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  1. nice guide, very helpfull for new & old players.
  2. Very well done man, i'm looking forward to see more guides!.
  3. Congratz man!, sick to see another cape in-game.
  4. In-Game Name:Hard Benny Age:22 Timezone: GMT+1, Nationality: Dutch Why do you want to be Support?: I've always had a passion for the game and I'd love to share that with everyone, im really fond of the community and i love to help around as much as i can. What experience do you have?: 17 years ago my adventure began at some point i left the original game and I've been playing RsPs ever since mostly 718's, Staff position wise i have no experience but there's always room for knowledge and improvement. Why should we pick you instead of someone else?: I hold hi
  5. Hi craft Erm idk man this comment is a bit out of order but okay. i'd like to see how you do as staff but its kinda 2 sided the moment you joined the server you were kinda showing off i wanna be staff and trying realy hard for it... at the time you joined con was support you were telling him he shouldnt be support with the amount of hours he has played but you are rougly part of the community for 3 weeks now i think? spend some more time play some more come back later. Kind regard Benny
  6. Owner Jaedmo How did this staff member perform this month?: Doing a great job already glad how the server turned out this way :). How can they improve?: no need for improvement. Other notes?: none to be noted. Rating out of 10: 10 Administrator Uzi How did this staff member perform this month?: you're always helping around when you are online and spend time with the community. How can they improve?: No need to improve yourself. Other notes?: None to be noted. Rating out of 10: 10 Developmen
  7. hai dere, yay im looking forward to the upcoming events and i'd love to see how it works out +1 ?

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