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  1. I'll jump in on this next time! Sounds awesome
  2. This is my most favorite thing ever
  3. Couchy

    Road 2 Max Ep.1

    Awesome work! I really enjoyed the watch! 🙂
  4. Oops.. did i break your streak? 😉
  5. Wait this is a thing?

  6. In-Game Name: Couchy Age: 19 (20 in 5 Days) Timezone: Australia Eastern Daylight Time ( GMT+11 ) Why do you want to be Support?: Being a representative of the staff for Ataraxia is always something i have appreciated, and I understand the commitments and responsibility it entails. Being able to represent the staff team on Ataraxia has always been meaningful to me, it is not something to be taken for granted. A place within the staff team puts me in a position to push further evolution of the server. As a Support I would placed in a mediator position to ensure cle
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