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Ataraxia Updates #16 - 24th August, 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Charms can now be stored in the GIM bank
- Dragonbane ammunition can now be stored in the GIM bank
- When receiving a Boss pet drop it will now include the Gamemode of the player who receives it
- Removed the 5 second throttle after combat when examining players
- Increased the stock in personal rune shops to 50k instead of 20k
- Buffed the Key to the crossing droprate when on Slayer task
- Buffed Maniacal, Reckless and Berserker auras (reduced the defensive debuff amount and increased the accuracy)
- Buffed Wisdom auras, Base: +5% exp, Supreme: +10%, Legendary: +15%
- Added Alchemical hydrix crafting interface to make the dust
- Added Essence of Finality recharging functionality with Alchemical hydrix dust
- Added trimmed masterwork/custom-fit trimmed masterwork/custom-fit trimmed spiked masterwork repairing by using the base untrimmed/unaugmented item, by using the base item on the degraded item it will restore 100% charge
- Augmented versions will still require 32 Divine charges as well as the untrimmed item 
- Added elite tectonic/sirenic repair patches which can be used to repair augmented/non-augmented T92 armour
- Dagannoth king Reaper tasks are now all included in one umbrella "Dagannoth Kings"
- Removed Kalphite egg drop from Kalphite Queen (pet drop that wasn't removed when it's handled elsewhere)
- All rewards from Achievements will now go straight to your Bank
- Removed the drops from Blood reavers when they're in Nex or Nex: AOD
- Your Vote double experience timer will now display on the Task tab below Bonus XP
- Removed random Tzhaar creature from the Wizard's tower
- Removed the Pets shop from the Relaunch NPC
- Hide tanning now supports Noted items for a larger fee
- Plank converting now supports Noted items for a larger fee
- Increased the amount of Abyssal demons in the ;;pi from 10 to 12
- Added Demon flash mobs to the In-game notices Discord channel
- You can now use Limpwurt roots on the Tool leprechaun to note them
- Added a drop announcement for Blurberry specials
- Made Sack of Effigies tradeable
- Removed Gloves of Silence from the Unlimited Grand exchange items list
- Vote DXP and Weekend DXP now stack to give you 3x exp
- Added a +10% increase on your chance to receive a rare drop from The Ambassador when you have the Elite Dungeons booster token enabled
- Added access to the Rare drop table when killing Elite dungeons mobs, bosses and mini bosses
- Removed the "Welcome to Ataraxia" message on login and changed the "Welcome to Runescape" message to "Welcome to Ataraxia"
- Added Urn enhancer, it can be created through invention and while you have it in your inventory it will grant 25% extra experience from teleported Urns at the cost of 20 charges
- You can now view your Elite dungeon party members from anywhere while in the Dungeon
- Improved surge and escape mechanics, it will now take into consideration the tile you clicked to walk to in the same tick you surge/escape
- Improved cleave weaponry mechanics, ^^ ""
- You can now toggle the effect of all perks through ;;toggleperks
- Aubury's apprentice perk now lets you teleport without runes
- The Stargazer perk now gives you 3 dust per mine rather than 2 and yields 25% more rewards when turning in dust
- Take-two Reaper perk now doesn't reset streak when it activates
- Puzzle boxes for Elite clues now appear less frequently than Master clues
- Made the "check" puzzle button refresh the puzzle in case the interface hasn't caught up to the input
- Added Ironman/Hardcore Ironman outfits and their 5 year versions, 1k hours is required to use the 5 year versions
- Reverted the changes which nerfed the Mining experience received from Divine locations
- Added the old Common/uncommon Rare mbox rotation to Fortunate components disassembling
- Added Light form (not useful), Dark form (not useful), Chronicle absorption, Superheat form and Soul link Seren Prayers. Read about them here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Ancient_Curses
- Added Seren spirit random events while having the Grace of the Elves equipped, you can find more information here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Seren_spirit


[+] Area Looting

- Area looting has been added to Ataraxia!
- You can now right click piles of loot to instantly loot a single item/stack or alternatively, left click the top of the pile to open up the Area looting interface, which will display all loot in a 7x7 area like so:


- If you have the Lorehound pet summoned, this area will be 9x9
- You can simply press Loot all to loot every item you can hold (starting from top left) or individually click the item you want!
- This will work with drop noting for Diamond members, however, you'll have to disable Drop catcher in ;;toggleperks


