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Ataraxia Updates #17 - 30th September, 2021

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Speaking on behalf of the Development team, it's been a pretty slow month as you can probably tell. With recent updates being as big and as quality as they were, the pressure to release a huge one was quite heavy on our shoulders.

Overall, this is a great update, however, I apologise for the delay as it should've been released weeks ago. 

Fortunately, the delay between this update and the next one will be minimal, and that update will bring Raksha, the Shadow Colossus!

[+] General Changes

- Buffed Skilling contracts depending on game mode, Realism: 3x, Legendary: 5x, Expert: 8x, Normal: 10x
- Removed the cap of 1000 Stardust when Mining it
- Removed Glacor reaper contracts
- Removed delay after clicking a Random event and receiving experience
- Added Portable workbench to Portable skilling pack options and updated the options list
- Removed Misc. dead objects from the Evil tree instances
- Added Relics from ED2 and ED3 to Crystal key loot table
- Added a guaranteed 35k-100k coin reward after completing a Slayer task
- Added a guaranteed 50k-150k coin reward after completing a Reaper contract
- Added a guaranteed 35k-85k coin reward after completing a Skilling contract
- Added Secondaries box to Skilling shop/Advanced skilling shop
- Increased the stock of Feathers in Bob's shop
- The Alchemic smithing perk will now act the same as Smelting gauntlets, it'll move all smelted goods to your Metal bank instantly
- You can now combo the Alchemic smithing perk & Smelting gauntlets to smelt up to 100 products at the same time (interface will only display 60)
- The Alchemic smithing perk will now allow you to smelt up to 60 bars at the same time even without the Gauntlets
- Buffed the success chance for Prifddinas Thieving
- Buffed the success chance for regular pickpocketing (for the last time)
- Platinum zone instances now only last 30 minutes however, they cost 60% less, the feedback we got was that most slayer tasks take <30 mins so an hour long instance is unnecessary
- Arcane and Elysian now have the same effect as the Divine spirit shield
- Buffed Steam battlestaff droprate to the same as other uniques from Zamorak gwd
- Before this update, all Disassembling experience was divided by 5 if the player wasn't Realism, this has been buffed so it only divides by 4 so 5x aren't rooted
- Removed all the previously nerfed values on Checking health on Trees and Fruit trees (most were about 60% of what they should be)
- Having a Talisman or Tiara while having the correct rune at the correct altar will now craft combination runes
- You can no longer leave your GIM Group towards the end of the season, this will be announced in GIM-News on discord
- GIMs can now store Gizmo shells in their Group Bank
- Added Elven ritual shard effect to restore your prayer points over time
- Made Excalibur and Elven ritual shard effect reset to 5 seconds on login
- Gems from PVM drops will now go automatically to the Gem bag if you have Dropcatcher and a Gem bag
- You can now add War's retreat (home) teleport spell to your action bar
- Added Obelisk of air wilderness shortcut
- Added Tree Gnome Stronghold stile shortcut
- Added double surge/escape codex to all ED2 bosses
- Improved Draconic energy roll amount
- Uzi's perk shop will now sell all Store items available on the Website, except the PVM equipment
- Buffed Blowpipe pieces drop rate
- Buffed Dragon mattock drop rate on task by 1.5x
- Added Seiryu's fang to Bob's shop for 5,000,000gp
- Made Mattock of Time and Space untradeable
- Removed Black mushroom ink from the Vote shop as it's in Bob's shop
- Farming Co-op Skilling contracts will now cap at 8 actions to stop people getting 20+
- You can now aggro Strykewyrms from a distance if you are using Range or Magic
- Made Penguin DnD token rarer from Skilling contracts
- You can now receive the Penguin DnD token from spying on penguins
- Urns will now auto teleport when they reach 100%
- Neutron star now has 500k health and has a static spawn location
- You can now buy a Reaper perk which will allow you to block 3 contracts
- Drop catcher will now auto pickup Triskelion key fragments
- You now get 5 Treasure hunter keys per 100 contracts completed

[+] MacOS Client

- MacOS is now supported! Head over to: https://ataraxia-ps.com/play


- Simply download here, then click this: 


- Move AtaraxiaNXT into Applications


- Then simply open the game and enjoy!




[+] LinuxOS Client

- Media and details coming soon...


