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In-game name: T A E

Experience Mode: Realism (x1)

RED = Incomplete

GREEN = Complete


  • Complete Masterwork Armour Set
  • Obtain BIS Range Gear
  • Obtain BIS Mage Gear
  • Obtain BIS Melee Gear
  • Smelt 10,000 Elder Rune Bars
  • Chop 10,000 Elder Logs
  • Fletch 10,000 Elder Shieldbows
  • Fish 10,000 Rocktails
  • Farm 10,000 Fellstalks
  • Complete 1,000 Prifddinas Agility Laps
  • Thieve 10,000 Times
  • Obtain The Max Cape
  • Obtain The Completionist Cape

I will update this thread as often as possible however I imagine it will be a very long time until I can change any of these to that beautiful colour.

(Thread created 20/08/2021 - All goals achieved --/--/----)

(Last updated 20/08/2021)

Edited by Taelan
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Accounts / EXP / Gamemode / Status

Taelan / x25 / Ironman / Maxed

T A E / x1 / Regular / Not Maxed

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