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Ataraxia Updates #15 - 19th July, 2021

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[+] General Changes

- #gim-news on Discord will now display end-of-season stats including: Total active group members,  Total XP/BP/Levels/deaths, and the best overall Casual/Competitive GIM
- Changed the world announcement to state "market" rather than "home" when referencing the Witch Doctor
- Old GIM Prestiging has now been changed to activity points, which are gained by: Loyalty points, Skilling contracts, Evil tree, Pest control, Shooting star, Crystal tree (when added), God jadinkos, Reaper tasks, WildyWyrm and Fight caves
- Reaper contracts will no longer give you individual Legio tasks, it will now be all inclusive in a "Legiones" task, where you can kill any one you want
- GIM Banks can now store the following untradeable items: All Augmented equipment and all Void knight equipment
- #hcim-news will now properly broadcast HCIM deaths when they happen
- Living Wyvern combat will no longer spam the chatbox 
- Removed the 2 minute 50s renewal timer on renewing familiars
- Real estate agent will now convert all curved and long bones into Construction experience, 1500xp * gamemode for Long bones and 2250xp * gamemode for Curved!
- Crafting Guild teleport now teleports you inside the guild
- Reaper contracts now streak! If you reset your task it will set your streak count to 0. However, streaking tasks in a row will now give: 2x points on your 10th, 4x on 25th, 6x on 50th and 8x on your 100th
- You can now pick the Pineapple fruit plants South of Brimhaven
- You can now buy Pineapples from Arhein
- Removed the "talk-to" option on H.A.M guards for easy pickpocketing
- Ring of Wealth (c) teleports now function as intended
- Divine Simulcram I now requires 70 Divination to use rather than 80
- In order to attempt to balance out the combat styles and the weapons, we've made some slight adjustments to combat: +10% Spell damage, +5% dual wield damage, -10% 2h damage
- Resetting your Divine location will now require 40 vis wax
- Wilderness obelisk "set destination" now works, you will also no longer get the same location when pressing Activate
- Added a Crystal skillchompa teleport to ;;sp/;;t
- Adjusted AOD's Luminous energy drops from 3152-3152 to 2934-3204 on the main drop, increased the secondary drop/other drop amounts of Luminous energy to 500-800 from 100-200
- Updated AOD's droptables to the Mining/Smithing rework items
- Buffed Chaos elemental drop rates substantially for all items, even more so for the non-corrupt Statius/Morrigans/Vesta/Zuriel equipment, this has been buffed from about 1/500k for a Statius's warhammer to 1/5k
- Added Turoth's to ;;pi
- Changed the Vampyres teleport to the Haunted woods rather than GWD1 entrance
- Added more Abyssal creature spawns to the ALR fairy ring location
- Added the Enhanced replenishment potion effect (Restores your stats & grants 30% special energy)
- Nerfed the Virus damage from Telos, the Warden by 15%
- Added ;;comb recipes to make higher tier clues, it will require 5:1 for each upgrade, i.e 5 Easys = Medium, 5 Mediums = Hard, 5 Hards = Elite (there is no combination for Masters)
- Buffed the Draconic energy drop amounts from ED2, from 6-12 to 10-18 and from 1-111 to 10-111 on the other table
- Increased the amount of Loyalty points received depending on your donor rank, Bronze/Silver: 20, Gold: 40, Plat: 60, Diamond: 80, Master: 100, this adds on to the amount received per 30 mins
- Buffed the rate of Variable components from disassembling Mechanised chinchompas from 3% & 89% junk chance to 5% and 69% junk chance
- Shooting stars will now only be from levels 4-8, this removes the pain of waiting 2 hours for a level 1 star. (They will still go to level 3/2/1 when mined past level 4)
- Purchasing Springs on the Store will now give you 300 Springs for $2, it was brought to our attention it'd cost approximately $200 to fully upgrade your Spring cleaner at the previous price
- Added the Woodcutting skill cape effects: When having the Woodcutting cape equipped you'll have a 5% chance of banking a log
- Added the Mining skill cape effects: When having the Mining cape equipped you'll have a 5% extra chance to mine 2 ores
- Removed the ability to split degraded Amulet of Souls/Reaper necklaces from their Ornament kits
- Orlando Smith's hat will now announce when received
- Reworked Disruption shield and added its buff icon/cooldown on the action bar
- The Fateful portal at home will now teleport you to the currently spotlighted Boss free of charge
- The Old tome will now trigger from your bank or inventory
- Reduced price of the tome in the Skilling contract shops
- Added the Ambassador to reaper tasks
- You can now ;;unlink to attempt to relink your Discord account to your in-game account