[+] Thieving Changes

- Thieving capes now provide +25 increased chance while pickpocketing (ardy cloak is +15)
- Pickpocketing has been an issue since we removed the perk effect making it so you never fail pickpockets
- I decided to have a close look at the formula that determined whether or not the player succeeds, and it was quite messy (somewhat because i kept trying to improve it to no avail)
- The previous formula basically went as so: Ratio = (Random number between 1 and your thieving level + 30) / Random number between 1 and the level requirement for the NPC
- That is then put into the following: Ratio x (thieving level + increased chance (equipment/familiars/potions), and if this number is less than the NPC's thieving level requirement, you fail
- I had a good look at it and it seemed way too complicated for what it needed to be. So I changed it to:
- Random number between 1 and your thieving level + increased chance + lowLevel (where low level asks if the npc is below level 30 thieving, if so it adds +10) and if all of that is less than a random number between 1 and the npc's thieving requirement you'll fail
- With some testing, this seems to have improved Thieving chances, as it's pegging yourself vs the NPC on a random number-off. However, you have the bonuses of being able to receive increased chance, which sways it in your favour.
- With some testing, at 99 Thieving at Dwarf traders while wearing Thieving cape and Gloves of silence, I was succeeding 70-80% of the time
- This can be easily edited so please let me know of some stats! But overall, should be better.


[+] Aura Manager

- Auras have been updated, we intended to do this before the server was released but ran out of time
- All timers have been updated, all effects have been updated. All activation times, cooldowns and effects are now accurate (including the perk impacting the timer)
- Fixed a problem with Auras deactivating causing the auras to have more cooldown than they should when deactivated before it runs out
- Removed custom Wisdom auras, if you had them before the update you will be refunded Loyalty points
- Removed custom Vampyrism auras, if you had them before the update you will be refunded Loyalty points
- The regular Vampyrism aura will restore 5% of your damage to health with no capping


[+] Rune Pouches Update

- While the custom Rune pouches were great, in order to have Runescape's full system, removing the Unlimited/Large rune pouches were required
- These pouches will still be usable and replaced upon login
- There are now two types of Rune pouch, Small and Large.
- The Small rune pouch can hold 16k runes in 2 slots while the Large can hold 16k runes in 3 slots
- You can stack these Rune pouches, I.E have one Rune pouch coloured pink with Vengeance runes while the other is coloured black with Blood Barrage runes
- As such, the Combinations have been removed
- You can now source Magical thread from Runecrafting Pure essence on Altars. You will have a 1/300 chance per essence and you require 30/100 threads to make the Small/Large pouch


[+] RS3 Pets Interface

- The FULL RS3 pets interface is here, with over 100 pets added to Ataraxia and over 200 total, the Pet customisation is ENDLESS!



- Almost all pets can be purchased for Ataraxia coins ranging from 125-150 which prices in at about $4-6 each
- Pets unlocked through the game are also unlocked on this interface and all pets will be carried through from your previous unlocks
- Here's a few of my favourites:


- On top of this, Familiar overrides are here, you can now have a Steel titan out, the most fearsome Summoning creature there is (currently), and you can portray him as a cute little glop of slime:


- Are you not entertained?
- Very well, also here is fully customisable Lorehound and Felix:

[+] Felix

- Felix is a cool cat that you can dress up as you please:


Whether that be a cool Samurai:


A Zorro impersonator:


Bald like Ryan:


Or a cute Santa:


- You can also unlock different colours/breeds of Felix: Tabby, Ginger, Siamese and Blue shorthair
- All Felix customisations and attachments can be sourced through Treasure Hunter and traded amongst players!

[+] Lorehound

- Similar to Felix, the Lorehound can be customised with outfits!


- You can purchase these outfits from the options on the right and then equip them, they cost 500 Ataraxia coins each, which is around $20, expensive, I know, but it wouldn't be fun if everyone's Didymus was running around identical, would it
- He has 7 outfits: Base, Base 2, Fremmenik, Elf, Pirate, Vampyre and Quest
- All can be viewed by entering the interface and checking him out!

- Be sure to check out the new Pets interface, I'm sure you'll find a pet you like!

[+] Penguin DnD

- Starting from this update, you might see some Penguins running around Ataraxia with some questionable if not completely pointless disguises on! Left click on them to find them and gain Penguin points to be spent in the DnD shop!
- You can talk to Larry at ;;market to get started:


- Pretty much Larry is trying to kill every Penguin operative across Ataraxia, doing so will reward you with some points and Hunter experience
- He'll then give you a Book to track your progress:


- This book can also provide hints to the whereabouts of Penguin spies!
- 12-16 Penguins will spawn in random locations every week, there are 80+ possible hints and 300+ possible locations they spawn
- You'll see them all over Ataraxia naturally, or if you want to hunt them you can do so!



- When spying them, you'll receive points from 10-20 which you can check at any time using your Book


- You can get two unique rewards from the Penguin shop to aid your hunting:

Briefcase of Disguises - This will transform you into a Penguin model granting you bonus points when spotting a penguin while disguised


Penguin Spy Device - This will mark any nearby Penguins when you are scanning making your Hunting much easier!


