigtoe#2101)

Zily has been playing Ataraxia for quite a bit of time so I'd imagine most of you would recognize the familiar face. He contributes plenty ingame, just as much beta testing and helping noobs within the Help FC. He is no doubt a great consistent player to have on our staff team and we hope he settles in fine.


i4R97Op.pngServer Support

Zenity (Zenity#5640)

Another great player that has joined the ranks of Ataraxia staff. Not only is he a great person like the people above but also puts in plenty of work helping people in FC as well. We hope we adjusts well and grows to be a great staff member like the others above.





Iron Cookie (DamonCookie#5078) is no longer apart of our staff team

Even though we all love Cookie and he is no doubt a great guy, he just hasn't been playing Ataraxia at all and has had a long period of inactivity. We do hope he does come back to play just a bit more and contribute just as he has before!




We had a great bunch of people apply to become a support; however, we just can't accept everyone. It isn't going to be the last time applications open though, so always be on the lookout for whenever we are looking for new staff members!

Regards, Klutch, Multiply, Jaedmo


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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