[+] Divine Locations Update

- Divine locations have been meta for Hunter, Farming and Divination (just me?) for a very long time. When I came to control Ataraxia, the previous code wasn't similar to RS3 in the fact of each location having certain weighting to the speed it'll consume your limit.. Because of this, you could basically camp Box trap/Herb III to 99/120/200m without any real negating effects compared to a lower level location
- With the addition of the Mining and Smithing rework, this added a lot more fairly unbalanced locations if there wasn't a weighting system
- So, we have added the weighting system:

Resources used: 1
Tree, Oak tree, Willow tree, Maple tree, Yew tree, Bronze, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Crayfish, Herring, Trout, Salmon, Kebbit burrow, Bird snare

Resources used: 2
Lobsters, Swordfish, Shark, Herb i, Deadfall, Magic Tree

Resources used: 3
Adamantite, Cavefish

Resources used: 4
Herb ii, Simulacrum i/ii, Rocktail

Resources used: 5
Box trap

Resources used: 8
Herb iii

Resources used: 25
Orichalcite, Drakolith, Necrite, Phasmatite, Light animica, Dark animica, Banite

- To combat this, we've also moved to RS3's resource cap system, previously it went of Divination level + 16, now it'll be your Total level / 10, but this caps at 250, so anything above 2500 Total will be 250. Master donors get 2x this and those with the Divination perk get 2x as well
- This is a big buff to the amount you can harvest, if doing the right things, but no longer can you spam Herb 3 and Box traps.


[+] Skyboxes

- Skyboxes were meant to be involved in this update, however, upon adding them Armar discovered a few issues with it. So they won't be released this update.
- Here's an example of Skyboxes, the first picture being the Skyboxes for a Java client, the second for NXT.



- Ignore the pixelation, but the NXT one is clearly better, however, currently our skyboxes are closer to the Java.
- There will be some finetuning needed before they are released but hopefully in time for the next update!


[+] Urns

- Urns have finally made their way to Ataraxia! If you don't know what urns do, I'll try my best to give a brief summary.
- Urns are created through the Crafting skill by using Soft clay on a potter's wheel then fired in a Portable crafter or Pottery oven to make the Urn (nr) (no rune)
- You can add a rune to the Urn to activate it, Cooking: Fire, Divination: Mind, Farming: Nature, Fishing: Water, Hunter: Mud, Mining: Earth, Prayer: Air, Runecrafting: Pure, Smithing: Fire and Woodcutting: Earth
- They will then stack in your inventory.
- These urns will charge with each resource you harvest/collect/catch/mine/create/consume a certain %, depending on the level of the urn and the level of the resource you get/use.
- When the urn reaches 100%, it will teleport away giving you experience, of which you can see here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Urns#Types_of_urns


- Urns are a great investment of time to create as overtime they will greatly improve your exp/hr doing all of these Skills. They're only enhanced with the: 

[+] Brooch of the Gods

- The Brooch of the Gods is a non-degradable pocket slot item that while equipped provides +4 Prayer bonus
- You can create a Brooch of the Gods by using an Alchemical Hydrix, 5 Elder rune bars and 5 Gold leaves at a Furnace and then Lvl-6 Enchanting the product
- You can store up to 1000 of each urn in the Brooch of the Gods! It will consume them and send them for exp as if they were in your inventory
- On top of the Prayer bonus and an urns container, the Brooch of the Gods has other Passive effects while equipped, including:
- All Portable skill station effects are twice as likely to trigger, for example: Regularly a Portable workbench would save a plank 10% of the time, with the Brooch it's 20%!
- While training non-combat skills, occasionally a Divine blessing will appear near the player which can be collected for Invention components, it must be collected quickly as it will eventually expire and disappear as you will see on the health/status bar!




