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Ataraxia Updates #14 - 1st July 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Medium clues are now less common from pickpocketing Guards
- Added a permanent banker to the Chaos altar (no need for us to spawn in anymore)
- Enabled Mandrith as a Slayer master, you can now choose him to get Wilderness specific tasks
- Reduced the Vote party caps to 200 during the week (from 500) and 300 on the weekend (from 700), we discussed this during a Community feedback meeting and decided the best way to address it wasn't to nerf the books but to nerf the rate of receiving them
- Removed the need for Thread/Needle when using Protean hides
- Increased the droprate of Keys to the crossing by 2x if you're on a task (1/200 to 1/100~)
- Shooting stars will now spawn every 2 hours compared to every 3
- Shooting star mining actions will now net you 2 Stardust instead of 1
- Updated Rise of the Six drops to RS3 (stone spirits, salvage)
- Reworked Crystal triskelion rewards to match RS3, the amounts were 5-10x what they should've been
- Replaced Addy/Rune bars/Equipment from Telos with stone spirits and salvage
- Buffed the Phylactery droprate from The Magister from 1/30 to 1/20
- Added the Prifddinas musician's top to the Clue shop for clues
- Buffed the lava strykewyrm droprate for uniques when on task by 4x
- Double the droprate of the WildyWyrm uniques
- You can now place an extra trap when you reach 99 Hunter
- Clue scrolls gained while Skilling will now be added directly to your bank
- Added bonuses for reaching 12 hours online, on the weekend you'll receive $2 and 2 Mystery boxes
- Added Auspicious Arch to the vote perk shop
- Astellarn can now drop Hybrid tokens, also made Hybrid tokens more common from all sources
- Tripled the droprate of Devotion from Kree'arra and General Graardor
- Added Ring of Death stats to the Ring of Wealth (c)
- Made Prayer potions and Prayer renewals in the Supplies shop 5 instead of 3 for ease of purchase
- Increased the amount of points gained from ED2 reaper contracts
- Added Anima crystal functionality, you can now activate it to receive 500 reputation in your Faction choice
- Moved the Soothsayer at Telos further from the exit
- Added Lady Meilyr to ;;sp
- All Old Common/Uncommon Rare mystery box rewards now disassemble to Fortunate components
- Enabled the Donor rank experience benefits: Bronze: +5%, Platinum: +10%, Diamond: +15%, Master: +20% (these don't stack)
- In order to receive the Donor rank experience benefit, it'll check if you have voted in the last 24 hours, meaning you'll have to vote once a day to receive your bonuses
- Nerfed Laceration boot droprates
- Changed the colour on ;;perks from a light green to blue
- Raised the cap of items purchased at one time from 5k to 20k
- Adjusted the Thieving rates once more (this needs a full rework to work properly, don't expect large changes)
- Made it so if you have an Abyssal lurker familiar out you'll receive +15 success rate when Pickpocketing (same as ardy cloak)
- Cutting Bloodweed trees with Always Adze will now have a chance to make you take a rest
- Buffed the Imcando pickaxe pieces droprate from Stars from 1/5 to 1/3
- Buffed Ganodermic flake drop amounts from 1-98 to 43-138
- Added the door functionality at Sophanem Slayer Dungeon
- Acadia logs will now give 2 materials when disassembling for Simple parts
- Farming contracts will now require you to plant the seed rather than harvest the crop
- You can now use the Donor zone as a Home location
- You can now create the Essence of Finality amulet using an Alchemical hydrix on an Amulet of Souls or Reaper necklace while having all 3
- You can now create the Essence of Finality ornament kit by using the Souls ornament kit and Reaper necklace ornament kit on eachother
- You can now add the Essence of Finality ornament kit to the Essence of Finality to make the (or) version
- You can now split Amulet of Souls (or) and Reaper necklace (or) from their Ornament kits if they are degraded or not
- Essence of Finality has the passive effects of both the Amulet of Souls and the Reaper necklace, there is no special effect as of yet, that will be expanded in the future
- Nerfed xp rates from Divine location mining
- Nerfed the Uncut onyx chance from Master clues (it was for some reason the same rate as Dstones)
- Improved the Sessions per IP system, it should result in less issues with people being unable to log on/requiring a reset
- Replaced Super ranging potion in the Ironman consumables to Ranging potion
- Added missing Teleport scrolls functionality
- Masterwork Spear of Annihilation now has a similar effect to Cinderbanes excluding the reapplication of poison, it will increase your poison tier and will act as the first tier of poison even without any potions enabled
- Buffed droprate of Glacor boots from 1/1000 to 1/360~
- Made Hazelmere's signet ring drop announce if it drops



[+] Divine Location Private Area

- Platinum members can now use ;;dl, ;;divines or ;;divinelocations and pay the 5m fee to teleport to the Divine locations area
- This area has most if not all types of Divine locations ready to be harvested! It costs a hefty price but is more than worth the reward!




[+] Rare Mystery Box Rotation

- It was time for a rotation, not only the rares but also the commons/uncommons! So enjoy brand new boxes, decided to keep the rares more simplistic this time around, no funky Textures until next rotation!


Oriental Fan




Evening masquerade mask


Masquerade mask




Terrorbird Mount





Pink Unicorn Plushie


Skull Snowboard


Balancing Wand


Bad Weather Umbrella


Snow Parasol



Smiley Partyhat


Smiley Santa Hat


Smiley H'ween


Chess Santa Hat


Prestigious Partyhat


Inverted H'ween


Inverted Black Santa Hat


Very Rare



[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed players not receiving the Vote party rewards if they were the one to trigger it
- Fixed dupe relating to Treasure trails rerolling
- Fixed dupe relating to Invention materials/blueprints
- Fixed Attuned ectoplasmator not having "check charges" when equipped
- Fixed Smithing not consuming the item when making Malevolent essence
- Fixed Pet ID and null item on Corporeal beast's droptable
- Fixed Runecrafting perk giving +30% exp rather than +15%
- Fixed Make-x process for stringing crossbows/Crossbow stocks
- Fixed Chaotic brimstone being untradeable and unnotable with Magic notepaper
- Fixed Glassblowing option on Portable crafters
- Fixed teak dining bench Construction contracts
- Fixed Portable workbench item not working and not deploying a Workbench
- Fixed Black unicorns not dropping Unicorn horns
- Fixed Acadia trees not respawning when chopped down
- Fixed losing Dung capes when you're finishing a Dungeon
- Fixed Devotion not working for some unblockable Magic damages (Legiones, Nex: AOD, etc..)
- Fixed Belladonna patch not growing fully
- Fixed Globetrotter armguards Teleport scroll storing not working
- Fixed Gilded altar in POH not working for Bones


Keep up to date on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/


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