[+] Updated Instance Interfaces

- The RS3 instance interface is here! You can now customise your instances with ease with these new interfaces
- This has also reduced the amount of Coins required to start a lot of instances around Ataraxia! Hopefully taking less of a blow on your Money pouch
- For instances like GWD1, you'll have the following customisations; Max players, combat level requirements to enter, Spawn speed and whether your instance has a password
- Created instances will stay up until they expire and you can re-enter as you please during that time!
- Having The Discounter perk will reduce all Instance prices by half!


- Some instances don't require any Coins to enter:


- Some instances don't require any customisation before entering:



[+] Safecracking

- Pickpocketing was pissing us all off, we decided it was time to politely ask Armar to code Safecracking and he had it done in about 24 hours!
- Safecracking takes away the traditional deception and Agility needed to pickpocket from an NPC or steal from a market stall and involved the stealth of sneaking into people's houses and stealing their goods from there cutting out the middle man!
- To get started, talk to Chief Thief Robin who has just made an appearance at home!


- Claim a Looting bag and also enter his shop to receive a Stethoscope, which will improve your speed when cracking safes
- You can find these safes all over Ataraxia:


- For a full location list check: https://runescape.wiki/w/Safecracking#Locations
- You can pick two ways of cracking open these safes, you can click and fully afk it and crack it slowly, or alternatively, watch it and when a blue light like this appears, click the safe, which will instantly unlock a dial! 


- Safecracking gives good experience per hour while also boasting a decent amount of GP income!
- When safecracking, your loot will automatically be placed into your Looting bag, you can then take your spoils to Robin at home who will give you coins, pilfer points and more experience!
- Pilfer points can be spent in the reward shop:


- Larger Lootbags hold more loot! Which will give you more points, coins and experience
- The Master thief's stethoscope is identical to the regular stethoscope other than the fact you can add it to your toolbelt
- The Master thief's lockpick is just a lockpick that doesn't break, functionally useless on Ataraxia currently.


[+] Rare Mystery Box Rotation

- A new rotation is here! 8 new Custom cosmetic rares for you to collect! They are:

Lavender Partyhat

Lavender Santa hat

Lavender Black Santa hat

Blue Santa hat

Blue Black Santa hat

Yellow Santa hat

Yellow Black Santa hat

Orange Black Santa hat

- With an additional 3 rares this means that the chances of receiving one are a little higher compared to previously! (you'll get more rares less tokens)


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Master Runecrafting outfit not counting for BXP
- Fixed Third age range not announcing from Clue scrolls
- Fixed Third age druidic robe bottom not announcing from Clue scrolls
- Fixed Crystal chest not showing all of the rewards when you use a Crystal Key (g) and have the perk
- Fixed Dungeoneering token pouches not adding to your total and also made it so they display the amount of tokens you now have after opening
- Fixed Meerkats being aggressive and gave them more Health
- Fixed some penguins registering as "shadow realm penguins" meaning they won't show up
- Fixed being unable to spy on Ghostly penguins
- Fixed Aggression potions not deactivating when you die
- Fixed an issue where you could roll the same task back to back from Skilling contracts resulting in reduced experience without skipping a task
- Fixed Super adrenaline potions only working on Portable well by adding an option to the Adrenaline crystal to "mix"
- Fixed Amulet of Farming allowing people to bypass the Prifddinas requirements
- Fixed numerous Elite dungeon instance exploits
- Fixed dupes and exploits relating to Presets
- Fixed Dungeoneering smuggle
- Fixed non-GIM players receiving activity points messages when catching penguins
- Fixed a problem while holding space causing you to not receive a Slayer task
- Fixed Scavenging perk giving Common/Uncommon instead of Uncommon/Rare materials
- Fixed Deathtouched dart not working on Black stone dragon
- Fixed Zaros godsword special attack nulling if you die while it's active
- Fixed issues with Pest control
- Fixed urns counting bank placeholders for max urn count
- Fixed woodcutting urns and using urns with presets


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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  • Jaedmo changed the title to Ataraxia Updates #17 - 30th September, 2021


I just want to say, fantastic work on these quality of life updates! Hats off to the development team!
I love to see that the small things aren't taking a back seat. 👏

Safecracking is an amazing easy win from a dev perspective! Glad to see this implemented in such a short amount of time!

- Dante

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