- Also, there are some new items in the Penguin shop that have some unique qualities such as:


- Which can be redeemed to receive 250 Skilling tickets


- Which can be smashed to receive 40-100 Decorated urns of a certain type
- Furthermore, after spying on 80 Penguins you will receive the Sheldon pet: 


- He can scan for Penguins similar to the Device and will also grant bonus points when hunting Penguins with him summoned
- The stats for each weeks Penguin Hide & Seek will be posted to the Discord, you'll be able to see the total stats!



[+] Elite Dungeons Reward Shop

- The Elite Dungeons Reward shop is here!


- All items within the chest are functional!
- Unlocking the Elite dungeon chest upgrade will allow you to open the chests inside all Elite Dungeons without a KC requirement, also, it will give you the chance to receive double drops even while auto loot is enabled
- You can read up on all of the other rewards here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Elite_Dungeon_Reward_Shop
- Cosmetic outfits, pets, etc..
- Consumables: 


- The Lucky charms will give drop enhancements within the respective Elite dungeon, they give you the chance to receive rare drops when killing creatures within the Dungeons
- Sophanem slayer dungeon drop enhancer increases your chance to receive Keys to the crossing when killing creatures within Sophanem dungeon!



[+] Economy Improvements

- It has been brought to our attention the lack of Coins in the economy due to the abundance of gold sinks and lack of gold generators, while we can't immediately change everything to improve gold generation, we can edit the sinks
- Increased the amount of Coins gained from Voting: 750k/Vote from 500k
- Increased the amount of bonus coins gained from Voting depending on Donor rank:
Master 300k -> 500k
Plat 300k -> 200k
Gold 200k -> 100k
Silver 100k -> 50k
- Added a 1/30 chance to receive a Medium cash bag (2m~) from each vote
- Reduced the cost of Platinum instances from 1m/750k with perk to 750k/600k with perk
- Reaper task resets have been lowered from 5m/2.5m with perk to 3m/1.5m with perk

[+] Rare Mystery Box Rework

- Rare Mystery Boxes have been fairly successful, definitely our most lucrative addition to the Store
- However, with the really hit or miss aspect of them, some players spending 30 mins worth of wage to get a Evening masquerade mask when someone can get a Christmas cracker is quite unfair
- Therefore, we've decided to remove all of the Common/Uncommon rewards from the boxes and replace them with Rare Item Tokens which can be redeemable in a Shop by clicking them
- These tokens can be traded among players and hopefully it adds somewhat of a Market for the lower tiered rewards, here's the shop:



- As you can see, there's some pretty high ticket items in there, the T87s that used to be in the Chime shop, SWH, Boxes etc.
- Prices and Items are subject to change and if you have any suggestions be sure to let me know.
- We've also rotated some new rares in! All are based on the Black Santa Hat model:






- Good luck! As always, let us know of any ideas you have for future Rotations!


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Black stone dragon and The Ambassador spotlights
- Fixed Collections log not working
- Added some small improvements to GIM messages lagging the server
- Fixed the animations on the following NPCs: Cadarn Magus/Ranger, Dust devil, Cave horror, Barrelchest, Vyrewatch, Wolves, Cows, Minotaurs, Ankou, Ganodermic beasts, Chickens
- Fixed Polypore staff crafting not triggering the achievement depending on the way you create it
- Fixed Corporeal puppy drop rate
- Fixed a bug allowing people to play the game while skipping account creation (choosing gamemode)
- Fixed players who haven't chosen a gamemode teleporting to AFK island
- Fixed an issue causing the Archaeology time sprite to disappear when you go out of range
- Fixed an issue with bank getting stuck if you close it while in your presets menu
- Fixed ectoplasmator/attuned ectoplasmator prayer points restoration effect on scattering ashes/killing ghosts
- Fixed a bug not letting you extend task without relogging after finishing a task
- Fixed a problem with some make-x interfaces which made you unable to start a different action when you have one going already
- Fixed being able to avoid reaper contract streak resets by using the Grim gem
- Fixed an issue causing the players to see a completed puzzle box when it's incomplete
- Fixed a problem with time played displaying in the Task tab
- Fixed an issue where the Legios or Elite dungeons mobs don't aggro if the player attacks with a familiar first
- Fixed a problem with some instances ending and teleporting you to the outside tiles when finished
- Fixed ectoplasmator/Attuned ectoplasmator prayer points restoration effect on scattering ashes and killing ghosts.
- Fixed player's clan icon mask spamming the local player update.
- Fixed a problem with heals that give a hit splat giving double healing.


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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