[+] Elite Dungeons 3

- You can teleport to the Elite Dungeons 3 through the Beasts interface: 


- Now I'm not a PVMer and can't do the mechanic explanation justice, so you'll have to wait for a guide, but as far as I know there's minibosses, Bosses and mobs n stuff. Check out the RS3 Reef thread: https://runescape.wiki/w/The_Shadow_Reef
- I'll share some cool media from the Elite Dungeon though!

The Shadow Reef map.png



Notable Drops

Black Stone arrow tips
Swordy McSwordface
Eldritch Crossbow Parts
Other uncommon/common EDS drops


Ambi, from The Ambassador

Ambi pet.png

Squoggoth, from all Shadow Reef monsters

Squoggoth pet.png


- My explanation can't do it justice, you just have to go try it for yourself.

[+] Black Stone Arrows

- With Elite dungeons 3 brings a new ammo type! As the Dungeon drops Black stone arrow tips you can connect these to Elder headless arrows to make Black stone arrows
- These arrows are T92 arrows with 883.2 damage!
- They also have a passive effect where they will reduce the target's base armour by 0.75% per hit capping at 15% armour reduction which will expire in 12 minutes or if the enemy dies 

[+] Eldritch Crossbow

- With Elite dungeons 3 brings a new contender for the BIS Ranged weapon, the Eldritch Crossbow.
- Costing over Max cash on real Runescape, the Eldritch crossbow will be a hotly sought after piece of weaponry on Ataraxia!
- The Eldritch crossbow can be obtained by combining the three pieces dropped from the Ambassador, the Limbs, Stock and Mechanism with 96 Fletching
- As a base weapon, you can see the comparison below to see how it weighs up against it's T92 counterpart, the Seren Godbow:

Seren Godbow

Damage: 262
Accuracy: 3789
Speed: Average


Eldritch Crossbow w/ Hydrix Bakriminel Bolts (e)

Damage: 264
Accuracy: 3789
Speed: Average


- From the stats you can see that they are basically the same weapon, minus a few damage difference between them.
- However, where it gets interesting is the Special attacks, we all know the SGB's special attack, but the Eldritch Crossbow brings a whole new mechanic that is actually quite awesome.
- Spending 25% special energy, for 15 seconds with Soulsplit enabled, your attacks that would normally heal you, now deal damage to your target equal to 4x the amount you would heal normally.
- Meaning, if you attack a boss and deal 1000 damage, if you were to heal 100 from that, you'd now deal 1400 damage total. 
- This has an active buff on the buff bar to keep track of your uptime as well has a new damage splat to determine which hit is which:



[+] Skilling Contract Updates

- Added Soft clay to Skilling shop/Contract rewards
- Nerfed the amount of experience and tickets gained from co-op Skilling contracts
- Increased the cap of rewards on tickets and vis wax (buff)
- Added a large reduction in experience and rewards from your next contract if you skip one before it, this gets worse if you skip more than 1 in a row
- Added scaling ticket costs for skipping contracts in a row, halved the regular skipping cost
- Skilling contract experience has been returned to how it used to be, it will still provide Bonus experience, however, it will be equal to the amount it used to be (we nerfed it to 25x from 50x, it's 50x again)

[+] Experience Modifiers

- You can now type ;;xpm to check your current Experience modifiers!
- Here's an example, I'm wearing a Completionist cape, have every perk and Weekend experience is enabled:



[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Dung cape turning into Summoning cape when removing the hood
- Fixed being unable to set your home to Donor zone & Prifddinas
- Fixed the ;;events command, typing it will now show all of the events for the month!
- Fixed all secondary action bar interactions with items/objects/npcs/floor items etc.
- Fixed being unable to cast other spells with Polypore staff
- Fixed Reaper sins II appearing twice on two Achievement lists
- Fixed xp lamps/prismatic stars crashing a certain player's client
- Fixed Onyx dragon spec in ED2 healing him even if he doesn't hit anyone
- Fixed familiars being unable to attack sometimes vs Verak Lith
- Fixed visual bugs for Lunar spells that require livid farm unlocks
- Fixed Mobile perk not working for Bladed dive


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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