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Ataraxia Updates #11 - 31st May 2021

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[+] General Changes

- Added the 99 Divination cape effect; Increases the amount of time divination wisps are active by 50 ticks
- Made Dedicated Divination perk increase the amount of time divination wisps are active by 20 ticks
- Disabled GIM 'tips' announcements as it caused lag throughout the server
- Removed Vote party force talk and force emote as it caused lag throughout the server
- Added Gloves of silence to the Misc. Skilling Loyalty shop for 2500 loyalty pts, it will increase your chance of successfully pickpocketing by approximately 15%
- Added Ardy cloak 3 to the Misc. Skilling Loyalty shop for 3500 loyalty pts, it will increase your chance of successfully pickpocketing by approximately 20%
- Added a 30 minute warning for WildyWyrm's spawn
- Disabled the WildyWyrm comp (t) requirement for now
- Nerfed the chances of receiving Rune salvage drops from Abyssal demons slightly, this is to reduce the raw gp/hr received
- Removed the Tortured soul LMS shop (you could spend tortured souls from Edimmu on this shop for unlimited T87 equipment, lamps etc)
- Buffed the drop rates of the following bosses: Kalphite King, Nex, General Graardor, Commander Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Kree'arra, Gregorovic, Twin Furies, Vindicta & Helwyr
- Nerfed the drop rate of Vorago's unique items
- Buffed Camel staff droprate and also made the Slayer task drop rate increase work, from 1/10k to 1/3k~ and 1/700~ on task
- Buffed Hexcret drop rate
- Added Shadow anchors to access the War table
- Added enchanted gem packs to Slayer shops
- Added Wildy herb patch to the Amulet of Farming teleports
- Lowered the amount of Legiones to kill on Reaper tasks from 15-30 to 10-20
- ;;pi will now scale the price on your Donor rank, Platinum = 1m, Diamond = 750k, Master = 500k
- Added Keepsake keys to the Vote dollars shop
- Increased the vulnerability timer for Stomp giving you more time to activate the crystals
- Updated the description of Perslaysion
- Removed duplicate lumberjack boots from the Loyalty point shop
- Added Balls of wool to Bob's shop
- Added a campfire to the Max guild portal to receive bonfire boosts
- Soulstones will now disassemble into their respective components and have been removed from drop tables
- Reduced the price of skipping tickets in the Treasure trails store from 5m each to 2.5m each
- Added Klutch as an answer to the Trivia question: "Who is your favourite Admin"
- Made the requirement for Meilyr potion recipes 25 instead of 30 so the achievement is completable
- Having Perslaysion will now cause the "Get task" option to instantly reset your slayer task if you have one and being the Get task dialogue again, speeding up the reset task process
- Added Mort myre fungus drop to Gargoyles
- Runite rock teleport on the Skilling panel has been changed to the Mining guild
- The Jungle spider at the Brimhaven fruit tree patch is now passive and won't attack humble farmers
- Auspicious arch now gives 40% bonus chronotes compared to 25%
- Altar of war will now heal your familiars as well
- Lowered the point prices in the Treasure trails shop to adjust for the need to actually complete your clue scrolls
- Made it so the double 120 message now displays the exact same text instead of one saying level 120 and the other saying 120
- You can now use Freedom with any shield, shieldbow or defender 
- Added material crates opening for components
- Added Inquisitor staff creation using the parts
- Made Inquisitor staff and all of it's parts untradeable until an apt decision is made regarding the passive effect
- Evil trees will now raise the experience in your relevant invention tools
- Removed the unlimited stock of Divine charges in the grand exchange
- Adjusted Araxxor drop rates
- Added a shopkeeper next to the Thieving stalls at the Donor zone
- Nerfed the chances of receiving Inquisitor staff pieces from excavating
- Added Grifolic wand and orb to the Magic equipment shop
- Added Dinosaurs to Private instances
- Lowered the junk chances of Clockwork, boosted the chance for clockwork components
- Reduced the boss portal fees at home if the player has the discounter perk, from 3m to 2m
- Added the shortcut to Kalphite king through the blocked tunnel
- Increased the amount of Noose wands in stock in the hunter shop
- Changed the colour of the Scavenging perk message so it's clearer to see when you receive components
- Attuned ectoplasmator now works with demonhorn necklace and will restore prayer when you automatically scatter ashes drops, this caps at maximum 75 prayer restoration per ash
- Added a Discord channel for Distractions and Diversions for spawns, Evil tree, WildyWyrm and Shooting stars will post to the channel when they have spawned (any others to add let me know)
- Using a Keepsake key will now add $3 to your Donor total
- Added the ZMI Altar to the Donor zone, it works 1:1 to RS3 so read about it here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Ourania_Runecrafting_Altar#Mechanics
- Adjusted GWD1 and GWD2 boss affinities so they are more susceptible to the combat style they're weak to
- So; Commander Zilyana, General Graardor, Helwyr and Vindicta are weak to Melee
- Kree'arra and Gregorovic are weak to Range
- K'ril Tsutsaroth and Twin Furies are weak to Magic
- Also nerfed the max hit and accuracy of GWD1 minions
- Buffed the drop rate of Dragon mattock from Dinosaurs
- Improved the code behind the Step count for Clue scrolls, this should hopefully adjust the clues to the steps they were originally intended to have
- Buffed Dungeoneering experience for 25x and 50x. Now each mode will receive: 1x = 1x, 5x = 5x, 25x = 7.5x, 50x = 15x


[+] T90+ Equipment Hidden Bonuses

- It was discussed that the damage bonus on T90 equipment felt negligible compared to armours like Elder rune
- I believe it's because when cramping down the Damage bonuses from EoC to Legacy, a 3.4 damage boost per item barely effects your damage, whereas 34 damage per item on EoC when you're doing many more attacks does
- To combat this, we've added passive damage bonuses to T90+ equipment, they go as followed:
- Sirenic, Regular Masterwork, Tectonic and Malevolent will provide +10% damage when wearing 2 or more pieces, 3 or more pieces if you're using Masterwork
- Elite Sirenic, Trimmed Masterwork and Elite Tectonic will provide +15% damage when wearing 2 or more pieces, 3 or more pieces if you're using Trimmed Masterwork


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed converting to energy giving the wrong energy or null energy
- Fixed the person who triggers the Vote party not receiving the reward
- Fixed Cinderbane and Elven ritual shard drop rates and added the Slayer task drop rate increase
- Fixed Orthen teleport device locking at 120 Archaeology
- Fixed Invention charges being overused and capped them at 1 charge used per tick, previously uncapped
- Fixed Max cape claiming giving you the wrong Max hood id
- Fixed the Dr. Dolittle perk box still being called Petchanter
- Fixed Endless energy not being unlocked when opening a Skilling perk package
- Fixed Isafdar mushroom patch not working
- Fixed Divine herb patches stopping you from gathering if you're 1 level shy of a new resource
- Fixed Malevolent energies not counting for the Rise of the Six collection log
- Fixed Metamorphic geodes and buffed their rates
- Fixed earthern clay being transported by Sign of the porters
- Fixed Bone blowpipe dupe





Stay up to date with our progress on Ataraxia 2 through our Discord: https://discord.gg/yuKh6Qt/

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