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Ataraxia Updates #12 - 8th June 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Decreased the chance of becoming exhausted while Prifddinas fishing or while fishing with Fury shark from 1/100 to 1/200
- Updated the realism ironman icon to the old Legendary ironman icon (Blue skull with red eyes)
- Added a deposit box to the Mahogany/Teak tree area
- Added Cooking skillcape perk (when equipped you will never burn food)
- Added custom Fishing skillcape perk (when equipped you have a 1/20 chance to instantly bank the fish)
- Increased the cap of Pylon batteries each player can use to 10,000 from 300.. This should be enough.. Right?
- Added basic bolts to the Ranged shop
- You can now use items on the Sawmill operator to note/un-note them
- You now have a 1/5 chance to receive a Supply cache when handing in 200 stardust
- Made it so Demonic thrones use un-noted Magic stones again
- Greatly increased the amount of items processed per hour depending on donor rank at the Invention machines: Gold = +50%, Plat = +100%, Diamond = +125%, Master = +150% items processed/hr
- Geodes from mining now automatically go to your bank
- You now have a 1/200 chance while harnessing the Always Adze relic to become exhausted and stop chopping at the Wonky tree only
You can now type ! before your query in dropcatcher to block all unnoted drops of that name, if it doesn't exist or is invalid it will notify you
- Added a Summoning obelisk to the Donor zone for Silver members+
- Added Ardougne Cloak 3 teleport options to Kandarin monastery/Manor farm
- Changed the calculation of Thieving success rates to give a much higher chance when using Gloves of silence/ardy cape
- "Pigs" teleport will now take you inside the cellar as clicking the Trapdoor was too complicated and stupid of me to assume
- Added Off-hand khopesh of the kharidian drops to Corrupted creatures and Soul devourers
- Ground wyvern bones will now open the Herblore interface when used on potions or left clicked
- Dropcatcher will now stop looting items if you're viewing the Pricechecker to stop it deleting items
- Portable workbench can now be used with Protean planks
- Made the Vorago green teamsplit player colour White, couldn't make it green or blue
- Seedicide will now work when Pickpocketing seeds
- All Farming spots across Ataraxia will no longer have weeds
- Added Crystal mattock creation when talking to Lady Ithell
- Using the Crystal mattock, Imcando mattock or the Meteorite on the Monolith at the Archaeology guild will now create the Mattock of Time and Space consuming them all in the process
- Superior elite, Superior and Elite void pieces will now trigger the Achievement when relogging as well
- Added Jungle and Desert strykewyrms to ;;pi
- Redbeard Frank at Port Sarim will now teleport you to Waiko to access the Soapstone cache
- Changed the Discord announcements for D&Ds to the images Dreas Snow made!
- Nerfed Blink's magic damage smoke damage hit damage thing
- Added Belladonna (Cave nightshade) patch functionality
- You can now open Settings while in combat
- Araxxor's rare drop announcements now occur when looting rather than on death
- Telos rare drop announcements now occur when you claim your rewards
- You can now remove Hatchets from your toolbelt
- Added appropriate level requirement for adding tools to your Toolbelt
- The Plank make lunar spell will now do an entire invent of one type at once
- Added Imcando pickaxe fragments to the Shooting star at 1/5 chance per 200 dust, you will receive them in order
- You can now take the pieces, a Dragon pickaxe and 1m coins to Thurgo the Dwarf to create the Imcando pickaxe
- You can now use an Imcando pickaxe, Crystal pickaxe and Blast fusion hammer (sold at Bob) on an Anvil to create the Pickaxe of Earth and Song, consuming all of the parts in the process
- You can no longer receive Effigy drops when having over 10 in your bank/inventory


[+] Museum Donation Bin


- Got a heap of Artifacts but have completed all of the Collections?
- The Museum donation bin is looking for extra artifacts to improve their idk.. enough role play
- Museum donation bin has been added, bringing extra artifacts to this bin will grant you 40% of the Chronote value you'd get for trading it in for collections
- This stack with the Auspicious Arch perk! Meaning you'll get 80% of the Chronote value


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed receiving Mind rune Runecrafting contracts when having 1 runecrafting (minds require 2)
- Fixed not receiving a message increasing your Crystal chest open amount if you receive coins
- Fixed Lumbridge cellar entry for a clue step
- Fixed Gu'tanoth barrier sending you into lava rather than on the bridge for access to a clue step
- Fixed the unclimbable rock in the Wilderness (near the air obelisk) for a clue step
- Fixed Edmond getting stuck behind a door and having to wait for the door to close to talk to him for a clue step
- Fixed entry into Port Phasmatys for a clue step
- Fixed being unable to enter Max Guild garden with a 99
- Fixed being unable to find Brimstail (as he tends to wander) for a clue step
- Fixed the Treasure trail step requiring "any cavalier" displaying the wrong text, it will now specify Black cavalier
- Fixed shortcut to Ogre island for a clue step
- Fixed being unable to obtain Blue pointed snelm, Snakeskin chaps and Elemental shield by adding them to the Treasure trails item shop
- Fixed an issue with claiming donations only giving you the first item's donor total when purchasing more than 1.. I.E 5 mboxes gives $10 instead of $50
- Fixed Chaotic maul being broken when attempting to buy from the Dungeoneering reward shop
- Fixed Pyromaniac in ;;perks still displaying the Bonfire boost benefit
- Fixed the "max exp" announcement triggering on 5.4b instead of 5.6b
- Fixed trimmed masterwork gloves/boots turning into Omnipotence equipment (please notify admins for a replacement)
- Fixed Divine herblore locations checking for Fishing level instead of Farming
- Fixed telekinetic grab not working for Ironmen
- Fixed Stormguard south-west material cache access gap
- Fixed Torva/Pernix/Virtus gloves and boots not counting for Collection logs
- Fixed the Corporeal beast cave entrance from the Wilderness/Games necklace teleport
- Fixed Seren stones having Stamina/Rockertunities as it shouldn't, like RS3
- Fixed Make-x skilling giving you the incorrect level requirement when Skilling sometimes
- Fixed Quickchat message for Prestiged killcounts
- Fixed being unable to eat Spinach rolls
- Hopefully fixed an issue stopping you getting the fragments to complete Elite Skilling outfits
- Fixed the 120 announcements displaying different text
- Fixed 'Completed it mate' title not working as it was still using 2b exp
- Fixed Overload Herblore contracts not working
- Fixed Icefiends turning to null when attacking them
- Fixed enchanting bolts giving you 10x the amount of experience it was meant to
- Fixed Ring of slayer crafting not requiring the Slayer reward unlock
- Fixed being able to disassemble Dominion tower weapons for unlimited components and stopped them working outside DT
- Fixed Araxxor's affinities being the same no matter which attack style she is using, every type was weak to melee and strong vs magic, this has been fixed
- Fixed the creation of the Max cape
- Fixed Rune pouches having the wrong combat bonuses




Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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